Need coil advice for my incoming SC Aromamizer Supreme v3

So tomorrow my very first Steam Crave item will be arriving, which is the aromamizer supreme v3.

I have absolutely zero experience with DIY coils so can any of you experienced guys/gals give me some recommendations please?

All I care about is 1, Flavour 2, Flavour and 3, flavour!

So, what wire is best to build my own coils?
What gauge wire do I need? Is the gauge of the wire the only variable? I literally know nothing about it.
What is the best cotton for flavour?
Are pre-built coils as good as DIY ones? If so, which ones are the best for flavour?

I did order the advanced kit so I will be doing a build with the mesh deck first but I would like to get into making my own coils asap (IF that is better for flavour of course).

Educate me please!

I also have a Steam Crave Titan Kit on the way from Everzon so will more than likely beg you pro’s for the same advice for the Titan RDTA when it finally arrives.

Much thanks and love and bacon in advance!

Edit: I don’t yert have a ohm reader, can I use my aegis mod to read the ohms of a DIY coil setup accurately enough to use for a build or is the ohm reader a must-have? (I will be getting one, just not yet as funds are limited)


First off, congrat’s on the new incoming equipment, @Illogik :+1: Anyone who offer’s their assistance to you, will have a different approach/opinion on coil building. There are endless video’s available to introduce you to the terminology, building technique’s and such, and I suggest watching a few of those for starter’s.

Purchased online from someone that has received good review’s…sure that would be just fine. At you will find one of our VC member’s @Daveflowers9 has a few style’s for sale. As far as best flavor, generally, the more liquid that a coil can hold within it’s winding’s, the better the flavor. A good basic form of this type(wire wrapped around a core wire, is a ‘clapton’ coil. There’s alot to learn initially, but it can be fun!
With help, I learned that your cotton must be very snug between the deck, and mesh when building on the mesh deck, so keep that in mind, or you will get what appear’s to be dry hit’s even if the cotton is fully saturated. I’ve only just touched on a few thing’s here, Andrew…check out some video’s, it helped me.


Thanks Brian, much appreciated.

I am watching video’s right now on this tank but mostly unboxing/build video’s which don’t really explain the ins and outs of coil building for this tank. I am based in the UK so buying from Flavorchaser is probably not going to happen unfortunately.

Do you have any idea the size of pre-built coils that fit in this tank? A quick ddg search showed me this site but I have no idea what width or ID (?) I would need to fit properly.

I will get into building my own coils at some point but starting with pre-built is probably the best option to get me started in my opinion. Once I get to grips with the tank and have a bit of experience with pre-built coils I should have a bit more of an idea what I need to DIY.

Again, thank you Brian. Your help is very much appreciated.


Congrats @Illogik, as MORE SteamCraves is always better.

Look, as far as the whole “magical” wire, cotton, builds, size, wraps, don’t get LOST in the HYPE.

I still use, and get GREAT flavor in my original (small), SteamCrave RDTA v.1 with SINGLE WIRE Kanthal coils. Not even single core claptons !!!

Yes, some people will try and convince you that you need AT LEAST Quad Core, Reverse Wrapped, Alien, Chain Link Fence coils or you’ll NEVER get flavor.

In a word. LOL.

Surface area CAN (most times), lead to enhanced flavor production. I.e. my trusty single wire coils, SHOULD be outdone by single core claptons, which should be surpassed by dual core, tripple core, etc.

Sometimes, less is just more. You can pick up countless spools of clapton wire, and you can cut, and wrap your own coils, and save money …

You can ALSO buy premade coils which will look outstanding, cost a lot more, and may give you the same performance as just getting spools and wrapping yourself. Spools are cheaper than the pre-rolled coils.

Wire type, is really going to be up to you. I love Kanthal, others swear by Ni80, and some prefer Stainless. All have their own plusses/minuses, and your taste will have to decide that for you.

I’d say get a spool (or coils first if you must) of dual or tripple core claptons, whatever cotton you can get that’s UN-bleached, and see what works out for you.

Many times, with bigger decks, bigger builds (type of wire and wraps) can help overcome the much larger size of the deck, meaning, if I put my simple single wire coils in a huge deck, it would probably UNDER-perform, but in my small RDTA, they rock.

Make sense ?


Thanks very much SD.

Yes, that makes a lot of sense. I’m learning already and I haven’t even got it yet!
What difference do the different wire materials actually make? Kanthal, Ni80 and SS, do they produce more or less amounts of flavour or is the difference something else? Do different materials effect the lifespan of the coil?

Also, with my TFV16 tank, I find that the lower the ohms, the higher wattage it can reach. I have this TFV16 at 120w all the time and only these .15ohm coils I use can reach that wattage (I think :stuck_out_tongue:). Will I need the same kinda ohms/watts to get the same flavour from DIY or prebuilt coils on the V3?

Another question: what does the AWG and GA number of the wire mean? Yes, I am a complete beginner.

Thanks for taking the time to help SD. Much appreciated.


If you haven’t already check out steamengine

This will help you get an idea of the number of wraps and the ID needed for certain ohms


Nice, thanks Grubby. That will come in very handy.


Gold and silver listed in the metal for the coils on that site lol. Who uses gold to make coils? The sultan of Brunei? :rofl:


@Illogik different people, are going to tell you different things. Some people say that SS is cleaner, and/or that they sometimes get a “metal” taste from Kanthal, some even call Ni80 the “dirty” wire !!!

I think there’s a LOT of “Snake Oil” sales going in, in the regards for coiling, and lots of money to be made at the same time.

YOUR tastes, will dictate which wire, or wires you love, and/or hate. I love the simple Kanthal, as it’s cheap, easy to work with, holds it’s shape, can be dry burned / pulsed with NO issues, so for me, it’s a winner.

Perhaps, but I haven’t used any as much as my Kanthal to compare.

That CAN often be the case, i.e. lower ohmage, higher wattage, etc. I don’t want to delve into electrical theory, ohms law, or the power wheel, BUT, the more you know, the better let’s say.

Resistance, is resistance, IS resistance (at least in a DC circuit that is), so yes. Store bought coils @ 0.15 ohms, requiring whatever wattage you find works, SHOULD be the same with your home built/coiled coils @ 0.15 ohms.

AWG = American Wire Gauge (It’s the one I go by), and GA = Gauge, which MAY be an abbreviation for SWG (Standard Wire Gauge), which I believe is used in the UK and Australia.

Apples to apples, oranges to oranges I always say.



Again, super helpful SD. You tha man! I think I will try the kanthal first since you are literally the most experienced DIY’er I (kinda) know. I’ll probably grab a roll of the fused clapton you linked and some pre-made’s as well for when I inevitably mess up and just wanna try the damn thing!

I lol’d pretty hard at this for about 3 seconds then thought, is that actually a thing? Idk :man_shrugging:

I love this forum! You guys rock!

Thanks again SD. :sunglasses:


Well, if you want a super duper, mega coil builder-er, I’m probably NOT the guy, hehe. Go simple first, see if it works, if not, THEN you can dump the cash for fancy schmancy.

I mean, sure, who DOESN’T love the look of polished, quad core, aliens on a new fat deck ? They can look great, AND, can make some great flavor, BUT, sometimes, having ALL of those cores, leads to a lot of LAG time from the time you hit the fire button, until they ALL heat up, and start to vapity vape. Sure, you can CRANK up the watts to compensate, but then you’re killing batteries faster, maybe even getting a hotter vape (assuming no temp control). I seem to find that the MIDDLE of the road, is often the nice-est part of the road.

Mega-coilists, will probably tell you that without all of those cores, and added surface area that sometimes is provided by the mega/complex coils are what you need. Maybe yes, maybe not.



You can always try a few of each, simple, complex, Ka, Ni80, SS, experiment, and see what works for YOUR taste, and YOUR setup. THAT is who the judge is.


Hehe, MIGHT BE. Every time I turn around I see some new and crazier coil wrappity wrap.


++ Dislcaimer ++

I’m busy as hell, and LOVE simple. Now I won’t sacrifice flavor FOR simple, but if I can go simple, AND get the flavor, I stop looking around.


This, all day long.


How does the flavour levels from the mesh build compare to the coil decks?


Whew, I am NOT the mesh guy. I’ve dabbled in it, but it never really took hold for me. There has GOT to be some MESH, mesher’s out there that can help you in that regard.

Dave has some spiffy coils over @FlavorChaser’s site …


I really don’t care about how it looks. All I want is max flavour.


I forget who told me this, years ago, but he tried every conceivable coil type from single wire, all the way up to quad core, complex coils, and he said the BIGGEST JUMP he experienced in flavor was going up to a single core, clapton, i.e. single bigger core, with one smaller wrapped. Everything above that, he claimed, were smaller, and smaller gains.

Never tested that theory.