Lost Vape Centaurus Quest BF 100W Mod - Review

Hi Vaping Community, In this review I take a look at the Centaurus Quest BF 100W Mod from Lost Vape. The Lost Vape Centaurus Quest BF 100W Mod was sent for the purpose of this review by Sourcemore.

Lost Vape Centaurus Quest BF Mod 100W Vape Mod


The Centaurus Quest BF Mod is a regulated BF device with a bit of a Wow factor, unless I’m just easily pleased! Coming with Power, Voltage, Bypass, Curves and full TC suite the Centaurus covers the vaping needs of most and has a build quality more in line with Lost Vapes high end devices!

As well as hosting a 9.5ml BF bottle it also comes with a storage bottle with viewing window in it’s solid front so instead of using the device in BF mode you can also use with standard atomisers (yes this is true for all BF devices) while having 9.5ml carried in the device to fill your atomiser rather than carrying an extra juice bottle!

With it’s clean valve system, bottom filling method and accommodating both a 21700 and Type C USB the Centaurus BF device is a head turner, let’s crack on!

In The Box


1pc Centaurus Quest BF Box Mod (9.5ml Squonk bottle)
1pc 9.5ml Storage Bottle
1pc 18650 Battery Adaptor
1pc Type-C Cable
1pc User Manual
1pc Warranty Card

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Centaurus BF Mod came in simple cardboard packaging but within is a device a cut above the norm! With it’s solid construction, luxurious Leather spine and side coloured display allowing for both the bottle and fire button to be pressed via the face section it is just a great design and there is plenty more! For it’s solid look it’s not over heavy which is a good job because once we have 9.5ml of liquid on board, 21700 and atomiser up top this feels substantial yet with it’s curved Leather spine and mentioned front positioned bottle and fire button it feels great in the hand!

I received the SS Ukiran Leather version which has a Stainless Steel colour (it’s Zinc Alloy) main body with a Worn Blue Leather spine which I just love, with it’s side display and then Carbon Fiber panel on the opposite side it does look very busy which many will like but some won’t, it’s very typically Lost Vape! The colour options are Black Ukiran Leather, Gunmetal Ukiran Leather, SS Ukiran Leather, Black Crocodile, SS Crocodile or Gunmetal Pearl Fish!

Underneath that screen we have 3 rectangular function buttons lined up vertically followed by a Type C USB connection, this whole section protrudes from the side of the device, the panel on the opposite side although looking good is very definitely Carbon fiber effect and has a hard plastic feel to it. On the face we have towards the top a square light switch style fire button which is really nice and clicky, underneath we have a large capacity bottle within a cradle!

Moving to the base and to the rear we have a battery plate with fold out lever and venting, to the front is the base of the BF bottle/storage bottle (when fitted) which has a small circular threaded plate with central raised bar to get purchase with your fingers to be able to unscrew for filling purposes! Finally up top towards the front of the device we have the 24mm Stainless Steel plate with BF 510!

Centaurus BF Mod Specs and Features:

Weight: 144g
Height: 8.6cm (3.4")
Width: 5.1cm (2.0")
Depth: 2.8cm (1.1")
Chipset: Quest 2.0chip
Power Range: 5-100W
Battery: 21700/20700/18650 Single Battery (Not Included)
Vaping Mode: Wattage/VPC/bypass/voltage/TC mode(SS904/SS316/Ti/Ni)
Coil Resistance Supported: 0.1ohm-5.0ohm
Output Voltage: 0.7V-8.0V
Battery Voltage: 3.0V-4.2V
Input Current: 1A-35A
Temperature Range: 200F-600F(100C-315C)
Screen Pixel: 0.96 inch 80*160
Body Material: Zinc-Alloy

  • Leak-proof 2-in-1 squonk & storage, easily switch between mod and squonk
  • Squonk bottle for easy BF RDA vaping
  • Storage bottle for any other atomizer
  • Leak-proof squonk design, valve linkage & automatic reset
  • Large 9.5ml e-liquid capacity, bottom filling system

Colour: Black Ukiran Leather, Gunmetal Ukiran Leather, SS Ukiran Leather, Black Crocodile, SS Crocodile, Gunmetal Pearl Fish

Squonk Assembly And Storage Bottle:

It comes with two identical squonk bottle assembly’s one having a solid plastic cover with elongated viewing window preventing the pressing of the bottle so essentially acting as an in-built liquid storage bottle while using the device with standard atomisers. The main squonk bottle assembly of course doesn’t have this cover allowing it to be pressed to dispense e-liquid from the bottle through the BF 510 into the atomiser!

The top of the bottle has a valve which is open when an atomiser is fitted but then resets on the atomisers removal, the system worked flawlessly as soon as I found it much preferred a couple of long presses rather than multiple short presses! The only thing that does confuse me is they say it’s a one way valve yet one of the things I really liked about this system is excess e-liquid goes back down into the bottle, not so good if using with some RDTA’s but really works great with RDA’s helping to prevent over squonking!

The bottle assembly (squonk or storage) just slides into position and a little clip either side fastens it secure. Now I have heard some find these clips failing although not sure how badly that actually effects things as many Facebook posts I have read when these clips have failed the poster still seems to be using and enjoying the device, I am pleased to report I received mine at Christmas and have been using it quite a lot and had no issues whatsoever with the clips!

We have a little plate with central raised bar on the base of the bottle assembly, unscrewing this plate reveals a large filling port although screwing back secure can be quite fiddly! filling can be done with the assembly installed which is a great pros although if I was going to be hyper picky I wish it was a valve like on the Delta but at least with this it can be filled very quickly! One final thing the storage bottle also comes with a tip cover!


Fitting Your Battery

The Centaurus Quest BF Mod accommodates either a single 21700, 20700 or with the supplied adaptor an 18650 battery! The battery is fitted via the bottom of the device by unscrewing the battery plate.

This style of installing your battery is old school but much loved and still used on many high end devices, you can’t damage your wraps and it guarantees you will get no battery movement. I particularly like this style when a fold out lever is included making it much quicker and less fiddly to secure in place however we do have a sturdy spring loaded positive contact so some downward pressure is needed before the threading catches, on this battery plate as well as a fold out lever we also have venting holes which is good to see, the threading is nice and smooth so as far as I am concerned full marks!

The Display

I really like this display, it’s sharp, uses colour well and gives plenty of information but is very well laid out and not cluttered!

At the top we have the resistance to the left and battery status bar to the right, the charge is also given as a percentage, below we have the mode followed by the wattage, temperature or voltage depending which mode you are using.

Below to the left we have the vape duration and then to the right a person icon and 1, 2 or 3 which just signifies the current settings are in one of the memory slots. Further down to the left we have the pre-heat which will be soft, Normal or Hard and to the right the four digit puff counter, finally at the bottom we have settings which when selected enters the extra settings menu!


Operating The Device

The device is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button in quick succession to both boot up and power down and once booted the up and down buttons pressed together locks the three operation buttons but the device will still fire.


The device is navigated by using the up and down buttons to move around the working screen and when the item you want is highlighted press the middle select button to select and then the navigational buttons to alter, select or fire confirms the change. Using this method of navigation allows to change between modes, alter wattage, temperature, voltage or curve segments depending which mode is active, you can change user profile (memory slot), alter the pre-heat or boost (Soft, Normal or Hard), reset the puff counter and select settings to go into the settings menu. When adjusting the wattage with single presses it alters in 0.1 increments from 5 to 20w and then 0.5w increments from 20w up to the max 100w. When a button is held down for quicker adjustment it switches to 1w increments whatever the wattage is but unfortunately scrolls very slowly, it does round robin!

When choosing between the modes the options are Power, SS904, SS316, TI, NI, Curves, Voltage or Bypass!


When selecting settings we enter the settings list which consists of Atomizer, Screen, Colour, User, Reset and About. When selecting screen it is actually the screen brightness and the word screen in the list is replaced with a progress bar which can be altered up and down with the navigational buttons to increase or decrease. When choosing Colour the word Colour (Color) is replaced by 6 little colour squares you can choose from which will determine the colour of certain items on the display, the options are Cyan, Yellow, White, Red, Green or Purple!

Atomiser brings up a screen which allows the wattage and boost to be set rather than altering on the main working screen and when in TC this is where you can alter and/or lock in resistance and set wattage.


User is where you will find the parameters of the 3 User profiles which are basically memory slots, it comes pre-installed with them all the same in Power mode at 50W with Soft boost but you can change these and they can be set for any mode! That leaves Reset and About, Reset is factory reset and about brings up details about the chip!



Short Circuit Protection
Low Voltage Protection
Overheat Protection
10 seconds Over-time Protection


As usual I recommend charging your batteries externally but if you do need to charge in the device we have a Type C connection and 2A Fast Charging. While charging just a central single charging progress icon is displayed which is a little basic, I also would prefer the charge to be shown as a percentage and estimated charge time left! You can vape while charging but each time charging is paused and restarts after 30 seconds!

My Thoughts!

Best BF device I have used since the delta and I am liking it the more I use it so potentially it could be the best regulated BF device I have used and I have used a few including the Topside, Pulse, Rage and Drone! The only issues are securing the filling plate can be a bit fiddly and those clips which is a difficult one because I can only judge what I have and mine has no issues whatsoever!

Not going into a Quest Vs DNA debate the Quest chipset deserves a bit more respect than that, this 2.0 version is possibly the best non premium chipset in the market place, some Gene fans might disagree but for me the Quest has the edge!

The transfer of liquid between the 510 and atomiser is so clean! With most BF devices with plenty of use you will get some seepage between the device and atomiser or at best when removing the atomiser at least some liquid will be present but it doesn’t matter which atomiser I have tried I get totally clean transfer of liquid and on removal the whole 510 area (pin and plate) is bone dry! To add to that I have had Zero even moisture in the bottle area of the device, such a clean, dry system!

The device has all the modes anyone could wish for, although I didn’t test I have it on good authority the TC works fine and during testing the various power modes it just didn’t miss a beat! The 3 function buttons allows a device with many options to be very easily navigated and I just love the clicky light switch style fire button!

Once we have a bottle full of juice and a 21700 installed it does start to feel very substantial but with it’s curved spine and both bottle and fire button positions it’s very comfortable to use! Finally we have a Type C USB with 2A fast charging and it will accommodate a 26mm atomiser with ease!



Great build quality
Plenty colour options
Luxurious Leather spines
Performed faultlessly during testing
Fired without delay
Very nice stiff clicky buttons (especially like fire button)
Battery fits securely via bottom battery plate
Sharp colour display, well laid out and uncluttered
Display colour and brightness can be altered
Up, down and select buttons for easy navigation
Battery status bar and charge shown as percentage
4 digit puff counter that can manually be reset
Wattage adjustment 0.1 increments 5-20w, 0.5 increments 20-100w
3 memory profiles
Power, Bypass, Voltage and Curves modes
TC (not tested)
Type C USB, 2A Fast charging
21700, 20700 or 18650 battery
Fit up to 26mm atomisers without overhang
Can vape when USB connected (charging paused)
Both Squonk and storage bottle assembly’s
Clean BF system
9.5ml of capacity
Can be used with squonk bottle or storage bottle assembly
Bottom fill with assembly in the device


Slow scrolling
Poor charging Feedback (If you don’t charge in device a non issue)
Securing fill plate a little fiddly
Not my experience but some have had issues with bottle assembly clips

I would once again like to thank Sourcemore for supplying the The Lost Vape Centaurus Quest BF 100W Mod for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!

Lost Vape Centaurus Quest BF Mod 100W Vape Mod

$49.99 - Lost Vape Centaurus Quest BF Mod
Code: QBFM

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Sourcemore or benefit in any way from the use of the above code but was asked if I would include it in my content!


Nice job with this one, Tim!

Very interesting! Was not aware of this. :ok_hand:


Thanks mate :+1:

Just shows how devices can look different in different colour options, @SessionDrummer reviewed it 2 or 3 weeks ago and you commented on it! :sunglasses:


I remember…I was not aware(or hadn’t thought) of it’s ability to do double duty, though, using the second storage bottle as a refiller for non squonker’s.


What does the BF stand for? Bottle feed or something?


@SessionDrummer had an RDA to cover as well I just had the mod so suppose I had more capacity to go into detail, he probably did mention it though!


Bottom Feed!


Dammit @Timwis REALLY ?? You got a CODE ?? !!!

Hehe, nicely done Sir, and great job of capturing the many screens, AND, doing it efficiently. Nicely laid out, in an easy to follow format.



Ah! I was almost right! :smiley:


I get you now, you was quoting a section I thought you were referring to the device in general, it’s chaos when I first post because I post to so many places!


It was sent that long ago wouldn’t know if the code has expired!


Always a good read Tim. :+1: So that fire switch is like the OG geekvape legend?


Yep but square rather than rectangular!


Great review even though I’m a bit disappointed with Lost Vape. I had a long email chain going with Lost Vape for about a year about releasing a new squonk mod especially with the release of the DNA100 board and the Thelema mod. I thought that they might return to the style of the Therion BF. I am still a big fan of the original Lost Vape Therion DNA75 BF. I’ve even replaced the DNA75 board in mine because I love the mod so much. The review of the mod was really informative but I think it’s the side mounted board and the bottle placement that seems wrong about this new LV Squonker. I like that they released a BF RDA though so I may have to spend the money I was saving in anticipation of the new squonk mod to grab the RDA to sit on top of my Therion.


Save your money for another rda there’s a lot better ones around


It’s really not that great huh? Maybe I’ll get lucky and find another Asmodus C4 RDA. I already have three C4’s I could always use another. LoL


Just looked at that Asmodus. Looks good nice and tight. The Centaurus much more open I had to put a 4 mm coil in it and it’s still very open