Ogre meets the Charon Mini


She already has the rainbow version. And it has the slidey cover too. Actually I will tolerate it until the Topside dual comes out. I’d swap back to the iPV8 but it’s so damn beat up…


Wrap it with electrical tape like I do with my IPV8. Makes ya look like a seasoned vaper!


Now you’re on to something. A new line of distressed mods, like distressed jeans. Pre-loved look that tells everyone you are a real vaper!!!


Now your on track! Designer gear! Charge double! Every celebrity will have to have one.


I already have a ‘line’ of my own! What says “I VAPE, dammit!!” better than an iPV8 with a flap of leather hanging off it? Or a GBOX that autofires? Yeah man, noobs can look like old hats from day one.