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When it comes to reviewers you should never (and I mean never ever ever ever ever) trust, she is up there with rip trippers


Wait, reviewer? Oh, well then… I was watching something other than a review…


If i turn the volume down I can watch her for hours.

Just like this incredible guitar player

(who cares if she can play and sing)


I didn’t watch the whole thing. I skipped the whole part where her :eyes: were not on screen… But did you notice when she takes the first draw later in the vid? A puff of vapour came out as she was still drawing in… A nifty little trick to make it appear that it produces more vapour than it does. When you puff out a little mid-draw, it makes more vapour on the actual exhale.


Umm, nice ‘chords’…


The moment a reviewer takes a smok pen with smok tank and says that the flavour is awesome i group them up with rip trippers


But she doesn’t wear funny hats and use a fake accent like Rip Trippers. Oh and @Steampugs, don’t ask me to choose you over the greatest guitarist of all time Jess Greenberg or Bridget Fonda.


And definitely never ever ask me to choose you over Miranda.


Done, maybe a tad late but you have my vote man! :beers:


Legend, thanks brother :wink::ok_hand:


you know…my votes have picked up quite a bit…it wouldn’t be impossible for me to grab second place…

Just sayin…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ever the optimist


Did I vote for you? Of course I did as soon as the post went up.


i already knew I could count on you boys :grin::raised_hands::beers:


Voting finished, waiting on results :sunglasses:


Jonny the guy that runs it, his mrs had their little baby early, so the results are coming early Jan, I THINK we finished 3rd…not 100% though :crossed_fingers: