Pugsley's lengthy yet perfectly formed review of the Kizoku Unlimit RTA weapon

Kizoku Unlimit RTA

Now, I’m not the kind of person that gets easily embarrassed, which, when you consider what a fucking idiot I am…is quite fortunate. Because if I were, knowing what a calamitous douche baguette I am capable of being, it would mean never leaving the safety of my own home through fear of ridicule and general beration.

That being said, having this inherent disposition has made me somewhat conscious of making sure that whenever I’m out in public I do not freely hand out any socially unacceptable ammunition to all and sundry. Calamity finds me…I (rarely) actively seek it, or in other words…I’m an unadulterated, bonafied shit magnet…have the badge and everything…

And why am I telling you this you may well inquisitively ask?..Well, I’ll tell you. Recently I went on a little trip, a few days with my family in one of my favourite places on Earth…the Welsh mountains. No I don’t climb mountains, don’t be a dick, I’m almost 50, fat and an Olympic procrastinator - I just like to look at them, and drive through them whilst in the warmth, comfort and security of my own car…


It was while on this trip, or more specifically, while walking around all the quaint little Welsh villages on said trip, that I noticed some odd whisperings being sent in my general direction…

“Who said that…??” I said under my breath as I looked around confusingly checking my fly, and seeing…no one…

“Babe…did you just whisper 'it’s so long’ to me?”…I asked my befuddled partner…

“Under what fucking circumstances would I ever say that to you?”…she kindly answered…

“Good point…what the actual fuck is going on then?!?”

“Right!..That’s it!..That was you wasn’t it!?!” I shouted at a 70 year old man as he slowly exited the local butchers…nearly killing him instantly as he clutched his chest in sheer panic…

This was ridiculous. ‘Why are people mumbling these bizarre things at me?’ I thought as I took another hit on my vape…

And then it hit me…

Quite literally…in the mouth.

Confused?..Not as much as I was let me tell you, but all will become clear…maybe…shall we?

Welcome back my fluffy little fellows and fellowesses (is that even a word?)…back again with more of the same, just…much…much more of it this time.

Today, what I have for you comes from a company that appears to have arrived from absolutely nowhere. A company that cut their teeth in the vaping industry by providing us with those little square magnetic atty stands…

Cute…I guess? But other than that, and the fact that they came into being back in 2017…I have little else to tell you about them…other than they have a tiny handful (sigh) of devices on the market that I know even less about. So…a vague start it would seem, but none the less, what they didn’t do is sneak into the market with a mundane and uninspiring ‘seen it all before’ device which would be easily lost in the vast sea of vape devices on the market today. Oh no sir…these guys wanted to be noticed, and believe me…it’s kinda hard not to.


Even though we appear to be completely bereft of any kind of back story which could be deemed as remotely interesting, what I have for you today is in fact…actually quite interesting indeed. Interested?..Not as much as the mumbling mob that saw me using it…I can tell you that much! So enough with all the mystery, allow me introduce to you…from Kizoku, the Unlimit RTA…or Sub-Ohm tank…You choose.

'You choose?..wtf is that all about??’…well, what we have here, in a word…is ‘versatility’, and with this review coming off the back of the Wotofo Profile RDTA review…for the first time in a long time I am actually getting excited about all the much needed innovation flying around regarding multi-functional devices these days…fucking love that. So allow me to explain.

The Lowdown

The Kizoku Unlimit RTA is a 24mm tank that will take both factory Sub-Ohm coils AND your own dual coils with it’s included build deck - but I’ll come to all that shortly. Firstly…I’d like to address just what the fuck I was talking about in the intro. Why were people whispering in my general direction with comments about something which was absolutely not my penis?..Well, if you look at that first picture you will probably think…‘shit…that’s a big tank’…and you’d be right. In it’s RTA configuration it stands at 57.5mm tall, which, compared to the Wotofo Profile RDTA - another tank known for it’s ‘length’ - is actually about 5mm taller. In this guise it can take a bang average 3.5ml of liquid.

“Yeah, alright…doesn’t really explain the reaction people had every time you took a hit on the thing though. I mean sure it’s big…but I’ve had bigger things in my mouth”…you might well provocatively say…


Within the package of the Unlimit comes something that took waaaaay longer than it should have for me to work out just what the fuck it was…seeing as it isn’t actually mentioned in the manual anywhere…and that’s this…

At first, I just thought it was an interchangeable top cap/fill port, with a different design on. It didn’t really make sense though, why would you need that? And then it occurred to me…

“Oh my fucking word, this is an extension”.

And suddenly…all the comments made sense. It wasn’t my gentlemen sausage after all…it was my fucking vape.

With all the components in place the Unlimit measures in at an eye watering 70mm…I say eye watering, I really mean teeth shattering given that I’ve smashed myself in the mouth with it more times than I care to mention while sat in the dark watching TV…

It‘s…ridiculously big. Of course, that does come with the advantage of a more than acceptable 6.5ml of liquid in it’s fully erect ‘trunk’…but still, it’s like waving a fucking sword around. Anyway, as I constantly tell my better half, it’s not all about the length. The Unlimit’s USP is not just the sheer size of the thing, and that would hardly be a USP anyway when you consider the small aquariums that Steam Crave have put out over the years, no…the Unlimit is much… much more.

For a start, it has side airflow AND bottom airflow…you choose what you want…

And if I can avert your eyes to that odd looking wide band in-between the two different AFC’s…well that…is a quick release system for the build deck. “A fucking what??”…you may well inquisitively ask. Never seen one of these before, I’ll tell you that much - simply lift the spring-loaded band…and…voila…

The whole build deck section just pops off, and as it does so the inside mechanism very cleverly acts like a valve, shutting off the liquid that may still be in your tank. So…you can tinker with your build, change your wick, or put a whole new build in altogether…without losing a drop of the good stuff…fucking love that…and there are even three little markers to line up so that you can easily pop it back on again…the middle ring spins freely until someone shouts “YOU HAVEN’T GOT IT LINED UP YOU FUCKING LOSER!!”…I know…I know…it’s okay…calm your little booties.

And the build deck itself is no slouch either…

Simple, clean, and offers the almost effortless task of building that you get with all postless build decks…and Kizoku even supply you with a handy little tool to help…

Now…there’s enough room in this thing for a pretty serious build. It does actually come with coils - something I always admire - but they’re kinda small, and Kizoku brag about the size of coils you can use in this thing…so I opted for a chunky pair of aliens…

Wicking also poses little challenge, simply trim, comb and tuck the ends into the ample juice channels…

“Jesus…what an untidy wick…call yourself a professional?“…(Pugs…literally no one calls you a professional)…rude.

Yeah that doesn’t even look better wet…my word. There’s a small chance I may have been a little drunk at this point in the proceedings, regardless…this is what I went with because I’m clearly a drunk, blind and lazy AF. And I did space them out a little afterwards…I’m just like that…I like to make things hard for myself…

HUGE FILL HOLES!..Man, I love huge fill holes almost as much as I love shouting HUGE FILL HOLES!..And the Unlimit has some of the hugest fill holes known to man…sure…you can call them ‘fill ports’ should you wish, but it’s not nearly as funny, nor does it get the same reaction if you shout it in public…


Love it.

Now, something I touched on earlier (stop it)…The Unlimit can also be fitted with pre-made stock coils, which changes the whole damn tank, and it does come with a 0.15Ω Single Mesh Coil (70-80W)

But to fit this coil you have to do away with all the ‘good bits’ and make it a bog standard Sub-Ohm tank…

You lose the side airflow, the nifty ‘pop off’ tank, and a smidge off the liquid capacity. Now, I’m saying all that like it’s a bad thing…well…it is, but in this form it’s still a very good Sub-Ohm tank and to be quite honest, the coil it comes with…although a bit funky for the first couple of ml…is actually quite good. The obvious advantage of this is that should you be out-and-about and experience a spot of bother with your build, or burn through your wick, or even if you’ve just left your build in there a little too long un-serviced…you can just take it apart, sling the coil in, and you’re good to go…it just makes the whole affair…a little flaccid in comparison.

Other things worthy of note; it’s a standard 810 push fit drip tip…which…probably could have done with being a little fancier, and the whole construction is food grade SS304…the devil is in the details.

The Specs


Size: Dual coil RTA (24mm x 57.5mm)
Premade coil (24.mm x 42mm)
Capacity: 3.5ml(Standard Version)/2ml(TPD Version)
Thread: 510 thread
Drip tip: 810
Drip Material: POM
Tank Material: SS, Glass
Coil Rebuildable: Dual Coil Build

It comes with

  • 1 x Unlimit Atomizer
  • 1 x Spare expansion glass tube
  • 1 x Tank volume expansion adapter
  • 1 x 0.15ohm Single Mesh Coil (70-80W)
  • 1 x Tool bag(screw driver, screws, cotton, DIY coils, spare silicon o-rings)
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Warranty card

And a manual which…although well laid out, doesn’t actually mention the expansion tube nor does it explain the quick release method very well.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Kizoku Unlimit RTA would be thus; for a company that offers very little in its catalogue and has gone from making atty stands to making this in 3 years…I can’t not be impressed. I admit…when I was first asked to review this tank I was skeptical to say the least. I’d never heard of them, and based on the images alone I just thought it was another company trying to get ‘in on it’ with a weird looking RTA that would be anything but impressive.

‘Presumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.’

The fact is, once you have this RTA in your hand you could be mistaken for thinking it was manufactured by one of the big Shenzhen hitters. In fact…I’d go even further than that…it’s better made than anything you would expect to come from one of the bigger companies. The engineering and machining is practically flawless, the innovation surrounding the quick release top section and the interchangeable build deck is as perfect as it can possibly be. I mean they must have beta tested the shit out of this thing to get it where it is…it’s that good.

I’ve not even got to the best bit yet…Regardless of all the bells and whistles that the Unlimit clearly has, it would mean for shit if the thing didn’t perform - that is, after all, the area that can make or break the release of a new RTA. But…the flavour from the Unlimit is OFF THE CHAIN…far, FAR better than some RTA’s I have had from more reputable companies. Whether it’s the unique shape of the chimney above the build deck coupled with ‘slimness’ of the chamber, or the impeccable super smooth airflow, I don’t know, but just like everything else on the Unlimit…it is bang on the nail…it’s really made me quite emotional.

Yes…the size when it’s in ‘full fat’ mode really is quite ridiculous…

When I have it in my hand I don’t know whether to vape on it or just go jousting with the fucking thing…

And I’d recommend the use of a gum shield too…

For some…(eesh)

But…I’ve got used to it. Well…no, that’s a lie - I don’t leave the house with it. But since I have had the Unlimit RTA I have not stopped using it and it has quickly claimed residency in my daily rotation (at home). The only thing I have a slight niggle with, is that the knurling on the top cap is so fine it’s a bit difficult to unscrew it. More often that not I end up unscrewing the expansion chamber, but I’ve kinda got my head around it a bit. And it’s a small price to pay for the performance that this tank delivers.

It would appear to me that Kizoku…whoever they are, have done more research prior to releasing this tank than any other manufacturer before them. They have learned what people want, innovation, engineering, manufacturing …are all top notch, and they even provide you with an extensive package including coils, cotton (with aglets), and even tools…it’s all there. Couple that with the versatility and craftsmanship of the tank itself…and it’s a sure fire win.

Nice throw Kizoku…very nice throw indeed. I will be intently watching for anything else you throw out in the future too, definitely one to watch.

The Price

The Kizoku Unlimit is spanking brand new so you’ll have to check with your local distributor for stock. It’s due out - I think - this week? And is being touted for anything between $35/£27 and $45/£35 …I guess that will depend on which country you are purchasing from. Regardless, at that price I 100% recommend that you give it a shot. I know Kizoku are practically an unknown, and I sure as shit can’t vouch for their after sales care…I just don’t fucking know, but…my experience with the Unlimit is one that I would love other people to have. So go searching, and if you’d like to learn more straight from the horse’s mouth, click this link.

Kizoku Unlimit RTA - Kizoku Website

And if you would like to pull the trigger on one from Heavengifts…hit this one…

Kizoku Unlimit RTA - Heavengifts

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OK I think that’s everything…

there’s no need to be rude.

Until next time



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Thanks man, I was actually quite taken aback by just how good this thing is, A really good release from such a little known company, one to watch :+1:t2:


Great review mate, thank you.
I have never heard of them, however they may be one to keep and eye on, this product sounds good.


It’s really good, massively impressed with it, thanks for reading and commenting Gary :wink: much appreciated :raised_hands:t2:


More RSI and loving these reviews. Top notch.


Thanks brother :wink: apologies for the wrist…you need more ‘exercise’ in that area, you should be more of a wanker like me :wink:


Great review pugs, and just think…It’s not really that tall, the aromamizer plus v2 is 7mm taller in its final form lol


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Usual entertaining yet very informative review :slight_smile: I have been impressed by this new manufacturer out of Japan (well at least the ideas come to life nearer Tokyo than Beijing before the Chinese production), love the little Kirin which i haven’t reviewed but got one in each colour and touch wood should be receiving their Techmod soon!!! They seem to be thinking out the box and showing innovation in design!


Yeah definitely one to look out for in the future I think, really good quality gear .
Thanks for the comment Timwis :wink:


Not sure if this should be put here but i know ebay can be dodgy but i can vouch for


Unfortunately not left in Silver, this is the best Mosfet 18650/18350 i have used and at just £17.99 is a steal!


Loving this one for a second time Pugs !!!


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Great Review @Steampugs :+1:
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