Oxbar Magic Maze Pro Review - adjustable wattage+airflow


The Magic Maze PRO is the latest disposable vape from Oxbar, the sister company of OXVA.

What is it?

The Magic Maze Pro is a type-C chargeable 50mg disposable vape with a claimed 10000 puff capacity, with adjustable wattage, adjustable airflow and an LCD screen.


As with some other Oxbar designs, it has a two-part case, with the internals held behind a clear plastic case.


There is an adjustable airflow slider located on the bottom, fully closed this gives a tight MTL draw and fully open allow a restricted direct lung draw.

Adjustable wattage

On the bottom right of the front panel is a small LCD screen displaying wattage and a single button to adjust the power from 11-15w.


Being able to adjust both the power and airflow is a really nice feature for a disposable vape, 15w with airflow fully open allows decent vapor production, while 11w with airflow closed down gives a nice throat hit with concentrated flavor.


The flavors that I tested were:

  • Bubble Melon - a strong and accurate flavor, but a little too sweet and candylike for me.
  • Jewel Mint - a nice candy mint flavor, this is my morning choice with my coffee.
  • Sakura Grape - it’s hard to go wrong with a decent grape flavor and this is no exception.
  • Blueberry, Strawberry, Dragon Fruit - a great combination of fruit flavors, a little sweet and very nice.
  • Strawberry, Watermelon - a very smooth fruity flavor, probably my favorite of the ones that I tested.


The adjustable wattage is a really nice feature, combine this with decent juices and you’ve got a decent vape.


The Magic Maze PRO was sent by Oxbar for the purposes of this review.


Why avoiding all the negatives? 50mg no one needs and are just getting people (many who have never smoked or vaped before (including school kids) nicotine dependant)!

All this tech to then just be thrown away is disgusting:

These things are designed to keep people buying them, nothing to do with the spirit there used to be that it was all about helping smokers to quit! It looks like these disposables will soon be banned in the UK although 50mg are not allowed anyway which is great but unfortunately it looks like flavoured e-liquids might go aswell which is directly linked to the measures against disposables and if it wasn’t for these damn things flavours would of been left alone! 10,000 puffs my arse!

Below is the same product, not a review because I refuse to review such products:

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