What a disgrace!

All this technology just to be thrown away when it’s empty!

50mg! this isn’t to help smokers switch to vaping but to get a whole new customer base hooked on nicotine, nobody needs 50mg, 20 is the limit in the UK! If these disposables are not banned soon I fear vaping will be full stop!


10,000 puffs my arse, how many ml would that need. The flavour will fall off a cliff after a few hundred!


Highly doubt there’s a puff counter on that thing. :rofl:

Anyone know why so many of the disposables have ‘bar’ as their suffix? Elfbar, oxbar dragbar?

I know 3 puffs on a 25mg/ml made me sit down with ringing in my head. And I was a pack a day for 30+ years.


Is it a connection to like a bar of chocolate, a treat?


There isn’t but it does tell you the % of e-liquid left and % of charge as well as being able to alter the wattage from 11 to 15w, switch between RDL and MTL and also has type C charging. Click on the link mate it is ridiculous that once empty this has to be thrown, if the same device took large refillable pods (better still if the coil could be replaced) it would be quite a neat pod mod but all this tech just to go into landfill once empty, a f*cking joke!


This is how vaping is now being ridiculed because of these disposables!


My blood pressure rises every time I hear that wretched word “Disposable” so I will leave it there for now but whoever thought it was a good idea to invent them needs their bloody arses kicked. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Bet when they were testing (as if) it went, one, two, three, four, twenty, twenty-one, one hundred and one, five hundred, two thousand, three thousand and fifty, ten thousand!!!


Couldn’t agree more! The disposable trend seems more like a reckless race to the bottom than a step forward in vaping. The excessive nicotine concentrations and exaggerated puff counts are not just unnecessary but downright irresponsible.

It’s disheartening to witness vaping, which initially aimed to offer a harm reduction alternative, now being overshadowed by these environmentally damaging and health-questionable disposables. The technological prowess put into these devices could be better utilized in creating sustainable, reusable alternatives that respect both our health and the environment.

Let’s not forget the impact on the image of vaping as a whole. It’s turning into a caricature, as evidenced by the “My First Vape” toy. Ridicule like this only reinforces negative stereotypes and poses a threat to the credibility of vaping as a smoking cessation tool.

Here’s to hoping for a shift back towards responsible and sustainable vaping practices.

Stay strong, vapers! :wind_face::dash: