[POLL] Recipes.. What kind of person are you?

  • I made it, it’s mine, credit me if you even mention it
  • I made it, it’s public, I share, no need for credit
  • I don’t care about anything

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Seriously, I don’t care either way. I ‘share’ no recipes, I just post a few here and there in threads once in a while. If someone likes it enough to make it their own, great, I’m flattered I guess. But as far as intellectual property- if I cared that much I would never publish anything anywhere. Get something out in the public domain, and it’s feeding the sharks in my opinion.


I agree, I don’t think we need to show an “original recipe by” on the recipe side, I wonder what others think about this.

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I agree with that. I don’t mind that “adapted by” thing on ELR but at the same time, I don’t think it’s needed. I know that can get controversial if someone is claiming that a straight up adaptation is an original, but anyone with a little ambition can find the date stamps to show which version was first. Of course, I guess I have that opinion because I don’t care what happens to any recipe I chose to publish. I know there are some folks who are highly protective of their creations.


Usually if I make a recipe public it’s because it’s done being modified and if someone has the stuff to make it then maybe they will, but I have some strange flavors I lean heavily on lol I’m not worried about my recipes being “stolen”, they probably aren’t that good anyway lol. If someone takes one of my public recipes and uses it for profit without crediting me then they are a shitty person, but that’s on them not me, I could give a shit personally lol.


I probably should have mentioned that’s the reason I don’t share mine. Maybe I should, so better mixers could adapt them and fix them up right. Maybe 20% Maraschino Cherry can’t be fixed though. :eyes:


How original are all those cheesecake, strawberry creations floating around anyway?
People use combinations of various flavours like they do in cooking. I don’t really get what the big deal is with all those people having their knickers in a twist about someone stealing their recipe.


So far I’m not as alone on this as I figured I would be, at least judging by some of the threads over there I’ve read with ass-aching about recipes being stolen.


They were really getting up my tits along with the crying about ‘someone just one starred my recipe’ BS. :face_vomiting:


Off-topic and inappropriate, and I apologize. But I love it when women say things like that. It just isn’t the same when Grubby says it.


But you don’t know how big his tits are compared to mine :laughing:


But when I PM the photos… No problem… I see…


I just said it was more, well, reactionary when she says it. You’re hot, don’t worry.


People seem to forget what the purpose of a rating system is, it is not meant to make people feel good about themselves, it’s to help new mixers find recipes that most people enjoy. I have several recipes that I love, and everyone i know that Vapes thinks they taste disgusting lol, but I’m not mixing for them. If someone makes 5 recipes that are well rated and hates all of them they might go back to cigs, or at the very least go back to commercial juice, both are terrible options lol.


Thats why I went with an upvote system, 1 vote per person per recipe, no downvotes, if you don’t like it don’t upvote it.


I like that. Removes all the petty bitterness and spite. So no stars, just a listing of folks who liked it?


Smart system


I get a lot of my percentages from other mixers. So I would feel like a juice bag by telling anyone they couldn’t use or adapt my recipes. They’re public, do with what may (I think that’s how it goes) or even better do what you want with it… write it down, take a picture IDGAFrickorfrack.


You forgot one:

I made it, it’s not perfect, and I’m not sharing it until it’s perfect, which is looking more like “almost never” because I keep having to buy and try flavors which delays working on the damned thing in the first place, because there’s too many flavors I still haven’t tried in trying to make this mix EXACTLY the way I want it!! /whew

Or TLDR, I’m just enjoying the journey. :laughing:
“I’ll worry about it later” :wink:

Holy fuck there’s just too many options sometimes. And honestly, the “hits” are hard to find among so many misses (SF wise). And I’m not even talking about complex flavors. Just a solid offering of it being what it says it is on the tin FFS!


As for the whole “original by” vs “adapted from” bit… I really like the adapted by method. Simply because

A. It gives a nod to the creator (of whatever combination that inspired you).

B. It’s a wonderful way for those with shitty memories to recall “ok, now when/where the fuck did I manage to come up with this?”

C. It’s a wonderfully simple way to find other mixers who might be in line with either your flavor profile, vaping style, or percentages! And those can be lovely tools to latch onto, once you have enough traction and experience under your belt to be able to identify the types at a glance.

These are all JMHO of course, but it’s been my experience, and part of how I’ve made use of their system/database over the last couple years. :wink: