[POLL] Recipes.. What kind of person are you?


I am in the if it is public then it is fair game - I think the adapted from is useful since it is interesting to look at the original. If it is simply a % change on an original (public recipe) I sit firmly in the can’t make this public boat (only to keep stuff neater)


You all make valid points.


Yes, this is indeed a good idea, I might be able to do something without going OTT on the whole this was so and so’s recipe but set a link to the original maker instead so you can look back


Oh man. Great topic. I have created 3D objects in the past with the stipulation that they could be used but only given away freely, the user could never charge money for them real or virtual. Well there are greedy people that want money and people that will claim they made your objects for their imagined boost in celebrity status. Its been easy to see the same in juice recipes.

Anything you put out there publicly will be stolen or claimed by someone else if its good or popular. It will happen, so its really something to consider. I never got around to doing the flavor stash and transferring my recipes on that other place because I had already been mixing awhile. I have shared a few recipes in threads though.

I would always give someone credit if I used or adapted their recipe. Even if I changed it so much that it shared little with the original, I would at least say “inspired by” or something. If I wanted to use one of your recipes as a commercial juice I would offer to buy it from you or give you a royalty. Although your recipe might be in the public domain, I couldn’t live with myself making money from your work without compensating you.

I got rid of most of my failed recipes from my database and narrowed it down to a few dozen, and from that I regularly vape about 5 or 6. I would happily share anything I have.

@Jose … that is just hot.

@Grubby … you didn’t PM me any photos!


Great post and I like the adapted method as well for the sake of reference. I got no problem with the original tag, not like I have any recipes online anyway. There not online as I don’t use an online calculator. Not that there great or anything but because I am too lazy to copy them online. If I put them online then to the wind they go, no prob for me.

You might alienate those who think there the next diyordie superstar and will have recipe packs for sale on BCV or ECX. Give them the option, always better to have more options.


Same for me @DaveDave. I followed a like. I don’t see it either.


WTH… I have no idea what happened there, I’m sure I put this in a different category… :thinking:


Now I see it, you problem solving little monkey.


Meh, it’s DIY eliquid, I’m not in it for the glory, just to keep off cigs. I mean, if somebody made a mega fortune out of a recipe of mine (:rofl:) then I’d quite like some dollar :laughing:…but if no dollar was forthcoming then I’m sure karma would bite the bastard at some point :v:


I use juice me up because I’m an evil Ogre and won’t share. I’ve also never made anything original and just don’t see that happening. There’s a few thousand recipes to try yet that are already online.


It’s a labor of love that I really enjoy sharing. Appreciate the mention if using my exact recipe, but it’s not necessary. If someone is profiting financially from my works, they should share IMHO. Recipes that I’ve made specifically for profiting entities, I never share publicly, so no worries there.


A local juice maker asked me to sell him a recipe of mine. Apparently he was willing to pay about 50 times less than what I was asking for the recipe. Either I have no clue of the industry (which I probably don’t) or he is just a cheap bastard


Typically, rather than accepting a flat fee, I prefer royalties. A few dollars every month longterm, is better for me than one lump sum. :slight_smile:


That was my first offer and the answer was a flat NO :smiley: