The troubles with FLV WAFFLE

I know, already!! Most people do not get waffle out of Flavorah’s waffle… just like with the crunch, or even graham cracker. However, there are some of us that do get the right taste from those flavors.

I was toying with waffle right before Christmas, thinking how to make just a simple waffle recipe, with the rich tastes that go along with it. I’m not sure this will work for those that get sweat gym socks or shorts, or other fun tastes, but it just works for me. I would love opinions before I list the recipe on the calculator side. So if you have the flavors… Let’s do this!

Warning in advance… there is a lot of flavors in this one. If you do not have the flavors, you might want to sit down and let a few mix this and then review. Not to pick on anyone, but subbing anything in this recipe will change the entire taste.

The breads to flesh it out:…

Cookie dough .6%
Waffle .4%
Wheat .2%

My opinion on using cookie with the waffle… is don’t. It’s just too heavy and it will lean more to a cookie than a waffle.

The creams… can not do a waffle without a good thick rich whipped cream!
Custard .6%
Vanilla Custard .6%
Whipped Cream .6%

You really do not want to flood it with creams… after almost 3 weeks, my waffle is so laid back… light airy waffles…

The other add ons…

Red cinnamon .06% [one drop/30ml] for the baked cinnamon…
this is the only cinnamon I like… but you can use rich cinnamon too…

Brulee .8%
Caramel 1%
both for that brown sugar and light airy bit to help make the cinnamon set right

We need butter… so try
Popcorn .6% for extremem butter, or .4% for medium butter

Note: one needs some maple syrup… you would think just maple bar would help… but!
I would do it like this:

maple bar .4%
toffee .2%

To make the maple bar into syrup, you need the toffee to stretch it, to make it more taste worthy!

For the rest… Note: these are very optional, one would want to take care of the waffle “base” before adding anything else on… but some things to keep in mind!

You can use either coconut, peanut butter, pistachio or pralines

coconut, try .4%
peanut butter… my zone is around .4%-.6% but it will turn it into a peanut butter waffle… and there isn’t anything wrong with that… :stuck_out_tongue:
pistachio and pralines… just one drop in 30ml is my limit… but if you want more… then use it as you wish.

Fruits you can play with… think berries… think banana… but!!
I won’t give the percentages here… I will ask that you keep it light or it will eat your waffle idea all gone!

This would be my best waffle base to play with… see if it suits you… I get the creamy whipped cream in front, just like a real waffle… and the on the exhale… a nice waffle with a hint of chocolate chips, due to the cookie dough.


I love in depth conversations like this, BUT, sadly I don’t have the Waffle or Wheat, but will watch this.


Cream of Mushroom Soup - everyone tastes things differently but for me this is probably the worst flavour FLV put out - I personally can’t see the point if there are better waffle flavours out there but if you can make it taste like a waffle hats off to you.


That is why I am bringing it up… :wink:

There might be, but I love a good challenge! I also like to see what others can do or try… to see if their tastes have changed or if they find the recipe works or still flops. :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue:



I have mixing a lot with FLV lately and enjoy the challenge, to say the least, but…
I don’t have Waffle. Could you start with the Waffle and explain exactly what the flavor is if not a waffle ?
What would be a solo % to start and what flavor do YOU taste from it ?


I get a dry bread taste. I don’t go too high with it, 1-3 drops or .06% to .12% for a light waffle dough taste… maybe 3-6 drops or .2% for more of a medium… the max I have used it is at .4%… if I yank it up to .6% it starts to warp on me. I can easily see where others do not think it is a waffle or that they get off tastes of gym socks or mushrooms…

I have done this as a solo, but would I recommend as a solo? No… this is def a helper flavor…


I have worked it as a single flavour from .04 - all the way to .8 in very small increments. I think the issue is once you taste the mushroom you always taste the mushroom.


What have we here?
An opportunity to add to my flavor stash? Some flavors I will surely be using again?
Ok. Order placed.


Hmm, I almost want to mix a couple drops of Waffle with a couple drops of Praline and a ton of Milk & Honey :yum:

Funny, I actually don’t eat Waffles, but I go through a lot of Cream of Mushroom Soup, :thinking:


I want to say yes, but… I know tastes change, and unless you wait a while.
Happened to me with pastry zest. I had a nasty nasty citrus granular powder taste because I thought I’d be cute and tried licking a drop off my hand… I did not touch it again for more than 6 months. Now tho I can vape it… I dont use it that high… more like 1-3 drops per 30ml but I sure can pick up when it is used in juices! so you might be right, once a shroom, always a shroom… dunno!!

Lmao… You gona fill that new bookcase right up, alright! :stuck_out_tongue:

Might just work in your flavor, @Rocky02852 :stuck_out_tongue:

Try it out and see what you get out of it… when you get the waffle… :slight_smile:


If you noticed, I did not go with the smooth vanilla or vanilla bean… but those 2 can help as well. :slight_smile:


Without ever trying the Waffle, and working with what else I have, I would probably try mixing this.
Would it be a waffle ? Heck if I know :man_shrugging:

Cinnamon Wraffle :
0.80% Cinnamon Crunch (Flavorah)
0.21% Graham Cracker (Flavorah)
0.80% Milk and Honey (Flavorah)
0.14% Pralines (Flavorah)
0.21% Waffle (Flavorah)
Flavor total: 2.23%


Try it… but I’d add one more cream at least… Waffles like cream[s] :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:


Well if I ever get the Waffle flavor I would try it, I did just realize that I do have the Cookie Dough but haven’t tested it yet.
I don’t think I’ve eaten a waffle since I was a child and that was the frozen ones you put in the toaster :crazy_face:


Next we conquer, Bacon and eggs! :heart: Cookie dough is COOL!


I make waffles from scratch for breakfast… they don’t last long here between my kid and me.
Normally it’s a Sunday thing… but once in a while, waffles are great for dinner :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Oops, looks like I Don’t have Cookie Dough :crazy_face: It’s Cupcake Batter that I have, so subbing that in :man_shrugging:
Also don’t think I’m picking up the Waffle flavor anytime soon, so took that out. Added in a little Eggnog to egg it up and one drop Rich Cinnamon, some cream / custard

Cinnamon Wraffle

1.00% Cinnamon Crunch (Flavorah)
1.00% Cupcake Batter (Flavorah)
0.21% Eggnog (Flavorah)
0.14% Graham Cracker (Flavorah)
0.80% Milk and Honey (Flavorah)
0.14% Pralines (Flavorah)
0.07% Rich Cinnamon (Flavorah)
0.40% Sweet Cream (Flavorah)
0.60% Vanilla Custard (Flavorah)

Flavor total: 4.36%


I still have not worked up the courage to try FLV Waffle, one sniff and I say nope.

I don’t have Maple Bar or Red Cinnamon, the only 2 that are missing. Not a big Cinnamon fan anyway in vape juice unless it is really in the background which Rich Cinnamon is NOT even at a 10% dilution.

Might try it for shits n giggles or if I just ate a bad meal and need to purge :face_vomiting:

Any subs for the Maple Bar?


None that I know of… any subs at all will change the point I am coming across… but you can try :slight_smile: