Smok Morph 2 Issue

Hello, i have a Smok Morph 2, its not even 2 months old and im having some issues.

Sometimes my mod wont turn on unless i plug the charger in and then out and then it will turn off and after some hits it turns off and wont turn of unless i put it in the charger again. The same problem happens if i try opening up the battery cap and close it again then i will need to plug in the charger and plug it out for it to work.

Anyone know how to fix or what could be wrong?


Unfortunately, it is a Smok mod Smok is not known for reliability, that said It could be a button short due to a juice leak a clean/dunking with isopropyl alcohol (100%) may fix it or it may not.

It sounds like the charging circuit or battery circuit is toast or there is loose wire or a dry solder joint, there really is no way to tell without stripping it down. If it is relatively new I would contact the shop you purchased it from and try for an RMA and buy something not Smok.

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Welcome to VC, @Jonas2475 :wave: One, or more of the issues @woftam describe’s is/are the likely culprits. Something similar happened to me, with a different brand, but it was already out of warranty so I took it apart, and luckily I was able to find the wire that had been poorly soldered, and reattach it. Mod is still working.


I dont know if this make any different but it all started when i took out the batteries while it was on.


That should not have made any difference unless while you were taking them out one shorted not sure if that would have caused the issues, but it could have.
The upshot is you have 2 options - RMA or tear it apart and have a look.

I haven’t seen @Sprkslfly (maybe the tag will bring him back) for quite some time but he would certainly have a better idea of what to test and how.


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