Vaping Anniversary‚Äôs ūüéČ


Belated grats to all. The big 3 is coming up quite soon for me.


Forgot to mention out here that July 5 was my three year vapeversary. I like very much not smoking. And I like that despite all the knowledge and experience I have gained, there is still so much to learn.

What Has Made You Smile Today

Congratulations on your Vapeversary! Welcome to the club :sunglasses:


Congrats man, that truly is a major accomplishment.


That is excellent! Love this hobby! Always more to learn and do.

Here’s to many more vapeversaries! :clinking_glasses:


Congratulations Fizz!! Well done sir!:beers:


Thanks all. In some ways it was a fast blur. In other ways, it seems like forever. While I clearly remember holding my Tesla Sidewinder II stick like an analog like it was yesterday (horizontal, 'cuz I didn’t know better), it also feels like a lifetime ago. I imagine we looked pretty funny holding that big old thing like an analog, tooting away on it. Between the fingers and everything, as awkward as it was to hold.


I quit as my wife quit back in the day, during her pregnancies. I figured, if she couldn’t smoke, neither should I. We both went back to it shortly afterwards, but not because we were dying to smoke. It was more about enjoying the habit. If that makes sense. We kinda liked to drink and smoke, and did neither during her kid-cargo-carrier periods. I think we wanted the beer most, and the analogs came along out of habit. I always say that vaping replaced smoking, but that isn’t actually true. All of the habitual things about smoking are now gone; i.e. stepping away from the desk, going outside, flicking butts into a bucket for practice, etc. If I ever stopped vaping, I would 100% not go back to smoking because I am now completely accustomed to not having the smoking ritual. Vaping is like drinking a cola or having a candy bar; something you don’t need to go out of your way to accommodate.


Good job moving these posts over to the appropriate thread, Grubb-ola. Appreciate it, and sorry I didn’t use this thread all along!


I knew we had one somewhere, it got a little buried :laughing:


Congrats FizzeWizze!
Another happy milestone man!


Well. Looks like I managed to unbury this a little late. chuckles

The 14th I hit 3 years cig free!


Would have put more alcohol there but it seems the pub is dry after 3. Congrats mate.


Thank you sir!!


:clap: Congratulations and here’s to a cig free lifetime :beers:


Congrats!! :smile:


3 years tomorrow :ok_hand::tada:


Woot Woot!!!
Get it girl!


Congratulations to you as well. Awesome!


Awesome :smile: :sunglasses: