New to vaping

Hi everyone
I’ve been vaping now for nearly a week not had a cigarette don’t even feel like one.
I’m currently on 12mg nicotine
But find myself constantly vaping and having to refill my pen.
Is this a bad thing? Should I reduce my nicotine?
Any help would be appreciated


First off, welcome to the forum, thanks for joining us and congratulations on giving up smoking :partying_face: :smile:

I started on a simple vape pen and used 12mg nicotine for a long time, (still do now and again) I found myself vaping constantly, I think this is due to the pen not running out as such, with a cigarette, you smoke it then stub it out and your done for a while.

Vaping a lot is not necessarily a bad thing unless you start to feel unwell, light headed, nauseous etc and is common in the early stages of vaping.

Depends on how much you used to smoke, if you were smoking 20+ a day 12mg is a great starting point, over time, months maybe, you might want to consider trying to lower your nicotine intake to 6mg, don’t feel bad if you need to raise it again though, I fluctuate from 12mg to 3mg quite a lot depending on my mood and need.

No matter what they say, vaping is much better than smoking and believe me you will feel the difference if you ever went back to smoking now.


Ahh Thankyou so much for your quick reply just wasn’t sure if I was vaping too much and using more liquid than I should be using.
I don’t feel too bad with it a little sluggish and minor head aches but I’m guessing this is to do with not smoking cigarettes.


It could be or it could be you are over vaping a little, it’s easily done! As you get more used to vaping you will find it easier to know when you have had enough and to put the pen down for a little while.


It does take a little while to adjust but as @Grubby said you will find what works for you in due time.

I remember my first day vaping on a proper setup. Didn’t have the need or want for a cigarette but I over did it myself and got a little too much nic.

Congrats on giving up the cigs @Newbiee2020 . Vaping is the only thing that worked for me and I am sure it will work for you too.


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I remember vaping constantly when I first started just like I smoked cigarettes. I was a chain smoker and became a chain vaper. I know my lungs feel 100% better with vaping than they ever did with smoking. I started at 18 nic in a mouth to lung tank. Just my opinion, if it’s helping you stay off cigarettes then vape as much as you need :smile:


Thanks Guitar! Nice to be here btw. I’m at 3 and plan on moving down to 1.5 this month. I hope to be nicotine free by April :slight_smile: Not because I worry about nicotine, but I worry about being able to find it later on here :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard. Looks like everyone has you sorted. The only time I recall having symptoms similar to yours was earlier on in my vape lyfe before I cut back on the nic. It’s likely that for you as well. You can slow down a bit or lower the nic, either way. I still chain like a horse and I don’t feel unwell anymore.


Smoking and vaping are two entirely different activities. The more you smoke, the more you destroy your lungs. The more you vape the more you spend for ejuice and coils. That’s about it. In regard to addiction, once you’ve left smoking completely you have probably broken 1/3 of the addiction, that being the chemicals in cigarettes. Obviously you still have the nicotine and the habit itself. I personally think the nicotine is the least addictive of the three. I’m three years into vaping now and am down to 2mg/ml. My vaping frequency varies greatly depending on other activities. When I’m bored I chain vape. It’s the activity that is something to do.