Personal protection (pistols and Semi-Autos)

It was suggested that we need a dedicated thread for talking about handguns (etc). =D
So here we go!

BTW, the irony isn’t lost on me, in that this is a UK forum. =x

Hopefully you don’t mind indulging those of us who live in a country that permits owning weapons. :wink:


They get weapons, just not firearms.


So, no idea if gun talk is allowed so I’m starting here. I put a handgun on my Christmas wish list and I’m certain I will not get one. So I am looking on my own… For home protection really, as I am not a sport shooter or hunter. I have the Jed Clampett style shotgun and a .22 rifle but they are obviously awkward for middle of the night bad guy offing…

Is anyone up on handguns? I’m looking at this 9 mil. Wondering if it is good, a good price, or both.


7+1 seems pretty ummm… “lightweight” IMO.
It’s probably great for CCW though (which is what it appears to be designed for).

Personally, if it’s for home protection, then you should be looking more at a .45 (up to 8 rounds), or a 9mm (typically 12+ rounds).

For home defense loads, your best bet is Speer Gold Dot and Hornady (either one in JHP).

I’m a Sig Sauer man.


You’re talking a bit over my head actually. No worries, that’s on me not you.

I have very little experience with handguns. Rifles and shotguns, sure… everyone’s popped off a few rounds on a 12ga for fun. But handguns are pretty new to me.

A .45 eh? Why such seeming overkill (no pun intended). Just want something small and potent enough to give me a fighting chance, at least. Or so I think (again, handgun noob).

By 7+1 I assume you mean at the ready capacity and being insufficient? Damn man, where do you think I live? North County? :sunglasses:



The 9mm you posted shows a capacity of 7+1.
What that means is 7 round mag, and 1 in the pipe (chambered).

CCW = concealed carry weapon

Home protection means (IMO) the ultimate attack. Your safe place is being threatened.
You’re not in public for some random event. You’re not getting attacked by random drunk guy in the bar (which of course you don’t carry a firearm into anyways.)…

Home defense = last stand.
Last stand means you may need maximum available force.
Maximum stopping power (to many) means .45
(look up ballistics gel tests to see the difference between a 45 and a 9mm.)

I prefer more rounds, in case it’s more than one person attacking. But a 45 packs quite a punch.

Oh! And JHP = jacketed hollow point.
As opposed to FMJ (full metal jacket)


That’s the part I didn’t get. And it solidifies the notion I already had about not attempting to rob Rob.

OK, yes, your point is valid. And while there is theoretically no price high enough for the protection of your family, in reality there is a budget and such things. With that consideration, is the one I posted at least fair play?

Oh, and for those who certainly missed my reference, Rob lives precariously close to, if not in, North County.


Only you can decide that my friend.

Walther is better than Springfield and some others though…

Your best bet is to get to a range where you can rent some different ones, and find what you’re comfortable with. Both in price and more importantly with using. Whether it’s the action, the type (you may prefer a revolver, who knows), or single action VS double action, etc.



Mine are all West German Sigs (older).
But I’ve enjoyed total reliability.

P220 (.45)
P226 (9mm) x2
P225 (9mm) aka the P6

I also do regular maintenance (changing the mainspring, oil, lube, clean) etc.


BTW, that’s a very different feel (when firing) than a traditional steel frame. (More like a Glock)

Steel adds weight. And weight helps minimize recoil. Less recoil means better round placement (for many).


Maybe I will just hurl a rock instead. Much to consider!!!


Knives being #1 in the UK as I understand it, doesn’t constitute a ‘weapon’ in my neck of the woods! :wink:

You know the old saying…
“You don’t bring a knife to a gunfight!” LMAO

Kidding my UK brethren! :wink:


Someone over there is gonna flick a throwing star at you if you keep razzin’ them.


I used to own a beautiful 8 shot .22 PCP air rifle with hunter scope but sold it :frowning_face:

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This is the same as the one I had…



Before tha AU government went all stupid with the guns laws. I had an unrestricted collectors licence which pretty much means I could own anything, so I pretty much did. My favorite was a USAS 12, 1 of 2 that were in the country.

and at the other end of the scale I had a tiny Detonics .45

I now own a .22 bolt action - it really is all i need. The others were just for fun as there was never the ability here to CC.

The government paid me to give up my guns and I made enough off my collection to nearly pay off my house at the time (not wanting to start a gun law debate but looking back I did sort of agree with some of the guns they banned others they banned were just plain stupid for example ruger 10/22)

Anyhow I do miss the fun sometimes.


Sparky and Pipes both make good points. Ack. Much to consider. The smaller 9mil sounds OK, but the sweet Sig .45 sure does too.


Sig Sauer P226 would be my choice if I had one (a choice that is) :rofl:.


Duck blind? On a motorcycle?
Crazy! :crazy_face:

Besides which… Their ducks must be the size of dragons!!! lol