[VCC] New Flavour Suggestions

A temporary topic for you to suggest new flavours to be added to the Vaping Community Calculator

Company Change

Change Vapor Flavor to Flavor Labs

Flavour Name Change

Vape Train Lemonade
Vape Train Lemonade Solo
Lemonade (Clear) and Lemonade


Apple Applecrumble (Avoria)
Banana (Banane) (Avoria)
Black Cavendish (Avoria)
Bloody Lipstick (Avoria)
Blue Pinelime (Avoria)
Bragger (Avoria)
Cappuccino (Avoria)
Chocolate Banana (Schokane) (Avoria)
Coffee (Kaffee) (Avoria)
Cola (Avoria)
Cookie (Avoria)
Cookie de Luxe (Avoria)
Crazy Jamaica (Avoria)
Devil’s Cream (Avoria)
Dirty Mind (Avoria)
Forest Fruits (Waldfrüchte) (Avoria)
Fresh Mafia Cream (Avoria)
Fruitybomb (Avoria)
Galaxyblast (Avoria)
Godfather (Avoria)
Gold Royal (Avoria)
Grandpa’s Vanilla Secret (Avoria)
Grannys Vanilla Dream (Avoria)
Grape (Weintraube) (Avoria)
Green Tea (Grüner Tee) (Avoria)
Greenstone (Avoria)
Hail Mary (Avoria)
Hemp (Hanf) (Avoria)
Hot Napalm (Avoria)
Ice Candy (Ice Bonbon) (Avoria)
Ice Fresh Apple (Avoria)
Lemon (Zitrone) (Avoria)
Lime lite Deluxe (Avoria)
Mafia Lemon (Avoria)
Mango Dream (Avoria)
Menthol (Avoria)
Milkbeard (Avoria)
Monkey Island (Avoria)
Nemesis (Avoria)
Orange (Avoria)
Peach (Pfirsich (Avoria)
Peach’n Cream (Avoria)
Pear (Birne) (Avoria)
Peppermint (Pfefferminze) (Avoria)
Pina Colada (Avoria)
Pineapple (Ananas) (Avoria)
Platin Tobacco (Platin Tabak) (Avoria)
Precious Tobacco (Precious Tabak) (Avoria)
Pure Tobacco (Pure Tabak) (Avoria)
R.I.P Blue (Avoria)
R.I.P. Red (Avoria)
Raspberry (Himbeere) (Avoria)
Raspberry Dream (Avoria)
Ronin (Avoria)
Spearmint (Avoria)
Sssnake (Avoria)
Strawberry (Erdbeere) (Avoria)
Strawberry Milkshake (Avoria)
Tutti Frutti (Avoria)
Watermelon (Wassermelone) (Avoria)
Wild Sahara (Avoria)
Witching Hour (Avoria)
Woodruff (Waldmeister) (Avoria)
Passion Fruit (Fruits de la Passion) Solubarome
Cerise Griotte (Solub Arome)
Classic for Pipe Black Cherry (Inawera)
Cucumber (Inawera)
Green Joy (Inawera)
Peanut (orzech arachidowy) (Inawera) seems to be discontinued
Physalis (Avoria)
Pure Tobacco (Pure Tabak) (Avoria)
Red Bean (Flavour Art)
Spekulatius (Spekulatius) (Selezione Ruperto)
Tobacco Absolute Cuban Cigar (Inawera)
White Truffle (Flavour Art)
Cinnamon Stars (Zimtstern) (Selezione Ruperto)

The Diva- vaping community
Butterscotch Crumble - Marshall
Beryl’s Krusty Undies-Marshall
Twisted Ice Cream- vaping community
Barbado Nights- vaping community
Pink Love -Tam Vapes
Bleeding Berry- Tam Vapes
It’s Golden- SheerLuck Ohms
Belt it- Sheerluck Ohms
Blue Blow Pop- The Juice Fairy

Blue Note (OSDIY)
Butterscotch Malt (OSDIY)
Choco-Yum Cake (OSDIY)
Lotta Latte (OSDIY)
Lucky Shot (OSDIY)
Mexican Fried Ice Cream (OSDIY)

Capella - Tart Cherry
Flavour Art - Beer
One On One Flavors - 50/50 Bar: Lime & Ice Cream
Flavour Art - Lemon Zest
Health Cabin - Beer

Possible Duplicates

Gin Tonic Flavormonks might be a duplicate of Gin & Tonic Flavormonks
Blueberry Juicy Ripe Flavour Art UK (Blends) might be a duplicate of Blueberry Juicy Ripe Flavour Art
Bahraini Apple Gold Inawera might be a duplicate of Bahraini Apple Gold (Wera Garden) Inawera
Dragon Fruit Inawera might be a duplicate of Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) Inawera
Natural Mint Inawera might be a duplicate of Natural Mint (Wera Garden) Inawera
Tobacco DNB (Wera Garden) Inawera might be a duplicate of Tobacco, DNB (Dirty Neutral Base) Inawera


How bout this one for my sweet tooth;

Liquid Stevia (Pyure)


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Stevia (Vapor Cig)

Although I think
Liquid Stevia (Pyure)
Is more widely used in diy :wink:

Done :+1:


Thanks @Grubby :call_me_hand:

Couple more;

Blue Lush (Chefs Vapour)

Tickle Me Pink (Chefs Vapour)

(Payment sent in advance :crazy_face:)

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Oh yeah, these are available at Chefs under the Chefs Vapour line and sold as concentrates :ok_hand:
Not Chef Flavours One shots, although I think they do also sell them as oneshots / short fills (what ever that means) not applicable to the recipe calculator IMO :sunglasses:


they are already there @Rocky02852


Oh thats why I couldn’t find them, its the (OneShots) tag that thru me off, I checked on Chefs Flavours and looks like they dropped the “Chefs Vapour” line :man_shrugging: althought they still have them listed under one shots ?
Chefs Vapour site is showing alot “out of stock” , wonder if they sold out to Chefs Flavours?
Anyway, I don’t see the need to add the tag “OneShots” (I’m personally not interested in Single flavor recipes)
I also use Mom and Pops in a few of my “mixes” , should I add the tag OneShot ?

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Chefs Flavours and Chefs Vapour are I believe all owned by Chefs and listed in their one shot section. M&P are listed as just concentrates (both on Chefs and everywhere else I could find them) that is why there is a distinction.

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Oh so Chefs bought out Chefs?

FYI, M&P’s is Finished eliquid, which they also make in concentrated form for DIY ( ie, one shots )

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No Chefs have always owned them they are if you like their house brand

I know M&P is essentially a one shot for finished e-liquid but they are not marketed anywhere as a ‘oneshot’ so I have not included it in the name.

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Butterscotch (SSA) 1% (10-9-20)


Strawberry Jam (VTA)


Bubble Gum (SSA)

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Check this out @woftam, I searched for it, but had a space after the “Bubble Gum” as I was going to start typing in Sobucky. Only 2 pages, and Sobucky not shown.

Remove the trailing space, 5 pages of results WITH Sobucky.


it makes sense that the railing space doesnt show the new entries as there is code to remove the trailing spaces some of the older entries actually have a trailing space that needs clean up, however most of the return you got have a space after gum.

Since we have no admin section for the flavours right now it is impossible to fix without going into the database directly

Anyhoo here is a better way

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Ah shit @woftam, hehe, I haven’t used the “Select a Company” yet. OK, RIGHT smack dab middle of the screen, ehhe.

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is a drop down box no typing required.

The trailing space is picked up in flavours that have a space after gum so if you put the space there it will return only flavours that have the space there

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