Silver lining anybody?

In the light of the fact that this thing is going to hit communities that do not have the luxuries we have, like a home to isolate themselves in for instance, because they’re packed in refugee camps like herd animals.
Food scarce, medication and healthcare, nah, people around the world who care, barely.
Maybe we could spend some time counting our blessings :pray:

I will start.

I’m really happy this is happening now and not 50 years ago.
I would be stuck in the house with a bag of marbles, a jump rope, a jigsaw and a board game.
Black and white tv, two channels, no daytime tv.
Programmes started at 6 pm with the news, followed by 5 minutes children tv. At 12 they wished you a good night, played the national anthem and then you got snow.

If I wanted to know more about a certain subject, I would have to go to the library and dig through stacks of books.
The library would now be closed of course.
Apart from the milkman doing his rounds, no home delivery.

We had no phone, landlines came years later. Come to think of it, tv came years later too, so I can scrap that from the list.
I will leave it in, maybe some rich folk had a tv in those days. They might even had a phone.

Instead I’m behind a computer and can communicate with the outside world, no matter how far away that world is.
I have a phone with the same capabilities as a computer.
If I don’t want to leave the house, I can get everything delivered to my doorstep.

I have a roof over my head. Something I’ve never stopped appreciating after years of being homeless.

Central heating, hot and cold running water, a shower.

Oh, I almost forget one of the most important things, the dog and the cats!
I wasn’t allowed pets in my childhood.

What do you have?


Great idea, now seems like the best time to appreciate everything we have, for a long time something like the internet has been taken for granted but without it what would we do…

What’s app family group chats are a great way to stay in touch and can be a whole lot of fun when drunk :laughing:

Here in the UK the weather has been amazing this week, I’m lucky to be able to step out and sit in the sun all day as it’s very quiet here.


I’m really enjoying the social distancing.
Apart from not doing lunchbreak at school 4 times a week, my life hasn’t changed much.
I’m not the outgoing type and, like you, enjoy the quiet.
A little warmer would be nice, I could get the hammock out and read in the sunshine.
The sun is out but it is still cold.


Great topic @Jose. Aside from all the modern comforts we enjoy, I was chatting with a friend the other day about how lucky I am as a vaper to be able to mix my own juice. All the local vape shops near me are closed and so nobody can purchase juice other than online. Prior to the shutdown, there was a shortage of most types of coils and especially for pod systems. Since I mostly build, it doesn’t affect me. So I feel for the people that really need vaping to stay off cigs and are having a hard time. I feel very fortunate in many ways.


I think that in that great Grand Scheme so often referred to, that this will all in all turn into more of a wake up call than a decimation of civilization. Understand my perspective please- I’m not tossing this pandemic off into the pile of inconsequential historical markers. It is serious and merits efforts to contain and counteract.

But the Italian death toll is not an accurate reflection of the rest of the world. Italy as of today represents 34% of the total world deaths with just 15% of the total reported cases (if we are to believe the China numbers). That is highly disproportionate and I don’t clearly understand why they were hit so hard. Especially since every article I still read states at the end to remember that ‘the vast majority of those infected will have mild to moderate symptoms’.

So a silver lining of sorts could possibly be that as we get more data, the mortality rate does trend down to the expected ~1% level, and that an effective cure or vaccine is developed rapidly that mitigates this threat.


How about bad humor? Maybe we should be less worried about Covid-19 and more worried about Windows-10.


From what I’ve read Italy had a higher number of elderly (60+) infected, this could account for the higher mortality rate


I didn’t even think of that, I’m so used to having everything I need in my house when it comes to vaping.
I don’t need any coil material or anything else for that matter.

Lets hope so, we’ve had plenty of warnings already. Outbreak after outbreak of diseases amongst animal populations because of the overcrowded, unhygienic condition they’re forced to live in, only for profit.
Initially people are shocked, watching millions of animals destroyed, talk about going vegetarian, pay a little more for meat that is produced in a more animal friendly way, and then go straight back to the old ways because it’s cheaper.
Everything is forgotten and things continue as usual, until the next outbreakl.

It is not a silver lining but I have been waiting for something like this to happen. We can’t expect to be so lucky and dodge the bullet every time.

Another scary thing is that the antibiotics we so very much need is used preventively in the bio industry to try to controle outbreaks.
A few years ago there was only one left that still worked where others failed because of overuse, they still use that one on cattle so we’ll end up with none.

Forget corona, just watch out for barbed wire and other stuff you could cut yourself on and get an infection.

I’m desperately looking for a silver lining here :scream_cat:
I just hope people are scared shitless enough to finally make some lasting changes to the way we live.
Our way of live is pretty ridiculous when you consider the price that others, not us, have to pay to maintain it.