Joyetech ESPION Silk with NotchCore kit review by Mjag

Today we are going to put the Joyetech ESPION Silk with NotchCore kit to the test. This was provided directly from for the purpose of this review.



  • Size: 29.5 x 40.0 x 80.0mm
  • Screen type: 0.69-inch OLED display
  • Battery: built-in 2800mAh battery
  • Output wattage: 1-80W
  • Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TEMP/TCR mode
    0.05-3.5ohm for POWER mode
  • Temperature range: 100-315°C/ 200-600°F
  • Max charging current: 2A
  • Thread: spring-loaded 510

NotchCore Atomizer

  • Size: 22.0 x 49.5mm
  • Capacity: 2.5ml
  • Coil: 0.45ohm NotchCoil
  • Thread: 510

Comes with

  • NotchCore Tank(2.5ml)
  • NotchCoil head(Pre-installed)
  • (4) spare NotchCoil heads
  • (1) spare glass
  • USB cable
  • Manual
  • Warranty card
  • Warning card
  • Spare Parts for the tank

3 colors to choose from

Getting to know the Espion Silk with NotchCore kit

First I noticed was how light this kit is, 142 grams with the tank and 102 just the mod itself. Covered in a hypoallergenic rubber type material on the front, back and sides it is comfortable in the hand. The buttons don’t have the crispest clickyness but they work fine and the fire button it easy to locate and fire with either your thumb or index finger. 24.5mm tanks are the biggest you can fit without overhang.

The included tank brings back the Notch coil, love it or hate it. This time it is a little different, has gold plated ends and comes pre-wicked. Comes preinstalled with a NotchCore and they include 4 more as spares.

I sort of dug the Orange with Black that I used for my testing out of the other colors they offer. Not something I would generally buy for myself but I thought the color combo looked good and looked decent with other tanks I used during my review.

Power Performance

With the included tank it worked fine since you are basically limited to about 25 watts with the way it is wicked, going to 30 watts it was easy to get dry hits. I did my testing with other high powered tanks and even threw on the new Freemax Fireluke Mesh Pro, got a orange one so close match…lol.

About 4 puffs into it at 80 watts I got the “Device too hot” warning…hmmmm, heat transfer from the tank maybe? Installed a heat sink and let both the mod and tank cool down to try again.

Again, 4 puffs in and device too hot so not a heat transfer, just the mod can’t handle that power without overheating quickly. Decided to try a different tank, the Crown 3 with the 0.25 coil installed. Same thing, at 80 watts I got 4 puffs before it stopped. At 65 watts I was able to get 11 puffs chain vaping before getting the warning. Had to go down to 50 watts and was able to chain vape away and got 25 puffs in before I had to stop…a little too much chain vaping for me but the mod wanted to still keep going.

If you are going to use the Espion Silk at 50 watts and below it is fine, over that and you chain vape it will overheat and quickly at 80 watts. I never recommend 80 watt mods to someone who vapes at 80 watts but if you advertise that then make sure the design will do more than 4 puffs. Definite fail in power performance as the mod is not suitable for over 50 watts IMO.

At least they put the watts in 01 increments until 20 watts then it adjusted in 1 watt increments, I like that.

TC Performance

I do not see where Joyetech lists the material the NotchCore coil is made of but I tried it in SS TC and it can appear to work but is mostly choppy. It did prevent dry hits though at 430F so I am guessing it is SS and at times could be pleasant but inconsistent. I then placed a dual coil SS build on it at 0.25 ohms and nope, kept dropping me out of TC and back into watts mode at 10 watts. Tried another build and got it to stay in TC but it was a choppy vape, not pleasant at all. I had just put a fresh build in a single coil RTA so decided to try that, much better but on the cold side, had to adjust my temp 20F over my usual setting to get a decent TC vape. It wasn’t great though, about half a tank in I just went back to power mode.

You can get an OK TC vape with a single coil regular build, it wasn’t crazy about exotic builds in either single or dual coils. Definitely not recommended for TC vapers though, you will be disappointed.

NotchCore Performance

I don’t know of very many fans of the Notch coil but know there are a lot of people that hate them. My problem with them is they light up really quick, usually a good thing but not if your wicks can’t keep up. To give credit to Joyetech they do rate the NotchCore from 20 to 30 watts, best at 25 watts and that is exactly what I experienced. At 30 watts I could get into dry hit territory rather quickly.

First off you have to prime your wicks, this is important.

At 25 watts it is a decent vape and a lot more cloudy than I would expect at that wattage. Flavor was good, not great like a lot of other subtanks. One thing that I did notice though was how quickly you can change flavors. The notchcore really does clear out that last flavor quickly and give you the new flavor fast. For what it is I think they did a good job and the flavor is there, just don’t expect it to put out flavor like some of the top sub ohm tanks on the market.

The pre installed coil didn’t last too long though before the flavor began to drop off, maybe about 3 to 4 fill ups. I took it out and yeah, the coil was gunked up.

I decided to clean and rewick the coil using Cotton Bacon Prime.

Came out performing better than the factory wicking and I was actually able to put a little more watts into it, 35 to start then 30 watts instead of the 25 watts with the factory wicking. Flavor was about the same but wicking improved. Just make sure your wick is tight inside the NotchCore coil, loose will not provide good performance. It should have a decent amount of resistance when pulling your wick through.

I did notice that the NotchCore needs a little time to break in, more so with the factory wicking. Took about a half a tank before the flavor improved.

While the notch coils are really not my thing if you vape in the 25 watt range it is definitely not bad, I am sure a lot of people will enjoy it. I personally liked the Innokin Zenith tank for flavor better but that is a MTL tank, the NotchCore is more of a restricted deep lung tank. I would not have a problem recommending the NotchCore tank to someone if that is something they really wanted, there are better tanks I would recommend first though.

Battery life

Battery life was decent, I was able to get 230 puffs at 25 watts. Charging is quick too at 2 amp, passthrough charging is included so you can vape while you charge.


  • Really light and durable
  • I like the orange on black color scheme
  • Easy to change the coil
  • Not a juice hog at 25 watts so that 2.5ml capacity lasts a while
  • Easy and comfortable to fire with your thumb or index finger
  • Easy to refill with the slide open top
  • 510 drip tip compatible
  • Good battery life and quick 2 amp passthrough charging
  • NotchCore coils can be cleaned and rewicked


  • Will overheat easily at higher watts, best to keep it under 50 watts
  • TC is wildly inconsistent and even when it works it is not great
  • Flavor is good but not great

Final thoughts

I really thought I would have more cons but the major one for me is how easily it goes into overheat protection. If you only use the NotchCore tank then you won’t have a problem but if you get a new tank that needs more than 50 watts your not gonna be happy. Joyetech should have capped the watts at 50 if the device cannot do more than that without overheating easily. That is a fail in my opinion, never tested a mod that would go into overheat protection so quickly. As far as TC aren’t we all use to it by now with Joyetech? they generally don’t care about TC, that is why Arctic Fox Firmware is so popular.

With all that said this kit will appeal to a lot of people, my review sample has already had a friend call dibs on it. She can have it as she vapes at low watts and it is convenient for her. It doesn’t work the way I would like it to, that is why it is so easy to give it away. If I was a low wattage vaper I could see continuing to use it though.

The lowest price I see the kit for is $53…ooooff, I would have a hard time paying that. I definitely would not recommend the mod alone, it doesn’t do the stated watts without overheating easily. As a kit though you are talking 25 watts which is does with no problems, if that describes you and you want to find a deal check this link:

I hope this info helps and thanks to Joyetech for sending the Espion Silk kit over for review. You can find more info on there website:

Check out how this stacks up to other tasty gear and meet the Steampugs team of reviewers. Your bound to have a good time and read up on some great products, not so great ones too


Thanks for the in depth mate I have been looking at this kit for new vapers but will cross it off the list now. I don’t want to be fielding phone calls saying my mod says device too hot all the time.


I am glad I could save you the headache brother!


Thanks for doing this. I’ve been looking at that wondering where they were going with this one. Now I know where they went. South, IMHO, lol.


If used as just a kit it is OK but they sell the mod separately and advertise 80 watts. While it does do 80 watts you will only get 4 puffs before you gotta let it cool down, not cool. I figure Joyetech is not going to be happy with me again which is OK, this is a review, not an advertisement…lol


Thank you for sticking to your guns. I’m pretty sure I lost Eleaf because of that. I think they expected me to be a marketer. Sorry, not what I signed up for. Build a decent mod and it will sell itself in a review. That overheating business is a big red flag to me. I consider that a serious design issue. Those kind of issues can cause problems for the whole industry. Not a brilliant move to say nothing about brand integrity.


Great review mate.
Personally I am not enamored with Joyetech products, so on that basis I am out.


Thank you G!

I hear ya, Joyetech hasn’t put out the best stuff, I still like the original Espion though running Arctic Fox.


Great review man!
I am surprised you were able to get a dry burn in to be honest! Perhaps they’ve changed something. Perhaps you have a better approach than what I’ve tried with the original Notch coils so far (I’m not sure).
But if you don’t mind… When you get a bit of free time (Ha! As if there is such a thing these days), could “we” trouble you for a rundown on your successful approach to cleaning these particular coils?

Completely agree with Ogre below (above? lol)
I appreciate the fact that you call it how you see it.



Thanks man!

I removed the cotton and did a low wattage dry burn at 10 watts. I then used a toothbrush with dawn to scrub the notch coil clean while it was still in the base, turning it a few times to get all sides. I then rinsed it off thoroughly and did another low wattage dry burn and it came out good. Never tried that with the older style notch coils, I usually just threw them away but this looked easier as you had the base to keep it secure.

For me the dry burn wasn’t to glow the coil red, just heat it up enough to make getting the grime off easier. I also didn’t want to pop the coil as I remember doing that once with an older notch coil.

The only reason to do a review is to give an honest opinion. I am sure some think it is just to get free stuff, not the case for me, if I like something I will buy it. I think we have a great bunch of reviewers here though who look out for fellow vapers. We may not always agree but that is OK, just you honest opinion is all that matters. I want to see you do more reviews, you got the tech background just like Ogre that helps a lot of people out. Who better than the Mod Coroner to give us the scoop!


I especially appreciate when one of you guys get into the guts of the thing and talk about the inner construction. That is one thing I am terrified of. Too damn small. I pull out a screw and shit flies everywhere. Never to work again. I do better with things like appliances where everything is huge. I can see the damn things.


Yep. With you 100% there! To me, when I read those conflicting opinions, it’s usually quite clear to see the differences in vaping styles at play. And while I find the majority informative and well done (and in Paul’s case: entertaining AF :rofl: ), your outlook/approach tends to fall very much into line with my own expectations of what I want to know, and when you combine that with my general outlook, and shared appreciation of TC, it’s nice to have you sharing!

I’ve gone back and forth on this a few times (mentally). I’m not as experienced in testing various types, etc (overall), nor do I have a lot of experience in building with "fiddly designs’ (be it tailoring the coil to the deck, or crazy wicking paths, or trimming methods etc). In fact, the reason I latched onto the Theorem “so hard”, was because with a friction fit tip (with a wide ID and no taper on the 510) and the Genesis style deck, it’s an easy (and quick) build, that’s a massive flavor machine that doesn’t leak! So I didn’t have to continue to stretch my building skills like many of you! So there’s also a bit of a “I’m not worthy” in some aspects.

In others though, what I do know, I know very well. And I can usually spot a shit design (for my purposes/desires) a mile away. So it’s rare I actually get excited enough to even want to try something (especially with my ‘zero leak’ requirement, or respectable electronics requirement).

I’ve got at least one more coming, and I need to put my thoughts together with the Riftcore Duo… But, while part of me doesn’t want to get lumped into being seen as part of “team free shit” **not to think/say/imply you guys are (clearly, you’re not IMO) , but I think they’re talking about those who followed substantially later (and since I’m not ‘qualified enough’ to be on the same level of experience with many of you) I have been thinking long and hard about what niche I could serve.

I also have to hone my writing and organization quite a bit further, as I let myself down on the review of the Cylon. There were so many things that looking back, I meant to cover, and forgot (due primarily to being in a rush, and feeling behind the gun on getting it posted due to the unexpected delay… And being my own worst critic (for the moment LOL) there was so much that I could have improved on. But that was more from the perspective of wanting to be as thorough as possible, as opposed to some false sense of “trying to be in the same league” as you guys. So regardless of style differences (be it vaping, or writing) I’m always very impressed with you guys. And my goal is to be as thorough. Perhaps a bit “more brutal” on occasion :laughing: but I think if I’m selective to start with, I can minimize the need to have to say “this hunk of shit is better off as raw materials than what they did with them”. :wink:

So far, HC has been very kind in accommodating my requests, and while I’m sure someone over there is going to get the notion I’m shilling for them, I honestly DGAF. Because after much consideration, if I can test what I want, that’s hand-selected by me (not just sent at random) in hopes and beliefs that it fits my niche… Then that will hopefully not go unnoticed by those reading! (Still considering whether or not just to hit that notion head on…)

At any rate, thanks for the moral support! :thumbsup:


I agree you are your worst critic. I think you are a little hard on yourself. From what I’ve read of your reviews, I appreciate them equally to what I read from others. Each reviewer has areas they shine in for sure. If you’re looking to make reviewing a full time job that’s another bag of worms. A lot of extraneous business aspects involved there. Not even going to dive into that rabbit hole. I don’t pretend to know everyone’s motivation regarding doing reviews but I can easily say that I can earn the cash to buy a mod doing almost anything but reviewing with less time and work involved. Pure hobby and interest here. I don’t see the proclaimed “free shit” as free at all. It’s cheaper for me at a brick and mortar. I agree with MJag, I would like to see more reviews from you.


Yeah, that is what people don’t understand, it is not free and I agree, it is cheaper buying the item outright. I do it because I enjoy it and I always need to keep busy. Once it is not enjoyable anymore I will just stop, no regrets.

I can see your dilemma @Sprkslfly, your an honest dude and want to put your best foot forward every time, I respect that. That is why I would like to see more of your reviews, I trust what you have to say.

It should go without saying that a majority of the YouTube stars are bought and paid for. One if the main reasons I got into reviewing, burned one too many times. People like we have here though are just sharing honest opinions, I trust that a lot more.


I appreciate that. I guess it was more from it being the fact that when it’s SO HARD to even find a mod that does such a great job

  • measuring coils accurately
  • providing the power they say it should
  • working with spaced and contact coils (in TC mode no less!)
  • has TC that’s actually steady, highly regulated output
  • has TC that actually works as intended
  • has thoughtfully laid out firmware (be it graphical interface, or button combinations, etc)
  • is stoutly built (materials and construction)
  • that competes in performance and features of the best mods made
  • and best of all, brought to market at a very reasonable price point

Then yes, I want to do my absolute best in getting these points across, as it’s likely the single best way for “a nobody” like me (in review scope) to say an honest and sincere THANK YOU to the manufacturer, and the vendors who choose to support the manufacturer. So yeah, I’m hard on myself, but from my point of view, it’s because I’m trying to do “my little part” to help make sure folks get a quality mod they can enjoy, and help ensure that the folks who made it possible stay around, and know that I appreciate beyond words what they’re doing, and how they’re going about it!

@Mjag sorry for the drift bud. Just a bit ‘chatty’ with what’s been rolling around in the nooks and crannies evidently. (feel free to ask someone to relocate it to PM or whatever if need be)


No chance. Not only do I NOT have the inclination, IMO there’s not enough quality material out there to sustain a “full time” notion.

How many times could you review a 75c, or a YiHi 350, etc. The only thing separating any of those is quality construction, or aesthetics. Since the majority all have identical boards (with exceptions like Vapor Shark, etc with only minor tweaks).

Atties is another thing, and I still have much to learn in that department though (obviously).


No worries bud, I don’t mind at all :+1: An open book for all to see is never a bad thing

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Another great review @Mjag ! I was wondering about that tank. I had serious doubts about it after buying the Riftcore Duo which in my opinion is a flavorless, overpriced piece of crap. I give Joyetech major props for trying new things, but they are big enough to perfect ideas before putting them out there for sale. Thanks for the honest info.


Thanks Jim and also thank you for putting out great info yourself, we tend to have close to the same taste so I value your opinion. Glad Joyetech was pissed at me then and didn’t send the Riftcore, reviewing crap products is not my idea of fun but can help others.


Awesome write up brother, you know…it’s a shame co I really like the style of this thing but, not enough umph for me, I’d love that style in a dual bat mod though. thanks for sharing your views man, epic as always :wink: