Pugsley weighs up the Ultroner x Fallout Vape Gaea 200w Box Mod

Ultroner x Fallout Vape Gaea 200w Box Mod

Collaborations, I do love a good collaboration and it feels that unlike last year, this year is a little spartan in that particular area. There was a time not too long ago where pretty much every single ‘decent’ device to come on the market had more than one name attached to it - whether it was an infamous designer who had gone rogue on their previous employers or a top tier vape reviewer, everyone was jumping on the bandwagon…except me…by all accounts (sigh). Hey…don’t give up hope, I still have my design for the Underdog RDA that will probably never see the light of day but you never know, someone might just get desperate enough, I mean I could try and construct it myself…but…I’m really not sure how that would go…

Probably best to leave it to the professionals.

Anyway, today we do have another collaboration, a collaboration no less of one company who used to collaborate with another collaborator but is now collaborating with a different company who is known better as someone completely different, yet has chosen to collaborate with these other collaborators who no longer collaborate with their old collaborators and have instead chosen to collaborate with an all new collaborator who now has a separate part of their company with which to collaborate with other collaborators…you get me?

Honestly?..I never know (shrugs) BUT…I will explain, so…a little less fucking around today, we’re going straight for the jugular on todays piece because things are a tad busy around these parts just lately…and that too…I shall explain in a little while…ooooh…so mysterious today …(dick)

Shall we?

Welcome back once more my curiously cumulus cloud cretins, back once again for the renegade master, D4 Damager with the ill behavior…man I’m old, I actually turned 50 since we last spoke…that’s just some kind of bullshit right there. Anyway, that has nothing to do with anything, but then…when does it, really? HOWEVER…I will try, like the brave little soldier that I indeed am, to explain what in the holy fuck I was waffling on about in the intro, because it’s a tad confusing, even for someone as intellectual as me…

You see, today…we are looking at a device from a company called Ultroner. It’s a new one on me I have to be honest, but not particularly a new outfit in general.

Some of you will already be aware of this company as a sort of ‘side kick’ of the better known company Asmodus, as they used to build the internals of their mods right up until last year, at which point they parted company. Ultroner decided they could make a better name for themselves by going it alone, releasing a very nice range of ‘high end’ stab wood devices onto the market which were received by the wanting public with a certain level of appreciation. The reason why they went solo?..Honestly?..It was probably an amicable business decision…the contract was up, and Ultroner left the building in floods of tears with nothing but the shirts on their backs and a worryingly uncertain future…not really wanting to leave at all I would imagine…

But in my mind however…their departure was ever so slightly more dramatic…

Whatever the reason, it appears it’s us, the vaping children, who have benefited from this parental divorce, because now we get two presents on birthdays and Christmas, and lets be honest…it’s all about the presents.

Apart from that however, I really don’t have a whole lot I can tell you about Ultroner. It’s not like they’re exactly forthcoming with any tangible back story or indeed…any story at all…as their own site can attest to…

What I can tell you however, is that once they released themselves from the shackles of Asmodus and marched on their solo mission of proving to the world that they are a company that can stand on their own two feet and be taken seriously in this industry, without the need of another brand to bolster their success…one of the first things they did after releasing a very successful line of high end stabwood devices is …team up with another company.

I said it was confusing.

Enter Fallout Vape, no…I’d never heard of them either, but for those amongst you that reside in good old Blighty, you may just have heard of the company that owns them - Ecig-one. That’s right, the online retailer. These guys decided they wanted a piece of the pie and starting manufacturing their own range of vape goodies under the guise of ‘Fallout Vape’, and it’s this sister label that caught the eye of Ultroner. So, a new relationship was born - Ultroner knocked up Fallout Vape almost instantly, who pretty soon after gave birth to what we are reviewing today…there…all caught up. So, let’s get balls deep into the heart of the matter (what?) and see what in holy fuckballs they have offered to the world…courtesy of my good friends at Heavengifts, the Ultroner x Fallout Vape Gaea 200w Box Mod…

Before I tear into this thing, I have to say I love the design. There’s almost something ‘industrial Art-Deco’ about the front of it, and I dig the shit out of that kind of thing. Thankfully, the design is largely unchanged from Ultroner’s original stabwood Gaea, a device I very much love. I mean, it would be nice if they named it after something that people didn’t have such a hard time pronouncing, but then it’s named after the Greek personification of the Earth as a goddess, or god of all things beautiful, which can either be pronounced ‘gay-er’ of ‘gi-er’ and can either be spelt ‘Gaea’ or Gaia…or ‘Ge’ …Look, there’s absolutely nothing about this whole debacle that isn’t utterly fucking confusing…but I do know that these days you can’t go around saying ‘gayer’ without upsetting someone, and I do quite well in that area without any help so…it’s ‘gi-er’ …not that you can hear me say it anyway COZ IT’S A WRITTEN FUCKING REVIEW…sometimes…I exasperate myself…

SO…before we all lose the will to live…let’s see what is indeed…what.

The Lowdown

The Ultroner x Fallout Vape Gaea 200w Box Mod is…unlike it’s older brother…a dual 21700/20700/18650 powered device, which runs on the SEVO 200 chipset. I don’t know who makes SEVO chipsets, I spent a good four and a half minutes researching it and came up with nada. All I know is that Ultroner used them in all their devices, and other companies such as SXK, Cool Vapor and Hugo Vapor also use them, but then…they could all be the same fucking company for all I know, at this point, I don’t fucking care…this thing has already given me a migraine trying to work out the specifics, but…it does only offer VW, VV and Bypass modes, no TC to speak of…in the slightest…so…I’m sure that’s going to give techno nerds everywhere a really happy time…

Which in turn, makes me happy, so there is that.

Now…with Ultroners stabwood devices being a little on the ‘pricey’ side, as they should be, the idea behind this particular ‘Fallout Vape’ variation is clearly to make the Gaea more affordable to more people, the construction is largely plastic, with alloy top and bottom making it extremely lightweight, something which is quite welcome when you load it with dual 21700’s. Obviously, with it taking the larger batteries, the overall size of it is slightly bigger than it’s predecessor…

This really is the only area where it differs, everything else is pretty much identical, starting with the SEVO 200 chipset which is displayed on the same front facing 0.96cm OLED full colour display…

Giving you readings for wattage, volts, ohms and a puff counter. Depending on what mode you are using, these readings remain the same just in a different order. Navigation could not be easier, 3 clicks to swap between the 3 modes, 5 clicks on and off, and the display is actually a fair bit sharper than these images - blame my photography skills.

Also down the front we have all the usual controls in all the usual places, up and down buttons at the bottom above the type C charging port…

and the fire button on the top…

I can say with quite some certainty that the manual for the Ultroner x Fallout Vape Gaea 200w Box Mod…will be right up there on the list of least read books in the world. Simplicity is key here, if you can’t work out how to use it then you probably have no business being near a box mod…it’s that easy.

Up on the top we have a whole lotta real estate…

Not exterior bolted which I normally look for, there’s almost something ‘Wismec’ about it - which to be perfectly honest worries the shit out of me - but I have pushed and pulled this thing as hard as I can and it wouldn’t budge, so I’m guessing it’s bolted from the rear and not push fit. I’m not destroying it to find out, but regardless…the best thing is by far the fact that it is centrally located (hoorah!) …honestly…I can’t believe that some manufacturers still manage to fuck this up by putting their 510’s off center. STICK IT IN THE FUCKING MIDDLE YOU DOUCHE BAGUETTES. 30mm is taken with ease on the Ultroner x Fallout Vape Gaea 200w Box Mod. Ok, ok…I’m going to let you into a little secret because I’ve gotta be honest, it annoys the shit out of me every time I do it…there’s a reason I keep referring to this thing by it’s FULL name, and it’s to do with SEO (aka Search Engine Optimisation). There’s a little check list after you’ve done a written review which goes through and tells you how well it will score with SEO. It gives you a minimum amount of times that ‘Ultroner x Fallout Vape Gaea 200w Box Mod’ should be written, and it’s about 8(ish) for a review the size that I tend to do…so it just looks a little odd when I keep referring to it as ‘Ultroner x Fallout Vape Gaea 200w Box Mod’ …instead of just the ‘Gaea’…and I’m only telling you this so that I can waste at least another 4 ‘Ultroner x Fallout Vape Gaea 200w Box Mod’ …man I’m crafty…I should say that in every review…fuck it…‘Ultroner x Fallout Vape Gaea 200w Box Mod’…now I can just call it the ‘Gaea’…

Moving on…one thing that does differ with this version of the Gaea (yay) is these little slithers of sticky grippy loveliness…

Some may see this as a cheap kop out, but the truth is you don’t have to use them, as it doesn’t come with them pre-attached, but they do offer a substantial amount of grip should you fit them, you just peel off the back and slap them on the sides…

Honestly?..I kinda like em, they feel nice, and the look doesn’t bother me, but I would imagine it will with some of the more ‘aesthetically fussy’ vapers amongst you. I would also imagine that these same vapers might be slightly irked by the over branding on the back of the mod too…

Again…I like it, it breaks up the ‘plainness’ quite nicely. Just be prepared for people asking you ‘How do you say that?’ every time you use it, which usually results in a very awkward conversation.

And finally, we have the bottom…

Very nicely put together, spring loaded battery door, it’s thick and the catches are pretty chunky. I know this can be a bugbear with some people when it comes to bottom battery doors, but this one seems to be quite solid and I’ve no reason to believe that the catches would wear out or snap off, plus those ridges make it super easy to open and close.

Inside, we have clearly marked battery tubes, and included inserts should you wish to run the Gaea with 18650’s if you don’t have any 21700’s or 20700’s to hand…

The Specs


Size: 89 x 47 x 36mm
Wattage: 5-200W
Chipset: SEVO-200C
Working Mode: VW, VV, Bypass
Input Voltage: 6.6V-8.4V
Display: 0.96-inch LED full color display
Output Voltage Range: 1V-8V
Resistance Range: 0.1ohm-3.0ohm
Battery Type: Dual 21700/2070018650 battery (not included)
Thread: 510

It comes with

  • 1 x User manual
  • 2 x 18650 battery tubes.
  • Type C charge cable
  • 4 x Self adhesive side grips

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Ultroner x Fallout Vape Gaea 200w Box Mod would be thus; If I designed my own mod for my own personal use, it would not be massively different from this device. It pretty much ticks every box for me and the way I vape, sure…it can be considered as ‘plasticky’, but my thoughts on plastic mods have changed over the last year or so - I have been given a few, and some have become my favourite devices which I use daily…like Tony B’s Swell for example. These devices aren’t made from cheap plastic but composites that feel solid and are incredibly durable. They also wear well and offer a satisfying ‘hand feel’, as well as being very lightweight, which…when using the bigger batteries, can only be a good thing…And it’s the same with the Gaea, it feels really well constructed, with everything in the right place. But…what I really…REALLY…love about this device is that it’s bang up to date and has clearly been designed by vapers who vape exactly the same as I do. It takes a 30mm top without overhang…

(Yes…I know that’s a 28mm…but you catch my drift)

It also has a Type C charge port, not that I condone such actions, but some people are still bringing out devices with Micro USB…which are shit. And for me personally…I know some of you may not agree…but doing away with menus and sub menus and settings for every possible variable is a bit of a relief. I don’t use them, most people I know don’t use them, and if you absolutely HAVE to have them…well…this aint for you, move along. But…I find it refreshing…or in short…it’s simple…

True story bro.

As for the actual functionality of the Gaea, I have no complaints. It appears to be giving me whatever I ask of it, or thereabouts. I have no way of testing it’s accuracy but it feels right, I’ve been slapping this thing at about 160w for the last month and it hasn’t complained or done anything ‘weird’ - that in itself, from someone who tests a lot of devices, is rarer than you would think.

Now I do own the stabwood version of this device, and I would obviously choose that over this ‘lite’ version every time, especially when it comes to appearance, but…with this being a dual 21700 device - something which has become understandably and increasingly sought after these days - I have found myself reaching for this one over the stabwood 18650 version more and more. The battery life is impressive to say the least, and the extra ‘girth’ just feels nice in the hand…

But the sole reason for this device coming into being, and being so far away from Ultroners usual releases in terms of high end quality…is undoubtedly the price, as the original Gaea will set you back well over the £100 mark normally. So their decision to release a cheaper version, and then increasing the battery capacity to entice more people to buy it at a much lower price point…is a bit of a clever move…

The Price

At time of writing Heavengifts have the Ultroner x Fallout Vape Gaea 200w Box Mod on sale for £49 / $66 less than half the price of it’s smaller stabwood sibling, and as I said earlier, you shouldn’t let the cheaper materials used in building this version of the Gaea put you off - it doesn’t feel cheap, so at that price I’d say it was pretty much bang on the nail. You can find that deal here…


Would I recommend it?..Honestly, I’d recommend either version if you vape anything like I do, it’s a great device, and has quickly become one of my new favourite devices of 2020. The only ‘slight’ con…and it is a slight one, is that the fire button is very easy to press - so easy in fact, that should the Gaea fall over on the fire button, the weight of the device will actually fire it…something I have discovered on a couple of occasions…but if that’s the only negative thing I can say about a device…I think it’s doing pretty fucking well.

Now then… I need your help with something, as a Vape writer/reviewer we really don’t get much in the way of accolades when compared to our fellow reviewers who pen their wares on YouTube. Being nominated in the Ecigclick awards is just about the biggest thing we can get in terms of recognition for the amount of work we put into our writing, so to us…it’s kind of a big deal, and being nominated for the past couple of years has helped me a lot in terms of being approached by better manufacturers and suppliers. In return this has meant that I have been able to review better gear…it’s just a recognizable achievement that people know about, so…here we are once again - I was lucky enough to be nominated in this year’s awards thanks to everyone who put my name forward…but my word…it is tough going this year, with some real talent in the rankings. I need every vote I can get believe me, so please, if you like what I do then throw me a vote - I would really appreciate it. And it doesn’t stop there I’m afraid, we are also up for awards in other categories, 2 of which are brand new nominations, and we’d really appreciate the help if you would be kind enough, here are the categories we are in…

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So get voting, and tune in this Saturday here - Vaping Community Episode 1 - YouTube

Until next time.



I liked it before your review, now I like it even more. :slight_smile:

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And thank you for taking the time to read and comment fella :wink: very much appreciated :+1:


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Great review as per usual @Steampugs. I do so enjoy reading your idea on things.


I do use Vibrance and saturation a lot while editing to make them pop so it won’t be quite so eye bursting don’t worry lol, but thank you, im glad you enjoyed the review sir :grin::+1::+1:


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Another great and hilarious write-up sir. Being a man of understated tastes, I have to say that the red is a bit too garish for my liking, but it is a comfy looking mod. Love love love that the 510 is centered. I really hate offset 510s. Kicks my OCD right in the ass.

Thanks for another great one Pugs!


Glad you liked it @Rocky02852 :wink: thanks for reading and commenting man :+1:


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LOL, I know your joking but I really used to think like that. Before I started doing reviews I heard a reviewer say they don’t review the stuff they don’t like and I didn’t understand why until I started doing my own reviews. Now I completely get it.


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