Steam Crave Aromamizer Lite DL/MTL RTA review by Mjag

Thank you for checking out my review of the Steam Crave Aromamizer Lite DL/MTL RTA which Steam Crave was generous enough provide.

  • The Flavor Chasing Single Coil RTA
  • Small and Compact 23mm Tank
  • Designed for restrictive DL and MTL
  • (2) 510 drip tips and 2 AFC airhole options for restricted DL & MT.
  • 3.5ml juice capacity, bubble glass 4.5ml included
  • Combination and improved version of Aromamzer RDTA V2 and Supreme Lite

In the box you will find:

  • Aromamizer Lite RTA whole unit (with DL drip tip)
  • Spare 3.5ml glass
  • Spare 4.5ml bubble glass
  • Spare o rings and grub screws
  • Allen Key
  • MTL drip tip
  • Manual
  • Steamcrave sticker

Available in Black, Stainless Steel and Gunmetal:

Getting to know the Aromamizer Lite DL/MTL RTA

I am sure many reading this are already familiar with Steam Crave, a company that does not put out new products once a month but strives for quality over quantity. If you are not familiar then you should be, they have a great reputation that is well earned.

One of there latest offerings is the Aromamizer Lite DL/MTL RTA, a dedicated single coil RTA that is said to be a mash-up of the Aromamzer RDTA V2 and Supreme Lite while improving on both.

Upon receiving the tank I broke it down to give it a cleaning and show the parts, I have to say it smelled clean though.

In the pic above you will see (2) airflow rings, I was sent an extra in the box and from what I have learned that is the new airflow ring which is said to improve MTL performance.

You get (1) Bubble Glass and (2) straight glass, would have preferred an extra bubble instead, that is the one more susceptible to breaking. You also get a bunch of spare o’rings, screws, multi-tool, MTL and DL drip tips.

The new chimney is well thought out, dedicated to a single coil with a reduced chamber for better favor and the honeycomb airflow that they use on most of there newer tanks.

The new postless build deck is the only piece where the machining wasn’t as clean as the rest of the tank. Didn’t run into any problems using it with the 6 or 7 builds I tried, pretty solid deck and the grub screws are great.

Not a big gain with the included bubble glass, 4.5ml (verified with a syringe, holds 4.5ml on the nose) vs the 3.5ml (not verified) with the straight glass. Straight glass is shown with the MTL drip tip, DL drip tip with the bubble glass.

Overall I am impressed with the build quality, smooth threads and that reduced chimney is excellent. My only gripes would be the clear o’rings which generally don’t hold up well long term but have not been a problem thus far. The DL drip tip is also tiny and feels cheap, I replaced it almost immediately.

Builds and Performance

As already mentioned I did 6 to 7 builds which ranged from straight wire, triple and quad parallel claptons, a couple of MTL builds and most were 3mm but tried a 3.5mm internal diameter build as well. I did not read the manual on my first build and it came out good using a nichrome 80 triple clapton with the legs cut at 5mm. I generally don’t read the manuals unless I am doing a review, figure with over 250+ rebuildable tanks I have built over the years I got a good idea how to get good results. I gotta say the manual Steam Crave put out is damn spot on for getting the best out of the tank though, definitely worth a glance when you get the tank and they give you a spot on length to cut the wicks.

Here is one of my MTL builds using fancy wire on a 3mm post, the other was a single 26g build on a 2.5mm post.

Now I will freely admit I am not a MTL guy but have tried some really good MTL tanks in the past, one of my favorites being the Innokin Zenith. I definitely didn’t get the same enjoyment from the Aromamizer Lite in MTL mode regardless of which airflow control ring I used and switching up drip tips. It just feels like it wants to be opened up as a restricted DL tank to me. After trying 2 MTL builds I was convinced, not it’s strength so I moved on.

After that, I tried a 3.5mm quad clapton, a build I am familiar with other single coil tanks.

Since it is a bigger coil I cut my legs at 5ml and pulled it up a bit so the bottom airflow holes would go under the coil. It is important to check the resistance by putting on the chimney to make sure the coil doesn’t short. Once that was all done fired it up with the same juice I used with the prior builds and the flavor was a tad off, turns out Steam Craves recommendation of a 3mm coil is pretty spot on.

My favorite build and the one I came back to and am vaping on as I write this review is an SS316L Triple Core Fused 28g x 3 with a 36G wrap spaced coil.

I followed Steam Craves manual and cut the leads 4.5mm for the first build and 5mm for the second and can’t say there is much of a difference, just tasty flavor. Not the thickest clouds but they sure are tasty, I really enjoyed this build and the one I will use going forward.

As far as wicking the manual has it right, just use the bottom o’ring as a guide to cut your wicks. Don’t thin them out, just fluff them and cover the bottom wicking slots.

If you follow the manual you should get a very tasty vape and I did not experience any leaking with any of my builds.


I happen to get the Footoon Aquamaster V2 the same day so decided why not, let’s see what these 2 can do. For good measure, I put the same build in one of my favorite single coil tanks, the Asmodus Zesthia. Now the Aquamaster and Aromamizer Lite are pretty close, the Lite just had that extra kick of flavor especially after they both had sat a bit and the coils were nice and juicy. That did make me prefer the Lite over the Footoon but they’re both great tanks. The Zesthia tended to give a bit of a boost to the fruits in the juice, they seemed brighter but the Lite gave a creamier flavor with the same juice. I felt the Lite gave the juice a little better balance as the Zesthia was more top note forward but they both just kick out the flavor.

Really tough to pick out a clear cut winner here, it is going to depend on user preference and what kind of juices they enjoy. I was really surprised at how the Aromamizer Lite brought that cream aspect more in line with the fruits, was definitely noticeable. As far as building the Zesthia is the easiest, followed by the Aromamizer Lite then the Aquamaster V2 but it is not a big difference.

How does it look on a mod?

Being 23mm is a little bit of an oddball size, 24mm would have been nicer from an aesthetics POV. Gave me a chance to break out some of my favorite mini mods though.

Vaporesso Nebula left, Laisimo Snowwolf Mini Plus right

Doesn’t look out of place on my dual battery mods though.

Think Vape Thor Pro left, Lost Vape Therion DNA75C right


  • Great flavor
  • Great build quality
  • Manual gives spot-on instructions to build
  • Easy to build
  • No leaking
  • One of the best single coil tanks on the market


  • The provided deep lung drip tip is tiny and feels cheap
  • Clear o’rings which tend not to last as long
  • Machining on the deck could have been cleaner
  • Only 1 bubble glass and 2 straight glass, would have been better with 2 bubble
  • Not the best MTL performance, works better as a restricted deep lung tank

Final Thoughts

I am happy to see Steam Crave come out with a dedicated single coil tank, sure they have single coil decks for there dual coil tanks but none of those I feel work as well as the Aromamizer Lite. The ease of build, especially with the excellent build guide in the manual, makes it great for newbies. The flavor is fantastic, really impressed with it. Not a cloud chuckers dream but who buys a single coil tank for that anyway?

The only things I didn’t like was the included drip tips, the DL version is great if you have chicken lips I guess, for us normal people it’s ridiculous. The clear o’rings were fine during my review but in general, they do not last as long as normal black o’rings IME. Not a tank I would recommend for a dedicated MTL vaper as well. Not a lot of capacity with the bubble glass, only 4.5ml but it is not a thirsty tank so didn’t find it too troubling.

If you’re into single coil tanks I think the Steam Crave Aromamizer Lite will be a great addition to your vape arsenal. If dual coil fog machines with great flavor are more your speed then get a Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus and thank me later.

More info and a place to purchase can be found here: AROMAMIZER LITE RTA V1.5 23mm Promotion,

Check out how this stacks up to other tasty gear and meet the Steampugs team of reviewers. Your bound to have a good time and read up on some great products, not so great ones too


Excellent and thorough write up brother, nice job :sunglasses::ok_hand::dash::dash:


Thank you brother :beers:


Thanks, I had a craving for you to review this. Get it? Craving? Steam Crave? AHAHAHAHAHA I crack myself up. Ok, so I spend a lot of time alone and have to amuse myself but the therapist says that… well nevermind about that. I really have been wondering about this tank and almost bought it several times. So you know my tastes, am I going to be satisfied with the air flow? Great review Mjagdude.


Will this satisfy your Cravings? Do you Crave the Craviness of Craviosity? I Crave so…ok, this went off the rails quick :grin:

The Airflow is pretty close to the Aquamaster V2 I am pretty sure you have. I actually tend to cut it down a little, gives a bit of a flavor boost so pretty sure you will be happy with it.


Appreciate this! Been hoping someone (who knows what they are talking about) would do a review on it. Gonna grab this one. I have become a devout single coil user.


Yeah, I have been enjoying single coil tanks for a while now too so nice to have more options. Check out vapordna, they have it on sale I believe and there is a 10% off code, something like DNA10, I think that’s it but not sure.

I would really like to hear your opinion on it, trust what you have to say as well my friend :+1:


Nice one and it would have been right up my alley not so long ago. Restricted DL is how I like it, unfortunately I’ve developed a weird problem lately.
It’s hard to describe but at times I cannot seem to breath out after inhaling; it feels a little like drowning.
It doesn’t last long because the vapour disappears out of the lungs anyway but it is definitely unpleasant.
I’ve scoured the internet and found one little post that seemed to resemble my problem and the solution was opening up the airflow.
Problem is indeed solved but I do miss a restricted DL :unamused:


Thanks Jose!

So your saying you can only vape wide open deep lung now?


I don’t have to completely open it up, but definitely a lot wider than I prefer.
It’s a very weird sensation, I used the word drowning but I’ve never drowned AFAIK :grin:, so I don’t know why I used that particular description.
I have no idea what’s happening or why :woman_shrugging:


Well I hope it is something that will eventually go away for you. If you ever find out the cause please let us know.


Thanks for the link @Mjag , however while I can get it from them for $25, they want $22 to ship to NZ.
I’ll have to pass on that offer, as it starts getting a bit pricey then.


Totally understandable Garry, would pass too at that shipping rate.


FT has em for $42 with i think free shipping, 3a has them for $38 with 5$ ship (wholesale is $24 + $5). Not much better but still better


Thanks mate, I picked one up from FT for $31 with free shipping, boom.


Ah they had a map code on it did they?


Yep they did :grin:


Holy crap! my friend, this thing billows! The fog coming out of that little shit is amazing!


Glad you like it, that reduced chamber really does it’s job :grin:


& @Mjag,

Only caveat, I think I’m getting about 15 puffs per tank, lol. Ok, that’s an exaggeration but it is a small tank and it sucks down some juice, (as we know the cost for cloud and flavor). It is the shit though. Oh and super easy wicking. Uses damming method. No need to thin wick. Just fluff and stuff. The wick simply sits on top the juice intake hole in the bottom of the deck.