Simple Recipes - What's the best of the best?

I think we all probably have a few flavors we like as single flavor recipes. Maybe a few more or less with 2 flavors. Lots of 3 flavor recipes out there. Anything over that starts becoming more complex. I’d like to hear from the community though about the simplest, yet most enjoyable recipes you recommend. Just 1 to 3 flavors for this thread. I’m thinking the single flavor ones are going to be helpful in a lot of ways.

For me, I really do like a few singles. Like FA Soho at 10%, FA Vienna Cream at 2.5%. FW Candy Cane at 10% (not had in a long time). FLV Red Burly at 1.5%. There are others.

I like some 2 and 3 flavor ones as well, but I’d like to see what everyone else has. Ok, just one. I LOVE FA Vienna Cream 2.5% with LOR Butter Rum at .5%. Match made in heaven right there.

Ok, your turn.


I would say the simplest one that I always have a batch of on hand is;

MFing Blueberry !

Flavours %
Blueberry - Medicine Flower 1.00
Sour - The Perfumers Apprentice 0.50
Super Sweet - Capella 0.50

Flavor total: 2%


1 flavor:
Beer nuts FLV 0.8%

2 flavors:
Custard INW 3%
Shisha Vanilla INW 0.66%

3 flavors:
Custard INW 3%
Shisha Vanilla INW 0.66%
Biscuit INW 0.8%


Not my recipe but I made this when I started mixing. Credit to Dank1 on atf simple but pretty tasty :yum:

La butter rum 2%
Cap vanilla custard 3.5%
Cap super sweet 0.5

Also I can happily single flavour
FA pineapple 3%
Does that make me weird I know it’s a polarising pineapple :joy:


I have these now. not done a SFT yet. Ill spin up a 20 now to try. Thanks @gus-gus !!

update: SFT on the Beer Nuts at 0.8% is great! wonderful tasting flavor! Peanuts and a few other nuts it seems like!


voodoo (INW) at 2%
Marshmallow at .65%
Fresh cream (FA) .65%

Very clean and fresh Guava and citris


I’ll give the VC/Butter Rum one a shot. I can’t do 2% of the BR though - got a little sensitivity to it I think. Or maybe it’s just a flavor I taste really well at low percentages. Either way, it’s an amazing flavor for sure.

Wondering if @SmokyBlue can recommend any of the FLV line as single flavors. I’ve had the Red Burly, Cured Tobacco and Kentucky Blend all as SFs and they’re great. What else from FLV is good solo?


Milk and Honey bro !
At 3% I can ADV it with just an overnight steep :yum:


My favorite two flavor mix from the start of mixing was 4% cappella vanilla custard V1 and TPA RY4 double @ 4% It’s a rich ,dark and dense custard with complex flavor I love it you can add some Vape wizard @ 0.5% to give It a more smokey flavor that really shines after a week of steeping…


Any of the fruits can be used as solos… I love a simple pound cake and name a fruit mixes… cookie dough and a few drops of greek yogurt make a believable cookie dough mix. Any of the drink flavors can be done as solos… and of course the tobaccos are just the bomb!! :slight_smile:

Someone really needs to try this one… been stuck on it for a bit :rofl:

Caramel 1%
Sun Cookie .6%


Hmmm. How much cookie dough? 1%?


You are NOT helping with my DIY budget. And if I recall, I imposed a moratorium on myself for buying new flavors. And it wasn’t that effing long ago. :laughing:

Throw me a rope. There are no rabbits down here!


1% to 1.4% … Really up to you… but I would stick to around there… and 3 drops per 30ml of Greek Yogurt… :slight_smile:

Haha!! I have bike grease, @SthrnMixer :stuck_out_tongue: fixing up a trikke for a friend to ride today :slight_smile:


Its not my recipe, but it’s the best 3-2-1 recipe that I’ve tried. I found it on ATF and it’s called Pelican Custard.
3% TFA Vanilla Custard II
2% WF Butter Pecan Pie
1% FA Cookie


TFA Banana Cream at 6.5% is pretty good on it’s own


Not my recipe but a good one if you like Orange:

2% Fizzy Sherbet (VTA)
3% Juicy Orange (CAP)
1% Sweet Tangerine (CAP)


So taking into account what you said about the butter rum, after a think I do agree it did dominate the mix on that one I posted.
I wanted to try it in something else and wanted to try a 321 so I just made this…
WF crumble topping. 3%
FLV vanilla pud. 2%
LA butter rum. 1%

Not properly tested and off the shake the smell is all butter rum, but upon vaping, it isn’t as forward or dominating the mix. I will see as it steeps but so far so good🙏🏻


only have FW ButterPecan, but that looks tasty AF!


The simplest recipe I vape a lot of is 3% FLV Kentucky Blend in a 40PG 60VG base. It’s ridiculously good for a standalone dry tobacco, is practically shake and vape, and shines in MTL and pod setups.


A simple 3-2-1 cheesecake. I’m like @Steampugs, don’t like no crust in my CC :grin:

OOOh Honey, luv ya cheesecake!

Flavours %
Honey Puffs - One On One 2.00
Vanilla Custard Cheesecake - One On One 3.00
Whipped Cream - One On One 1.00

Flavor total: 6%