Real Flavors Super Concentrate SF Tests

Aged Bourbon Creme 2.5% (6-2-17) – 2 weeks of waiting to see if vaping bourbon was my thing or not, never vaped bourbon before. As it turns out, bourbon vapes are NOT my thing hehe, BUT, this is one HELL of a good vape. Besides the fact that I’d rather drink it (hehe), this is a very good, full vape. Smelling it I think the creme was in the front, but vaping it, the Bourbon clearly was the top note. On the inhale I got more creme then the bourbon but on the exhale the bourbon kicked into first place. Probably sounds strange that I don’t seem to like bourbon in a vape, yet describe this as an OUTSTANDING flavor, but you gotta be fair. Not overpowering at all, VERY good ratio/mix of bourbon to creme, great mouthfeel, and to me, you are left with a lovely lingering taste of bourbon in your mouth afterwards. Not sure which part is supposed to be “aged” but it just, damn, works !!! Wow, how do I rate something NOT in my wheelhouse, yet is OUTSTANDING !!! ?? I would encourage other liquor vape experts to chime in, as I am clearly not, but this one (takes another vape), is about 100% what it says it is. I can’t vote any less, than a 9.8/10 on this one. .2 off because liquor vapes confuse me LOL. If you like bourbon, I don’t think you can go wrong with this one.

Apple Pie SC 2.5% (4-2-17) – After 1 week steep the overall flavor is very good, with strength and sweetness both good. Apple on the inhale and more of a top notch apple pie filling on the exhale, with slight spice. Crust is very low in the mix. May re-try and bump to 3.0% and let steep 2 weeks to see if crust comes out.
Bottom Line: Great apple pie filling, could benefit from more crust.

RE-TEST Apple Pie SC 2.5% (4-22-17) – After a remix, and a 2+ week steep, not much has changed. Still an overall good apple pie filling. Crust did not increase after the extra week steep. Might not be quite as sharp now. Not fading, just not quite as sharp as before. Still giving it a 8/10.

Bavarian Cream SC 2.5% (4-17-17) – 2+ weeks steeped, this is an intersting flavor. My current fav. is TPA BC for comparison. The RFSC is a very nice, and even cream with some bavarian, nowhere near as potent as the TPA. Very good none the less, and more subtle with the bavarian, with a smooth creaminess in the front. Tested @ 2.5%, might try higher to see if it brings out the bavarian portion. Overall, a very good cream with some Bavarian. Going with a 8/10 @ 2.5%.

Beaver Tail Limited Edition SC 2.5% (5-6-17) – Didn’t know what to expect after 2 weeks, and the description sounded really good. After testing it a bit, it seemed more of a fruit-ish blend with other unknown flavors. It didn’t really take me where the description should have. Not terrible, just not as note worthy as I had hoped. Have never had a beaver tail, so hard to come up with a number for this, but will leave it at 4.5/10.

Blackberry SC 2.5% (4-15-17) – After a 2 week steep this one was interesting, not in a good or bad way, just interesting. It didn’t taste like Blackberry to me, and my first thought was Snozzberry, or Jelloberry. Not sure why. Nice and sweet and berry-like, just no berry I could identify. Could be added as a berry mix maybe, but for a blackberry, going 2/10.

Blueberry SC 2.5% (4-16-17) – 2 weeks + steep and there is only ONE thing to say about this flavor. FRESH BLUEBERRY !!! This one is probably the best blueberry I’ve ever had, and I’ve been a dyed in the wool Blueberry Wild user forever. Nice, full and sweet in the inhale, and then you get both barrels loaded with blueberry on the exhale. Not getting anything fake, or candy-like, just nice sweet blueberry. Must give 10/10.

Blueberry Lemonade Slushe SC @ 2.5% (6-2-17) – Waited 2 weeks pondering, wondering to myself, who in the hell puts blueberries in lemonade ?? THIS GUY !!! For clarity, I already vaped the RF SC Blueberry and it was mind blowing so I kinda knew what to expect. This one is a 2 week steeper keeper. I’ll have to check and see if RF has a lemonade and could experiment more with other fruits, but this one, doesn’t need any help at all. Very good AND even blueberry and lemonade. I forget who makes the current best lemonade (FlavorWest ??) but this ones pretty darn good. Some sweet, a little tart, nice even lemon with NO “pledge”-iness at all. Tastes pretty natural to me, and the blueberry seamlessly blends in. Not on the top or the side, but all around it. Like a lemonade wrapped up in a nice blueberry blanket. This is a very nice summer vape. Clean, sweet, but not too sweet, sharp enough to keep you interested, and encased in blueberry just in case you get bored. My ADV’s are typically heavier, creamier, custards, bakeries, etc., so I don’t typically vape lemonades, but I could see myself starting to do that now, and that IS saying something. True to the name, nothing off putting, very well crafted IMO. If you like BB and you like Lemonade, I think this will be a 10/10 for you.

Bread Pudding SC 2.5% (4-20-17) – After 2.5 week steep this one was an overall even, sweet mix. Wasn’t really getting much bread pudding, and no real standout flavors. Hard to nail down what it tastes like. Could have been bread pudding, but not clearly so. Could probably see this as a mixer/base. Doesn’t mean it was bad, but takeaway wasn’t a “OMG, this is bread pudding” is all. As a bread pudding after 2.5 weeks @ 2.5%, would have to go with a 6/10.

Brownie SC 2.5% (4-15-17) – OMG, the smell of this is full on brownie, and the vape is pretty darned closed to how it smells. Has a very good chocolatey batter-ish nature to it that really works, with maybe some cocoa, milk chocolate, and a deeper chocolate all in there. I’m not even a brownie fiend, and it’s still good, and that’s saying something.

Brown Sugar SC 2.5% (5-5-17) – 2 weeks of waiting to see HOW good it could be. Realizing it is one of the stronger flavors, it was very good at this level. Strong, full, and delicious. A very good backstrap molasses brown sugar. It isn’t a molasses flavor, but it’s in there, and implied because of the very full flavor. Sweet and full on the inhale, and brown sugar on the exhale. Surely could be used less than 2.5%, but if you like a good full brown sugar, 2.5% won’t do you wrong. This is simply a 9.5/10.

Butter Toffee SC 2.5% (4-30-17) – 2 week+ steep and this one smelled very good. DISCLAIMER !!! – I have been spoiled thanks to @alisa and her wicked Flavor West ways i.e. Butter Pecan so ths BT has a lot to live up to. The smell was spot on, the vape, not so much so. Not bad, but the total of the smell didn’t translate to the vape. Very nice overall blending with a buttery, sweet overall with maybe a hint of toffee. Hard to verbalize, but if it vaped like it smelled, it’d be a 10/10. Would have preferred more toffee in the mix, and it has great potential as a mixer/base. As a standalone @ 2.5% will leave it @ 6.5/10.

Cake Batter SC 2.5% (5-7-17) – 2 weeks + waiting for this one. Have tried a few CB’s and many had some aftertastes, but NOT this one. I like stronger flavors, and although @ 2.5% it was VERY good, I couldn’t help but wonder if @ 3.0-3.5% it might just get better. Not weak by any means, but it was soo good, just wanted more more MORE. Taste, vape, and room note identical, everything was on point. Rich battery on the inhale with even more and some vanilla-ish batter on the exhale. Couldn’t find any faults, wouldn’t change anything, which says something. If you need some cake batter in your day, this will bring it, and if you want to boost .5%, don’t think it’ll hurt. Very good. 9.5/10.

Chocolate Milkshake SC 2.5% (5-6-17) – 2 week steep and this one smelled great in the bottle. Testing it immediately revealed a perfume note and wasn’t able to test much of it. Somewhat of a choco milkshake, with a very prominent perfume taste. Was not very strong, so my gut is NOT telling me this was too high of a % in causing the perfume taste but will re-test @ lower %, but @ 2.5% and 2 weeks this was a non starter for me @ 1/10.

Cinnamon Custard SC 2.5% (5-6-17) – Hard to wait 2 weeks on this one, as I really liked the Vanilla Custard, and was anxious to see how they’d pair it with some cinnamon. They actually did a VERY good job. Very tasty to say the least. Sweet and rich on the inhale, and cinnamon custard on the exhale. I had thought the the Vanilla Custard was more of a lighter vanilla creme, and less custard, and this one, still not as custardly as many of us diketone junkies might want, but surprisingly this mix feels/tastes a bit “fuller” than the straight VC. Cinnamon was on point, and the mix was full, tasty, and left me wanting more. I gave the VC a 6/10, and now, I feel safe giving this an easy 8.5/10.

Cinnamon Roll SC 2.5% (4-16-17) – This was a strange one @ 2 weeks+. I really wasn’t getting cinnamon roll at all, but it was almost like apple fritter, where the apple was backed down to just below identifiable. I love cinn. roll, but this one just didn’t seem close to me, and the cinn. wasn’t really there, or I just couldn’t pick up on it. Upon initial loading of the steam crave, I thought I might have tasted a cinnamon hot, but it never showed up again. Maybe just a different take on cinnamon roll maybe ?? As a cinnamon roll, have to go low @ 3/10.

Coffee SC 2.5% (5-5-17) – 2+ weeks of waiting to see if this could be the second ever coffee vape, I could actually vape. NEVER had any coffee luck, except for FA Coffee Espresso. I can’t say that I really got any coffee from this. Tried and tried, inhale, exhale, trying to find something coffee and couldn’t. Sweet, maybe slight creamy on inhale, something, with a little bite on the exhale, but just couldn’t make it coffee. Wife tried it, no coffee for her either, she thought French Toast-ish ?? Sorry coffee lovers, an interesting flavor, but not my cup. Sadly lowering it to 2/10.

Cream SC 2.5% (5-19-17) – 2 week steep on this scary, dark flavor. Don’t let the dark color scare you off of this one. It is a hard one to explain as a single flavor. It IS creamy-ish, but it doesn’t seem like a cream outright. Somewhat sweet, and creamy, but the out of the gate response isn’t a dairy cream. Def. would have to be used in a mix setting to add/mold a base. Realizing no one really vapes a straight “cream” flavor, hard to put a value on this one. Sweet-ish, creamy-ish base builder. Purely as a stand alone would have to go 5/10 for no clear dairy notes.

Deep Fried Cookies and Cream SC 2.5% (5-6-17) – 2 weeks + steeping and this one was ready to go. Yummy yummy in mah tummy !!! All I have to say on this one is O-R-E-O !!! Rich and delicious on the inhale and exhale which increases the experience. Exhale boosts some sweet and the chocolate. Had none of the off notes in the Chocolate Milkshake (slated for re-mixing), and to me, this was a dead accurate oreo cookie. As with the deep fried twinkies, not getting a whole lot of deep fryin’, but who cares, you gotta cookie in a pipe !!! 10/10 without hesitation.

Deep Fried Spongecake SC 2.5% (4-29-17) – 2 weeks+ steep @ 40w. on the SC RDTA v.1 this one really tastes good. I had assumed would just be some vanilla variant, but it actually tastes like a Twinkie, … errrrr, ummmm, Spongecake. Was actually surprised by this, and am not sure how they did it, but I’ll take it. I don’t think I’m getting much deep fried, but that is OK by me, because the Twinkie really shines, tastes accurate, and mouthfeel is very good. Nice twinkie vape. Smells, tastes, and room notes all the same. VERY tasty. Typically I rate per the name, and although this doesn’t give me any deep fried, the accuracy of the Twinkie forces me to go with a 10/10 JUST for the twinkie. Twinkie/spongecake lovers rejoice, it is here !!

French Toast v.1 SC 2.5% (3-27-17) – Knew this was a keeper even after 1 day. After 1 week, no real changes to the flavor, still very good, buttery, cinnamon, maple syrup, with a little egg and bread. Depending on steeping longer, might have to up %, but not with short 1 week steeping.
Bottom Line: GREAT french toast, could benefit little less sweet, more bread/egg.

French Toast v.2 SC 2.5% (4-18-17) – Over 2 weeks steeped, comparing it to French Toast v.1. First thing I noticed was v.2 had a much more body, with a clear increase in bread/egg, and was less sweet and less maple syrup than v.1. I enjoyed the egg/bread and decreased sweetness, but as others have noted there is a new NOTE in the v.2. At first I smelled the RF SC Nutmeg and it doesn’t seem to be “it”, perhaps a smidge of it, but maybe it’s a clove they’ve added. Not sure if I like it or not, but it’s clearly there. Trying to decide if the added body, increased bread/egg outweighs the added clovey note or not. It’s not totally OFF-putting, but I’m not a fan. They could have left it out, maybe added a touch (slight) of nutmeg and it probably would have been better. IMO v.1 > v.2. This one rates to me @ 7/10.

Fruit Danish SC 2.5% (5-6-17) – I looooove my danish (bakeries in general) and had a hard time waiting 2 weeks. Initially it just tasted like some mixed fruit, but now it’s tasting like more danish-ish. Can’t tell what fruit, but feels like a mix. You can taste both on the inhale, and a smidge more danish on the exhale. Danish still isn’t heavy, but it’s in the mix. Because of the lighter danish (can you really ever have enough ?), feels right at 7/10.

Fruity Pebbles SC 2.5% (5-14-17) – 2 weeks of waiting because I am a cereal Connoisseur. The only thing I’m harder on than a cereal mix is a S’mores mix, so it’s GOT to be good. This one gave me an immediate feeling from the first vape, as some flavors do. Great BASE for a fruity pebbles mix. This doesn’t mean it’s bad, or flawed, but was lacking some of the sweet fruity high notes, and graininess low end that I like from all of my cereals. Very even tempered, no pungent, flace slapping lemon pledge like so many other pebbles mixes, but a good cereal/pebbles base with some milky undertones. IMHO this one could get you about 80% there in a final mix only needing some fruity sweet punches on top with some grainy low end notes for a fabulous Fruity Pebbles mix. My take on this AS a Fruity Pebbles all in one would be 7/10.

Graham Cracker SC 2.5% (4-16-17) – I’m going to quote another reviewer as saying, “Top Shelf Graham Cracker”. WOW, this one is good. Have been using Cap GC v.2 forever, and this one’s a different take on it. Very good body, mouthfeel, and full graham. Not getting cinnamon, very slight spicyness (very slight), but still there. Could this improve after more steeping ?? Pretty damn good @ 2 weeks. Have to go 10/10 on this one.

Guava SC 2.5% (4-30-17) – After 2 weeks of waiting to try this one proved to be worth the wait. Although I don’t vape many fruit flavors, this one was really good. Testing it as a single flavor didn’t find it overpowering @ 2.5%, but it was strong, full, and tasty. I think fidalgo or fozzy compared it to a nice Guava drink you might get at a Mexican store/rest. and that about nails it. Very good, accurate, and tasty !!! 9/10.

Lemon Cookie SC 2.5% (4-30-17) – After 2 weeks this one resolved to be a DELICIOUSLY light lemon cookie. Don’t get the buttery taste you’d expect in a sugar cookie, but a light lemon cookie. Light doesn’t mean it isn’t a nice and full vape, because it is, just not a in your face cookie, but a very good one. Lemon is very good and in the front with a tart sweetness, and it’s followed up by delicious cookie on the exhale. I think I’ve grown accustomed to one of my fav’s, Dinner Lady Lemon Tart, which is a much heavier mix, this is more subtle, and surprisingly good at it. 9.5/10.

Melon Melody SC @ 2.5% (6-2-17) – 2 weeks steeping to see if a Melon joy could be brought. Long ago watched a random Phil Busardo video review on a setup wherein he was using a Cucumber Melon from CravinVapes and he really seemed to like it. I got some, and was blown away. Have NOT been able to reproduce that vape, so I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for another great melon vape. This one didn’t let me down. Chain vaping it to see if I can nail down exactly WHICH melons are in it. Def. getting some honeydew melon, with maybe some watermelon, and maybe another. Evenly mixed, no one star of the show here. Sweetness is good, and mouthfeel albeit not a cream, is about what you’d expect for a fruity/melon vape. Sweet melon on the inhale, and more of the same on the exhale, with MAYBE a pinch of rind. No chemical/artificial notes that I could pick up on, and it feels very well blended and even. Very good summertime vape, or as break from my normal heavier creameries. I think as it’s billed as a “melody” of melons, can easily go with a 8.5/10 on this one.

Meringue SC 2.5% (4-30-17) – 2 weeks of steeping to see if it could topple my current go to FA Meringue. This was a good meringue. Subtle, sweet, and delicious. Don’t think it has the same fullness or mouthfeel to FA, but still pretty good. Can’t comment on it’s mixing ability yet, and most often is used as a mixer, and it’s hard to get excited over meringue. At 2.5% it seems like it would fit the bill as a mixer. Nothing off putting, or off notes in this one, so a good meringue it is. Shooting a 8.0/10, maybe just because it’s not up to FA meringue standards.

Milk SC 2.5% (5-21-17) – 2 weeks of steeping and wondering about this one. HOW would it fare ? Like TPA Dairy ?? More like RF SC Condensed Milk ?? It feels right in the middle. Slightly sweet, good mouthfeel with some milk-ish elements. Who vapes a milk flavor, right ? Nothing off putting, and somewhat laid back with nothing being forward in this flavor. Not a heavy cream flavor, and it’s clear how this is/was/would be used in mixes like Milkshakes, or anything requiring milky undertones with some increased mouthfeel. NOT as in your face as TPA Dairy/Milk, more subtle, but very useable. Having never vaped a milk as single flavor, found it very good, so much so, finished off the tester bottle. Feels like a good subtle, non overpowering milk-ish mixer without any of the harsh, in your face of some other milk flavors. 9/10.

Mixed Berries SC 2.5% (5-19-17) – 2 week steep, and having some
mixed results with the RF SC fruits thus far, wasn’t sure how this would fare. My fears quickly turned to joy as THIS one, is a one and done favorite now. First thing that came to mind was Koolaid. Not sure why, but it’s probably because it’s a great, somewhat sweet fruit medley. Nothing overpowering, everything natural tasting with no off notes or flavors. This will be a very good summer, fruity vape for quite a few people, and quite frankly it’s great as a single flavor. Sure, sure, everyone’s different, and maybe you could drop a little cherry in here to make it pop a bit, or possibly some citrus, but right outta the bottle (2 week steep that is), it’s damned good, and can’t find a fault with it. Clearly a 9.5/10 win for this one.

Mocha SC @ 2.5% (6-2-17) – Because I am a heavy cappuccino, espresso, mocha drinker, ANY coffee type drink is going to have a hard time going to impress me. Waited 2 weeks on this one, and had no clue what it had in store for me, as I didn’t really get much coffee from the RF SC Coffee (tested @ 2.5% and after many recommendations re-mixed, will re-test @ 1.5%). First impressions are sometimes THE impressions you are left with, and same here. I didn’t really get any “mocha” from this one. When I think Mocha, I’m thinking a rich chocolate/cocoa with strong coffee or espresso and some cream. Please take my coffee-snob-ed-ness into consideration on this review. Oddly enough, this didn’t make this a BAD flavor, it was actually pretty good, just couldn’t nail down what the hell it was. Sweet, creamy, with some other unidentifiable flavors thrown in. A very full, nice vape, just not what I think of as a Mocha, and didn’t really get any chocolate notes from it. I’ve tasted enough of the RF SC’s now, where I could detect some of the other flavorings present in this (as flavorists often do), maybe the coffee, maybe the condensed milk, maybe others. Guess I’m 0 for 2 regarding the RF SC Coffee type flavors. Again, please try this, and YOU review it, maybe you can decide what it is, but I can’t. Very good overall package, just not a Mocha package to me. This will be hard to quantify with a numerical value as it is a pretty good flavor, but when vaping and comparing to it’s name, I can’t go higher than a 3/10 strictly as a Mocha. Every one can’t be a winner I guess, but you try, and you decide.

Molasses SC 2.5% (5-13-17) – At 2 weeks, I knew I was going into this one heavy @ 2.5%. It is very good @ 2.5%, but for mixing you’d have to cut it back a bit. This would be my first molasses vape, so nothing to compare it to, but it is a def. mid to mid dark molasses flavor. Very full, not too sweet, and very true to it’s name. Could be a tad bitter on the finish due to the strength of my mix, but nothing off putting whatsoever. Similar to RF SC Brown Sugar, but missing the punchy sugar/flavor notes of it as expected. This one is very nice. 9.5/10.

Oatmeal Cookie SC 2.5% (4-9-17) – After a 2 week steep the overall flavor is quite good. Not sure if @ 2.5% I’m getting a full OMC, but def. sweet, smooth, bakery-ish type flavor. Not bad at all, not stellar @ 2.5% @ 2weeks. Will re-mix at higher rate and re-test later.

Pancake SC 2.5% (4-14-17) – WOW, this tastes like Pancakes !!! Lovely buttery, syrupy pancakes. A little sweet, but that’s what happens when you put syrup on them. Very full and nice body. If you want pancakes, this one is for you. 10/10

Peach SC 2.5% (4-29-17) – 2 weeks steeped and this one is a very fullfilling vape. Strength, sweetness, fullness all very good. To my broken down olfactory senses I’m not truly getting a Peach, it’s more of a fruit-ish pie filling. Smelling it I think it has more Peach, but vaping it just seems like a good fruit pie filling. My current fav. peach is TPA Juicy Peach and although mixing it @ higher percentages, is SMACKS you with a Peach brick to the face. This one is just seemingly more of a nice fruit-ish pie filling. Might even resemble apple to some degree. Sure to be a solid mixer, but as a stand alone Peach, giving it a 6/10.

Peanut Butter SC 2.5% (5-5-17) – 2 weeks steeping, artificial fake tasting like so many others, or a natural tasting authentic PB ?? The latter. This is a very natural tasting peanut butter. Not overly dark or toasted, but a sweeter, creamier medium peanut blend. Not a hint of artificial or fake tastes to this nose. To me, was very similar to a Payday candy bar, with very little of the nougatt. Not a lighter overly creamy, and too sweet like small PB crackers. Having been turned off by most other PB, this was a very welcome change. Just sweet enough, maybe a hint of salty, and creamy goodness. 9/10.

Pumpkin Pie SC 2.5% (4-30-17) – After 2 weeks was looking forward to this as I love PP. This was a strange one for me. Sometimes when testing you immediately get first impression that sticks, and it did here. My first reaction was thin. Fresh cotton, coils, saturated wicks, check check check. It just seemed really thin, not weak per se, but a thin feeling/tasting mix. It smelled more like PP than it tasted. Some spices, maybe a hint of pumkin, but no real creamy, thick pie, and not sure on the crust. Higher % help ?? Not sure. As it stands as a single flavor @ 2.5% as a PP, I’m forced to go with a 3/10.

Rice Crispy Treats SC 2.5% (4-29-17) – 2 weeks of HARD waiting to test this one, as I love RCT’s. Smelled it while filling tank, and it smelled GOOD !!! Been clouding with it for 10 minutes and it is another very good, even mix from RF. I cannot detect individual components i.e. marshmallow, butter, rice crispies, but it is just a very good blend of all of them as far as I can tell. Buttery sweet on the inhale with perhaps some mallow and maybe a smidge of rice crispy on the exhale. What would I add (if anything) maybe a more pronounced butter and rice crispy, but even that might not need to happen. Very solid 9/10 for this one. WILL be finishing the tester tank on this one.

Rice Pudding SC 2.5% (4-30-17) – 2 weeks steeping and ready to roll. As others have mentioned it’s not as strong of a flavor as others, but overall very tasty. I don’t know HOW in the hell you’d make a flavor taste like rice, and I didn’t get much of it in this mix. It was almost like a lighter, sweet milky pudding but without the rice. Very good mix as a whole, nothing overpowering, sweetness good, and even mix, just missing some rice. Giving this one a 7.5/10.

Raspberry SC 2.5% (5-19-17) – 2 weeks steeping to dare to try another Raspberry as I’ve had quite a few that always had some perfumey/chemically aftertaste. This one SHOCKED me, as there were NONE of them present. The first few initial vapes I swore I could taste the little seeds. WOW, don’t get that often. It became less prominent throughout the tank, but interesting none the less. Tastes very ripe, but not too ripe, sweet, but not too sweet, and just plain good. Might not quite have the KICK that INW Raspberry has, but not bad as some people find that off putting. Simply a very good, natural tasting tart/sweet raspberry. 9/10 because it might need a booster punch.

Root beer Old Fashioned Style SC 2.5% (5-13-17) – 2 weeks of resting before testing this one. Was hesitant to buy this, as I have never craved vaping Root beer, and didn’t want that to color the review, but tried it any way. As far as a vape goes, it’s a VERY good root beer. This being the “old fashioned” I think it is very spot on and clearly has the old fashioned edge to it. Very dark-ish and “rooty” to me. Not sure where I would use it personally, probably a root beer float for sure. Haven’t tried the other root beer from RF yet, but this one, is dead on for what it claims to be. Not to sweet, very flavorful, with an old fashioned kick. For you root beer heads 9/10 on this one.

Shortbread Cookie SC 2.5% (5-13-17) – 2 weeks of waiting revealed a very good cookie. It’s not overpowering @ 2.5% and could probably go a smidge higher. It’s not dry like FA Cookie, but a very good full shortbread cookie taste. Not yeast or biscuit here, yet a good cookie, none the less. As a single flavor it feels very solid @ 8.5/10.

S’mores SC 2.5% (5-6-17) – 2 weeks of waiting for my FAV. ejuice flavor. I AM a S’mores junkie/Connoisseur which means no one is harder on a S’mores flavor than me, or pickier, so take this into account. I had just had my high hopes dashed with FLV S’mores as (usual) there was an off putting note in it. The RF SC however did NOT dash my high hopes, and was a very GOOD S’mores flavor. I never got any individual notes/flavors, but a very good blending. The choco had NO (that ain’t easy) off putting/chemical notes at all. @Skullblade789 has been helping me narrow down my obsession, but as far as an all in one S’mores flavor, it’s the best I’ve tried, and I’ve tried most of them. Probably never find a perfect one, but this is an easy 9.5/10.

Strawberry SC 2.5% (4-17-17) – 2+ weeks steeped, and this is a very good strawberry. I’m a huge Strawberry Ripe fan, and am trying to decide if it bumps it out of 2nd place or not, tough call. Might not be quite as good as INA Shisha SB, but it’s in between Shisha and Ripe for sure. @ 2.5% it was very full, strong, and tasty. Doesn’t have the “ripe” of SB Ripe, but it’s got something extra in there, Pectin, Jam ?? Not sure. No clue on how/if it fades with time, but IMO as a SB giving it a 9/10.

Strawberry Milkshake SC 2.5% (4-15-17) – 2 week plus steep, this is a nice strawberry variant. Having not tried the Strawberry yet, can’t compare/contrast to it. Might just be me, but I don’t get much of the milkshake on this one. It’s tasty, but not sure if I could ADV it or not. Could work with other flavorings maybe to increase the “shake” part.
Delicious tasting strawberry, maybe a hint-o-creme’ish. 7/10.

Strawberry Rhubarb SC @ 2.5% (6-3-17) – Trying to remember years ago the last SR pie I had while waiting 2 weeks for this one to test. I loved the RF SC SB so wasn’t sure how much different this one would be. Initially vaping this proved it to be another very good flavor. Strawberry is in the front of the mix but with something extra. I had feared it would be just like the SB, but it’s def. different, and in a good way. Like the SB, some sweet, a little tart (not much) and with the rhubarb added in, you can def. think of eating a SR pie (no crust just the filling). I’ve not tried the SC Rhubarb yet, but from this mix, I’m guessing it’s going to be good. @ 2.5% it’s quite good, and doesn’t leave you wanting. As with most SB, can’t add anything regarding it’s fading or lack thereof, but as a single flavor @ 2.5% @ 2 weeks, I can’t find fault with it. 9.5/10.

Sugar Cookie SC 2.5% (4-11-17) – 2 week steep and this one has a very even, sweet, buttery cookie taste. Maybe hint of vanilla, not sure. Overall very good. Creamy, full, smooth cookie. Could be ADV, might test higher.

Sweet Potato SC 2.5% (5-20-17) – 2 weeks of waiting for my FIRST Sweet Potato vape, never had one before. @ 2.5% probably NOT one of their stronger flavors. At first I was hard pressed to get any sweet potato from it. It’s a nice sweet, slightly darker flavor on the inhale, and there IS some SP on the exhale. I feel it could use more of the SP for sure. Not terrible by any means, but it’s just not as forward as many of their others. Still vaping it trying to decide how to explain it, and it’s really not bad, just needs some intensity. Of course the first thing that comes to mind is Sweet Potato Pie !!! and this would def. MIX into that, just need to boost it up somewhat. Having never had a SP flavor, hard to figure out a rating for this one. Going to leave this one @ 6.5/10.

Vanilla Custard SC 2.5% (4-11-17) – 2 week steep and the first take away was more of a vanilla creme, much like the Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Creme donut with the white filling. Maybe even has the white confectioners sugar on top. Very good flavor, not getting much custard, but still very tasty. Probably one of the better vanilla’s out there. Unsure if increasing % or steeping longer would bring out any custard notes. As a custard I give it 6/10, but as a vanilla creme I’d give it 10/10.

Vanilla Ice Cream SC 2.5% (5-6-17) 2 weeks of rest for this one revealed a pretty good ice cream. Have had not great luck with some of the other brand’s VIC, and this one will end up near the top of them. Finger test, it’s ice cream, vape, sweet and creamy on the inhale, and ice cream on the exhale. There’s something that lingers on the tongue afterwards, not sure what. Not getting any “malted” in there, so it’s not a super “thick” feeling flavor, and mouthfeel is 75% of expected. I think in the end, it’s a good Vanilla Ice Cream, with maybe just not enough of the thickness that I would have wanted. Very good, and feel good leaving it at 8/10.


Nice! I have several of these that I haven’t even tested yet… Thanks for your notes!


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