Ogres Musical Adventures


Hey guys. Last night was a total success. We have a U.S.D.A grade A recording studio built. All systems go and ready for launch after first of the year. One minor component on order, a mic stand mountable personal headphone amp for guest performers. That’s it. Each performer will have full control over mix via IPad. I’m excited!

Sous Vide 101 (and 202, 303)

Awesome, my dad recently joined a band, he plays bass and they practice at a brand new studio, I’ll try and get some photos of it


That has to be a great feeling and having everything set up like you want is just awesome. :smiley:


Thank you @Grubby! Got me own thread! You’re dad and I may have a lot in common. Two geratrick bass players still lovin playing. Would love to see pictures! I’ll try to get a few snaps to share myself. Ours is not fancy, but functionally it’s really nice. Good sonics in both the performance area and the control room.


I confess, I’m ecstatic. Ran white noise calibration on the control room and it was damn near flat without any eq. I could hardly believe my eyes. All the networking came right up in all the recording software without a hitch.