The VXVTech X-RDA gets Ogerized


Alright @Jose!! I’m a thinin you’re gonna like it. Yup, yup. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.


“Orgerized” …That’s awesome!


lol, Credit where credit is due. @mrpipes coined that phrase. Couldn’t help but adopt it.


Absolutely! It’s perfect…:grin::ok_hand:


Wow, this thing is pretty awesome. I put the two coils in that came with it and it ohms out at .11
So I decided to put it on the Paranormal instead of the Recurve, one battery won’t last long this low.
I’m dripping and actually enjoying it now who would’ve thought.
Flavour is totally freaking good and I love the airflow :+1:


I am thrilled to hear this!!! I was hoping. I love how you can adjust the airflow so finely. You’re one ahead of me. I haven’t mastered the dripping thing just yet. This makes my day!