Recommend me a DTL mod/device (kit)


I find these forums a bit strange with categories, so apologies if I got to wrong one.

For DTL vaping I’m currently using Innokin Kroma-R with either Zlide 0.3 Ohm or Ajax 0.16/0.35 Ohm. I’m getting to a point where I feel like it’s not enough or I would like something fresh and more DTLy maybe. Also seems to me like the mentioned Innokin coils aren’t that durable, don’t really have much of a comparison as I’m not very experienced with vaping yet, so it might be dull observation.

I really like the design of Zlide and it’s ease of use, so would be happy with something similar, was looking at Kroma 217 and ZF tank, but don’t know how well do these ZF coils perform.

I would like something more on a compact side, so either single battery or built in I think. Consistent flavour reproduction, ease of use, I don’t want to mess with any kind of custom coil making. Would rather stick to replacing factory made coils. Never had anything with temp control so no preference here or for any other fancy functions. Hate leaking, so probably tank over pod, unless there are decent leak proof pods out there (top fill?).

Any recommendations please?


Innokin is a well respected manufacturer. Using a qualty 21700 battery should almost double your usage before needing a recharge.

Look for youtube reviews about that tank if there are no more replies.


Billet box

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Fancy but pricey, and tbh don’t like no battery cover type of design. But was nice too have a look at something different.

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They have doors, also the clones aren’t too expensive just get the dna


A good dual battery mod with a quality RDA is going to be the best DLT experience you can have.

I find my Dovpo MVV with a Hellbeast is my go to for both clouds and flavor. When I am on tje move, my Sigelei with the Eclipse is an absolute winner.