Personal protection (pistols and Semi-Autos)


How about one of these. I wonder what the chair is for but what a rig.


Duck blind? On a motorcycle?
Crazy! :crazy_face:

Besides which… Their ducks must be the size of dragons!!! lol


It would be interesting to try to control the bike while it was firing


Millennial generation 50 cal:


You’re talking mere toys here guys. The only reason I’ve armed myself is to protect myself from my Guberment, that’s the only way you can be truly free.

I’ve got a dozen cruise-missiles with nuclear warheads stashed in the shed and I’m currently bidding on a submarine with nuclear capabilities and a bunch of drones.

I’m also looking into one of those air defence systems for over my house because those shifty bastards come from all sides.

As for personal protection, that’s easy, I live in flat country, all I need is a sniper-rifle and a rooftop.
I can see em coming for miles and can pick off anything suspicious, they never have a chance. That, and of course a bulletproof house in case my trigger happy neighbours are having a row :smiling_imp:


I have a baseball bat, and a few more things I can swing really hard (not sure i wanna use guitars for that tho)


Just gonna drop this here lol, I love my guns, and guns in general, but I find myself carrying a small fixed blade more and more often…


Despite all the Hollywood horseshit, one of the most commonly used things used to kill someone is an ordinary table fork. So its a matter of vigilantly being aware. No one likes this but that is just the way it is in the US.

Due to an accident I have difficulty walking. I use a cane for balance. But I also carry it for self defense. “Cane Fu” is a marshal art, and the cane can be one of the most effective self defense weapons that exists.


Canes are excellent, you could also carry a cane with a 12-18” blade in the handle:)



I wonders if the 21’ rule applies to cane guns vs cane knives…


I have a cc permit so I have no need for something like that which could lead to a lot of trouble. I’m 6"3" so I can’t go to the drugstore and buy a cane unless it would be one of the aluminum ones that adjust. There are canes made especially for training and fighting and those have features I don’t necessarily want except for an enlarged crook. (hook) People have had problems when judges decided they were carrying a weapon rather than a cane. So I just stay within ordinary cane types where that can’t be used against me. I can then take it anywhere, even in a courthouse.

The crook is what makes them so damned effective. There are a ton of moves where you can take anyone down by hooking them in a pressure point…knee, or around the neck. Unbelievable leverage can be applied. There’s some neat video’s on cane fighting on you tube, and the moves are not too strenuous or difficult for an old fart like me.

That knife/gun video made me think of the obvious. Never telegraph intentions. Within close range the cane is really good for stopping someone and most would never see it coming. Whether I used a handgun or cane or something else depends entirely on the situation.


A lot of the leverage points of Greco Roman style wrestling, used in clinch work in Muay Thai as well and judo could be adapted to use a cane with a large or open style crook. With you being 6’3” you have amazing leveraging abilities against the average sized man, especially with a cane. Just using the cane to throw someone off-balance gives you the opportunity to get to your sidearm easier.



For home, I’m using my 12 gauge. Couple reasons. #1 just the sound of a 12 being wracked (shell chambered) in your direction is a very scary thing. That sound alone will probably deture just about any intruder. #2 Stopping power, self-explanatory #3 lots of choices for ammunition’s buckshot, birdshot and slugs or my choice the sabet… #4 I feel is just as important as the others. Speed loading= with a little practice, you can load a pump just as fast as you can unload.
For a hand gun and conceal carry, personally I would go with a 9mm. Reason being, larger rounds tend to bounce went fired so it takes you longer to get back on your target. Smaller rounds help keep you repeatedly on target. Open carry I’m going with a 45 just because it is bigger and I want the bad guy to see it.


Mine’s a breech load, tilting down the barrel to load. I wish it was pump because that is frightening to hear, even when I do it. It has a fun and unmistakable sound via breech, but nothing compared to that chick-chuck burglar alarm!


You can usually pick up a Mossberg 500 new around 250-300. If your looking for home defense, they make a 18in barrel also. But if you want a hand gun the Walter you shared is a good choice imo. They’re known for reliability. My next pistol will probably be


I used to have an Ithica Model 37 Police Special which had a rather unique trigger action - they called it a slam fire. No practice required for the trigger reset and action rack coordination. All you had to do was keep the trigger depressed and rack it to fire allow for super rapid fire (basically as quick as you could rack it it would fire)


Nice, the ole Ithaca 37 deerslayer. That’s what my old man uses, he’s had two actually. One burned up in a fire years ago but definitely a nice gun and option to have. Basically a semi-auto!


Here you go @Phil_Fish. It’s used but it’s only been fired once.