The VXVTech X-RDA gets Ogerized



I almost didn’t watch the video because I don’t like RDA’s but I’m sure glad I did.
What an ingenious way to cut the legs to the right size :+1:


Great review. I was looking at this the other day. I’ll have to pick one up soon. Thanks Ogre!


@Jose, Isn’t that just too easy? Did I mention thoughtful? @Jim22, I don’t think you’ll be a bit disappointed. My biggest problem was putting it down long enough to do the review.


Well it was very thoughtful of you to stop vaping on it and tell us about it lol.


Well thought out RDA looks to be the business - I will put this one on the list I think. Cheers mate.


I appreciate that for sure! But the real thanks goes to Health Cabin on this one. Maggie tossed in with the XT. I would have never tried it. It was when I started digging into the thing that I caught on to what had been done. The deeper I got into detail the more I realized what you mentioned, that is well thought out. I hope VXVTech can sell some of these. If they put the same attention to future devices, they will be a company to watch.


What a thoughtful review! :wink:

Now… To find a good regulated squonker to "justify’ this! (Don’t say “But you can use it as an RDA!” because I’m trying to use this to justify the squonker damnit! LMAO) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:laughing: good one…

If I see one that really looks stellar I’ll definitely shoot you a note. The Therion BF is very nice except for the battery life which is dismal. Lost Vape released the 250C triade a bit ago and now I’m hoping they release a 250C drone. I never took to dripping. It took too much stuff, a bottle of juice, a rag, a small flashlight, and it still seemed like I was either leaking all over or getting dry hits.


I appreciate that!

I’ve already put a bug in Maggie’s ear (to put in Smoant’s) to see if we can get them to release a squonk with their electronics! :wink:

Hrmmmm, that gets me thinking about another post. :imp:


Attentive and Thoughtful!! I wouldn’t mind having one of those!! Well done Man!! Cheers!


Yes, Cheers! It’s hard to decide on one. There are a lot of good ones out there. This one is right up there with the front runners.


Great review man!

I didn’t even know this RDA existed but thanks to you it is in my wishlist now and will order one for sure. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and smart of Maggie to include it :+1:


Thank you once again! Maggie gets kudos on this one.


Great review, thanks.
This does look very well thought out :grin:


Thank you sir! IMHO, it really was. Either that or they stumbled on a lot of really good choices in design. Hard for me to believe it was just dumb luck.


Nah, I don’t believe in coincidence, I think they just actually thought about it, and perhaps listened to customer feedback.


Your thoughtful ogreish :japanese_ogre: review forced me to buy this and I am now enjoying it. Its a really good RDA!


Oh no!, lol. Super glad you like it. It surprised the heck out of me. Another “hidden gem”.


I bit the bullet on this one too. Yeah, get out the banners, the bitch bought an RDA :woman_shrugging: