Sure RTA - Sort of Jack of all trades, master of just one!


I have gone back to this and as I am much more a specialised MTL vaper these days I am very underwhelmed! It is claimed this is specially designed for MTL, RDL & DL which actually translates to they just toss a shit load of airflow inserts in the box! The design is RDL and it excels in this area giving a cracking smooth flavoursome vape!

The drip tip is not the tightest fit and the bore is not suited for MTL apart from a very loose manufactured MTL vape, I also find swapping for a more suitable tip isn’t straight forward due to most fitting too loosely and the shape of the top of the tank and even taking a MTL vape with one loosely fitted with the 1.4 insert helps but with the chimney itself matching the RDL suited bore of the supplied drip tip the vape is no longer so smooth and it’s no match for any of my more specialised MTL RTA’s for flavour! As for the smaller inserts from my testing no point them even being included, this ain’t great at MTL!

The DL claim is even further pie in the sky, this will not come close to satisfying someone who likes big open draws with zero restriction. Another thing that annoys me is the slightest of weeping around it’s joints, it’s not pooled by any stretch of the imagination or causes a mess or e-liquid to get onto your mod but just tiny drops appear from time to time around it’s joints which are as much an OCD mare as much as anything!

So my findings are this is a jack of all trades (and that’s being optimistic) but only master of one but if it falls in your wheelhouse you will be very happy!


Well, anything which claims to bridge DTL and MTL always falls short in both regards

As you know, I love my DTL RDAs but when I get an MTL request - I’ll just source something which excels in that area: I have lost count of the number of times I’ve had to track down Steam Crave Glaz Minis.


Yep, the Glaz Mini is up there mate!


And should be repeatedly mentioned as a great MTL atty.

Apologies for the delay: been spending time helping with making models and lore in wargaming.


Always get mentioned by me on any MTL thread, definitely in my top 10 MTL RTA’s and as a reviewer for 6 years and also someone who also bought a lot of vaping gear even when reviewing products to review I have tried one or two, not long ago in another thread I listed my top 10 I will try and find it!


Here’s the thread Any suggestions for a MTL

And my top 10:

  1. Mea Culpa
  2. Glaz Mini
  3. Echo
  4. The Bishop
  5. Expro 4
  6. Taifun GTR
  7. Reaper V3
  8. Moka
  9. Pioneer
  10. Nevermore

And of course I like any version of Doggystyle! :ok_hand:


A solid list. I have tested 6 of them just to aid me when making blends for MTL vapers. Though, nice to see my first go to at no.2 on your list.

So, I’ll happily defer to you regarding the listing (except if John Peel decides to return to the land of the living to object: October can be mad).