Lost Vape Centaurus DNA 250C Box Mod 200W

Hi Vaping Community, In this review i take a look at the Centaurus DNA 250C Box Mod from Lost Vape. The Centaurus DNA 250C Box Mod was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Carrie from Lost Vape.




Their seems to have been something missing in the marketplace for far too long and that’s DNA box mods from Lost Vape, i hear the question so often about when they are going to release a new one? especially a 75C. Well hopefully a DNA 75C mod will be here very soon as Lost Vape are back but first up is their new dual 18650 DNA 250C device called the Centaurus. The Centaurus has a very familiar look and as the slogan “Legendary Reborn” suggests is very much an upgraded Paranormal which could easily have been called the Paranormal V2.

With much more straight angled edging and less busy look very little can be improved on as when using DNA chipsets that’s down to Evolv but what Lost Vape can control they have done well with another solid mod and much improved battery door over the Paranormal. The Centaurus comes in different frames and as well as a limited stabwood series it also comes with the choice of different Carbon Fiber or gorgeous Abalone panels, let’s give it a look!

In The Box



1× USB Connecting Cable
1× USB On-The-Go Adaptor
1× Warranty Card
1× User Manual


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Centaurus came in packaging which was marked sample which is more in keeping with the look of the limited edition packaging although i received the version with a Gunmetal frame, Pearl Fish Leather spine and New Zealand Abalone Shell Panels but their are plenty of options with different stabwood, carbon Fiber or Abalone panels.

The device as mentioned is very similar looking to the Paranormal but has a lot less busy look which i prefer and straight angled tapered edging so not rounded ridging as seen on previous lost vape DNA devices. The finish of the Centaurus is a step up and if you look at pictures of well used Paranormal and Therion devices it’s the rounded edging and ridges that have been done away with on the Centaurus design that wear and have chips and dents etc.

The Centaurus has a Stainless Steel construction with padded leather spine and a choice of panels and i have to say out of the 10 different options their isn’t a single one i don’t like the look of, Lost Vape have done a great job with their choice of materials. The device is the classic box mod shape but the angled edging and cut corner face (borrowed from the Therion) gives it a nice aesthetic form factor while the padded leather spine adds comfort when handling.


Centaurus Specs and Features:

Dimension: 91mm(H)x55mm(W)x26mm(D)
Weight: 173g
Chipset: Evolve DNA 250C chipset
Battery: Dual 18650 Battery(Not Included)
Power Range: 1-200W
Modes: VW / TC(Ni80, Ni90, Ti, SS316) / TCR / Bypass
Replay Mode
Screen: 0.90 inch color TFT display screen
Temperature Range: 200°F-600°F
Coil Resistance supported: 0.1Ω-3.0Ω
Coil Material supported: Nickel, Titanium, SS316, KA1, Ni80, Ni90
Body Material: Stainless Steels / Leather
Software: Escribe
Charging Port: Micro USB
USB On-The-Go power bank
Charging Current: 2A
Thread: 510


Limited Stabwood Series(Total 7777PCS): Black/Crocodile-Stabwood, Gunmetal/Pearl Fish-Stabwood, SS/Crocodile-Stabwood

Carbon Fiber Series: Black/Ostrich-Tactile Carbon Fiber, Gunmetal/Pearl Fish-Tactile Carbon Fiber, SS/Cowhide-Tactile Carbon Fiber, Black/Ostrich-Chopped Carbon Fiber

New Zealand Abalone Shell Series: Black/Ostrich-NZL Abalone Shell, Gunmetal/Pearl Fish-NZL Abalone Shell, SS/Cowhide-NZL Abalone Shell


Installing The Batteries

The Centaurus accommodates dual 18650 batteries which get installed via the bottom hatch door. The door on the Centaurus is a big improvement over the Paranormal and no longer needs sliding out before pulling up but instead has a locking latch which just needs sliding to open and then closing is just a matter of pushing the door closed and the latch locks in place. We also now have a metal spring loaded hinge rather than plastic, this door feels much more durable which is good to see as many have had problems with the door on the Paranormal.

My only grumble is the battery orientation is just stamped into the contacts which can be seen in reasonable to good light but i still would much prefer this bright White.


Using The Centaurus

Once a battery is fitted any press of a button wakes the device up and the lock screen is displayed that shows the time, date and battery percentage. 5 clicks of the fire button unlocks the device and takes you to the main screen, 5 clicks again locks the device, as with everything else on the device this can be changed using Escribe to 2,3 or however many clicks you want to lock and unlock the device, you can even choose a different combination of buttons if you wish to stop people unlocking the device and having a vape without your permission.

The screen is very bright and vibrant but with not that much use of colour with the default theme, of course the theme can be changed or you can design your own using Escribe. The device has a select button as well as the 2 navigational buttons so using the device is a breeze. Using the navigational buttons moves you to different fields on the screen which is shown by the field you are on having a background colour surround. When you are on the field you want pressing the select button highlights the field, now you use the navigational buttons to alter the field to what you want, pressing the select button again sets your changes. On the main screen as well as having fields you can alter you have fields like info, preheat and settings which when selected takes you to another screen.

All screens are navigated and altered the same way as the main screen it is a very user friendly interface in my opinion and the Centaurus with it’s DNA 250C chipset has all the features you would expect from a modern device as well as the replay feature and Boost which i will cover in the next section.


Replay and Boost

The Replay feature i love, i would say when i am using any of my 250C or 75C devices i have it on Replay about 80% of the time. To use Replay you need your coil to be using a temp control wire or include a temp control wire in it’s make up but temp control as we are accustomed to it’s definitely not and temperature is only part of what’s going on.

As well as using Replay and watching videos about it i’m still trying to get my head around how it actually works, but from my experience and from what i have seen, work it certainly does. The idea is when you find your flavour sweet spot while vaping you can record that vape and then vape in Replay mode and you should get that same flavour with every vape with that juice and coil combination regardless of things like how saturated the cotton is etc. I am still not convinced about the explanation it just seems too clever yet my experience of using it convinces me it actually works and is my favourite way of vaping, with replay you also get dry burn protection.

The DNA 250C and 75C chipsets also brought us a boost feature which can be set within escribe and allows the initial power to be boosted to i know some people don’t like the terminology but it gives an harder hitting vape.


Changing Things With Escribe

Using the Centaurus with the Escribe software allows you to alter so many things, as already mentioned you can change how the device can be locked and unlocked but so much more can be done. You can set up profiles, alter boosts, set up temp control wires and even change the colour of the LED on the fire button. I am only just touching the surface and many reading this that are use to owning DNA devices will be far more advanced in using the software than me, there is even a mod section which is an area a novice like me should stay clear of as if the manufacturer has set the device up properly you can only possibly do more harm than good in this section unless you know exactly what your doing.

The one part of Escribe which really appeals to me and will many is the theme designer that allows you to change the backgrounds, where things are positioned on the screen, add extra screens etc. When i have pictured other DNA C devices in atty reviews they have one of my own designed themes but for this review i thought the pictures of the device should show the default theme that came installed on the device.


Atomizer Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Weak Battery Protection
Temperature Protection
Low/High Resistance Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection


Charging And On The Go Power Bank

As well as using the micro USB cable for any upgrades and using the device with the Escribe software it also supports 2A charging although as always i personally never recommend charging the batteries in the device unless it’s your only option.

You also receive a USB on the go adaptor to covert the Centaurus into a power bank for charging other devices such as smart phones.



Performance And Final Thoughts!

When it comes to performance it’s a DNA 250C device, enough said! I love the look and feel of the device and yes it’s so similar to the Paranormal and when handled has a very familiar feel to it but on closer inspection gone are the ridged edging that easily seem to take a battering giving the device a less busy, more durable look.

Many who like the look of both the Paranormal and Therion will be pleased that this device has that very familiar Lost Vape look while others will find it too alike and would much rather of had a complete departure and new design, i can understand both view points but don’t blame Lost Vape after it being a while since manufacturing a full DNA device playing it safe.

The battery door is a big improvement and as far as what the device actually offers functionality wise which is nothing new is something we are aware of as that’s a matter for Evolv.

So a cracking device from Lost Vape and hopefully a new 75C on the way! Apart from the subjective opinion over it’s similar looks to what they have produced in the past and minor issue with marked battery orientation which could be more visible the only con i can really find is the 24mm raised 510 platform is far too raised in my opinion. It’s fine for what i have been using being both a low wattage restrictive direct lung vaper who also likes a loose MTL as the tanks i have used have been 24mm or less but this is a 200w dual battery device which one improvement is now can accommodate a 26mm atty without any overhang whatsoever but instead it gives a big gap between the base of the atty and device.



Excellent build quality
Good choice of materials
Plenty of different panel options
Familiar Lost Vape look (reassuring to some, con for others)
Colour Screen
Great Performance
Dual battery
200W high powered device
DNA 250C Chipset
Replay Feature
Boost Feature
Easy to use interface
Upload themes or design your own
Taylor device using Escribe software
Improved secure battery door
Fit up to 26mm atty’s without overhang
Use device as power bank (adaptor included)
2A charge rate
Firmware upgradeable


Very similar look to previous devices (subjective con for some pro for others)
510 raised too much in my opinion (bigger diameter than 24mm will gap)
Labelled battery orientation could be clearer

I would once again like to thank Carrie from Lost Vape for supplying the Centaurus DNA 250C Box Mod for the purpose of this review.



Great review. I have had MORE Paranormals then I’ll ever admit to. Different finishes, Purple Ostrich, Limited Editions, and paid a pretty penny for every one. Most sadly ended up dying with the old slide in / slide out battery door, failing/breaking. I went on a hiatus out of principal, but when they released this, and I saw the finishes, and what appears to be a redesigned battery door with latch, I bought two. In for a penny, in for a pound, right ?

So far pretty happy. BUT, time will tell.


I personally haven’t had any issues with my paranormal other than it came with a wonky display :frowning:


I’ve got a Paranormal but this doesn’t bring anything new other than the name change. Not sure if LV have lost their way but this & the Drone just appear to be rehashes. There’s no reason other than cosmetics that make this any better than previous offerings. Disappointed LV fan
Nice review though Timwis


The problem with doing reviews for manufacturers is they want the reviews to go out around the products release so durability is guess work as there is no way of knowing if a common issue will emerge 6 months down the line, so not ideal! Take the TGO from Vapefly @nwhornet did a great review of it and also i have posted a review also which tending to be Billy no mates nobody seem interested in reading lol. But my review is actually over 6 weeks old as i received one of the earliest samples so was also able to post after the review (which was very positive) that mine has died already (not so positive) !!!


There is little that can be different until we see something new from Evolv but they could of gone the dual 21700 route which would of pleased many! They definitely played it safe!


I would kill to be in that position. I even tried lubing up with old battery doors to extend the life of them, but no matter what I did, having slide release it open, then compress and slide shut, they would all fail. About the BEST luck (LOL), was a Special Edition one, that was holding it’s own, until it took a nose dive off a tall ladder, and suffered a NON battery door failure of sorts !!!



Roger that @Timwis.


I imagine you have heard all the rumours about Lost Vape and feuds etc within the company, some even saying they have it on good authority the company actually split but both parties have rights to the name so essentially there are 2 Lost Vapes. Add to that i seem to have a different contact depending on the type of product being released and people seem to work for them one minute and quit the next. A couple of weeks ago i asked one of my contacts their straight what’s going on and told him exactly what is being said.

Let’s just say it was an uncomfortable atmosphere, very guarded and suspicious in everything he said in response!


How about a new design. Dovpo have taken the DNA C boards & at least put something different on the table. It’s not down to Evolv to design mods. It’s not only LV guilty of a lack of imagination, the latest batch of pod/mods appear to be coming from the same OEM with a different coloured skin.
Look another Drag?


I get your point but understand why with the gap between DNA devices they went with a familiar design! At least they did address the door which was the main criticism and got rid of the ridging on the design which get a battering it seems just from normal use as i don’t think i have seen a photo of the Paranormal which as had a reasonable amount of use that doesn’t look beaten up due to the paint on the ridges flaking and dents etc!


I don’t think we can hold Voopoo up as the originals after all the Smok RPM40 was the first pod mod as we know it and Voopoo was the first to copy with the Vinci! Even the PnP Tank is a very similar idea to the Kirin, coincidence i doubt!


I can see the improvements to the door & body but it doesn’t equate to $50 extra on the RRP. If anything it should be cheaper to produce as less intricate moulding. A latching door & smooth sides don’t warrant the price hike in my eyes. My Para is showing signs of being used almost daily as a work carry after nearly 2 yrs & at the moment I’m considering getting another as they’re sub £90 at e cig one.
I have seen the rumours & got bad vibes when I met them at Expo last year.


Who’s holding Voopoo up as an example of originality. Plagirism is rife in the industry.


Inflation mate lol! Despite making a joke when looking back how long ago the paranormal was released and it’s original price then actually inflation does about cover it. The Centaurus if shopping around can be picked up for about £150 and just like with the Paranormal over time better deals will become available and the price will come down. If anyone pays top whack for any device well fool them just patience and regular looking can result in getting DNA devices at a decent price.


Absolutely it was sense of humour as you referred to a pod mod as a Drag. It’s got to the point i’m sure there are spies in all the main manufacturers and it’s even hard to know who came out with what first because i’m sure ideas are stolen sometimes at the early stages of their development and then you can’t even be sure who’s idea it actually was because release date doesn’t always tell the whole story. Any other industry law suits would be flying about like confetti!


Must have got them around the same time, my review was originally poste at the beginning of last month & I used it around 2 weeks before. Both I recieved are working fine still & a couple of other people I know recieved them also had no issues other than a software glitch that we reported to Vapefly. Stuff fails, mods have arrived DOA.


Another great review @Timwis, thank you.
However TBH, I do find the Centaurus a bit “same old same old”.


Again my point was referring to reviewing after a short period of use isn’t ideal, i don’t get your point every one knows that. You think after i have giving it a glowing review i shouldn’t then also let people know that immediately after writing it the device failed?