Rayon CelluCotton Wick

Just trying Rayon Wick for the first time, after 12+ years of vaping -: wicking always has been one of my least favourite things -: but seems to be vital with the Innokin Ares2 MTL I’ve just received -: so thought I’d give CelluCotton a try.
First impressions on first build - easy to cut and sightly easier to thread than most cotton I’ve tri ed - including shoelace types - and still Fluffs up nicely to fill wick holes.
The vaping experience is really rather good thus far -: flavour good (and zero wick taste even at the beginning) and good juice flow and vapour pridiction. I would say that this is a rewicked coil that previously had cotton Wick - and it does seem to have an increase in Throat Hit - I’ll see if that’s a personal reaction to the Rayon or just a quality of the Rayon over the next few days.
First hour of use - and enjoying the vape thus far :yin_yang:


I only use Silica wick with this:


In this thread the photos are using cotton but silica which I now use for it is discussed, this particular open chamber RTA performs much better with silica rather than cotton!


I have been using Rayon for nearly 8 years now and never noticed any extra throat hit with it - you do have to wick a little tighter than you do with cotton maybe that could be the cause of your throat hit.


@woftam it never really took off for me, but ^^^^^ this is because Rayon shrinks when wet, vs. cotton that swells/expands when wet ?