INW. Miss Cream

My friends, thanks for the support and I would appreciate someone letting me know how the audio is.

Is it too low and tinny?


Love that you’re doing these @Dan_the_Man, and some on flavors I’ve never tried.


Great video, Dan. I think you’re getting better compared to former videos.

I would look a little bit to the background for your next video.
On the right side behind you, it looks like a mountain of dirty laundry. I was following the way from the no waffle to the ice cream cone, but then my mind tricked me and all I could virtually smell was …you guess it…that laundry.

The sound was good imo.

Really thank you for the effort to make this flavor reviews!


It sounds okay. It is a little tinny, but you can understand everything you’re saying and that is very appreciated. If you ever do want to look into getting a better usb mic, check out the fifine k669, or even the fifine metal. Under $50 and while the sound isn’t professional quality, I was very impressed with it. I can barely tell the difference between when my husband uses the yeti mic ($130 right now) vs the fifine mic ($30-40). I actually prefer it because of the size being smaller.


I can hardly believe that LOL. Thanks, my friend.

Thank you, sir. I appreciate you saying that. It’s funny when I look at my old videos, they are a bit cringy. LOL

That sucks dude, I will do a better job next time. You are right of course and that is usually something I am conscious of. The clothes you see are actually clean clothes that I need to fold and I use a really nice fabric softener that smells “clean and fresh”. :grin:

Thanks for that!!! I can’t afford to spend 100 dollars and that’s not even a lot for a decent mic. I’m so glad you commented. Thank You!


You’re welcome.


Good video mate and although the sound was tinny I could understand everything that you was saying. I have had this flavour for quite a while now and have yet to open it but after watching your review I am looking forward to trying it. Thanks mate. :+1:


Thanks @JimmyLee I hope you can make a good recipe with it. I’ll have one soon. I just need to make a few adjustments.

:v: :vulcan_salute:


I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with and I will keep my eye out for your new recipe


Nice review Dan good sound and video


Let’s hope it’s good @JimmyLee i still need to move my stash over. Then I’ll start making new recipes. VC recipes.

Thanks @Toprod I appreciated that sir.


@Dan_the_Man or anyone else in the family here: Now that I have the Miss Cream, Im needing a recipe… :innocent:
What are some of your favorites?