SXmini Giveaway! & Introduction thread


Welcome my steamy little cloud bunnies, tis I…back from the brink of near alcoholism…in a fun way…not in the…‘why did I wake up dressed as a woman on a park bench with a pack of small rodents nestled in my underpants’ kinda way…, that’s a whole…other…story :face_with_peeking_eye: :woozy_face:


aaaaanyhoo , I come bearing gifts! courtesy of our very own, the very lovely, and slightly less debaucherous @David_SXmini we have 4!..that’s right…4! mods to giveaway, and not just any mods, 2 of the 2nd best mods of 2022 voted by this years Vapouround awards…the SXmini G-Class V2, and 2 x SXmini SL-Class V2’s …not too shabby eh …overly enthusiastic celebrations ensue…


SO!..if you’re currently sat there drooling at the prospect of owning one of these wonderful devices for absolutely no money whatsoever…and are left mid-celebration wondering…


Allow me to bestow unto you the knowledge which you seek…

To be in with a chance of winning one of these fabulous award winning devices, all you need to do, Is join this forum…which obviously…you already have, and then introduce yourselves down there… :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:


And don’t worry, if you’ve just joined the forum and are sat there all…

giphy (1)

I can assure you that the peoples within this temple of superior vape knowledge might be a little …‘odd’…but they are a warm and welcoming bunch of reprobates…so don’t be shy, tell us who you are and why we should give a shit, while we look down on you with our ever judgmental glare of condescending bewilderment…


Of course…there are some…little extra rules that you MUST abide by, one of which may very well piss off some of the locals…

  1. You must live in the UK or EU to enter (sorry…but the world is not what it was, and we cannot guarantee delivery to anywhere else…plus…it’s massively expensive)
  2. You MUST be over the age of 18
  3. You Must subscribe to Savage Simons62’s Saturday Show on YouTube here :point_down:
  4. Kinda obvious…but you must be a member of this forum and post in this thread :man_shrugging:

All winners will be meticulously checked and vetted, failure to claim your prize within 24 hours of the draw will result in your prize being rolled over to the following weeks show…


And as a :boom: side note - If you are already a member of this forum you can of course still enter as long as you abide by the above rules, but the names for the winners will be drawn from this thread, so post in here and introduce yourselves…again.


Now, the winners will be drawn LIVE on next Saturdays (11th June 8.30pm GMT) Savage Simon62 Saturday Show on YouTube by yours truly using some…wheel…or randomizer…or some shit, not decided yet, and again, you can find his channel here :point_down: :point_down:

So subscribe, set a reminder, and tune in.

May lady luck tickle your nethers, give you a reach around or massage your inner sanctum you lucky motherfuckers, and to those that lose well…tough titties, I already have these mods and they’re truly awesome, I’m also painfully selfish so…why should I care :man_shrugging:

Let’s see those introductions people, do your worst :smiling_imp:

giphy (3)


I understand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: some very good mods from @David_SXmini :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Awesome mods and a fantastic giveaway (not an entry)


Ey up guy’s :wave: what an Awesome Giveaway by yihiSXmini :100::fire::pray: And special thank’s to Pug’s for organising this Giveaway :pray::raised_hands:
Best of luck everyone :+1:


Nice Giveaway!, awesome mods :facepunch:t2:


@Steampugs no better way to fire it back up again, then this !!!
Thanks out to @David_SXmini.


Just a quick reminder to all the peeps that have got their posts in early :point_up_2:
In order for your entry to count, your post be an introduction, tell us who you are, what kind of vaper are you, where are you from etc etc you know the drill, doesn’t need to be an essay, just a paragraph, if all your saying is how much you like these mods then I won’t count that as an entry.
This whole giveaway is to introduce some new people to the forum, to stoke things up a bit, just like every vape forum things can get a little stale at times, time to breath new life into the old bird!! :wink:

cheers all!


best mods in the world for sure, a fan since 2015 :smiley:
Let me introduce myself:
I’m Bruno, Portuguese age 45 actually living in the UK since 2018, I’m a vaper since 2014 and have been working in vaping industry since 2016, first in Portugal and now in the UK, at the moment I work for one of the biggest Uk liquid manufacture and distributor ( if not the biggest one :smiley: )
I am also one of the remaining hobbyist vapers still… :D, a huge fan of high-end stuff
I hope I can meet enthusiastic vapers like my self that hates disposables and would like to continue to see good stuff on the vape shops shelves, and also good vape expo , not like the last one…


Salut à tous, je vais parler un peu français pour changer :slight_smile: Ceux qui me connaissent doivent savoir que je suis un grand fan SXmini :grinning:


If not the biggest :heart:


Bienvenue dans la communauté de vapotage @Bonmatos.


Hello peeps, I’m William and from Bangor Northern Ireland in the sunny UK. Been vaping for nearly 5 years having smoked for near 30 years. Would love to win a device from SX Mini as they produce some of the best devices on the market :heart_eyes:


nice for some chance to win one of this


My vaping chois SX-mini G class v2 :point_up::muscle::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


So Hi everyone!. I’m Mike from Serendipity Eliquid. I have worked for Wick Liquor for around 6 years now and released my own range of 4 flavours in March this year. I have been vaping for around 10 years and can honestly say it was the best decision I made in regards to my health. There are some of the nicest, friendliest and kind people within this community so I’m sure if you are new to vaping or even a seasoned pro, if you need to find an answer to a niggling question, I’m sure the answer can be found here :facepunch:t2:


Bonjour je m’appel David j’ai 43ans, je vie en France, je viens de Moselle plus précisément, et je suis vapoteur depuis juin 2017, cela fait maintenant 5ans que je suis dans la vape, je travaille dans tout ce qui touche à l’électronique, l’informatique en gros je fait pas mal de dépannage et de réparation en tout genre, voilà en espérant que j’ai des chances je participe volontiers à ce concours je suis abonner à la chaîne et activer toute les notifications, donc je souhaite bonne chance à tout les participants et je croise les doigts, car pour les mods de chez yihi sont les meilleurs du marcher surtout la SX Mini G2, le meilleur mod 2022 et plus encore, sur ce bonne chance à tout le monde.


Hi, im Erik from Slovenia, im 28 years old. I allways vape some good fruit vape jujice but now I’m a little in trouble with shopping because at the time of covid all 5 shops in the area were closed forever, and the nearest is 120km away, and online sales are prohibited here. I have one old geekvape kit, so I would be very happy for the new one :smile:


TVP, Professional cunt and reviewer…i want that g class V2. Thanks for listening


Grant Mullins I run a vape shop act a twat and enjoy a laugh. x