In response to SteamPugs --- "It’s been a while - An overdue ‘Thanks’ & Merry Christmas"

It started with …

Hey all members!

Thought it was about time we reached out to all the members that have stayed with us through these very…very challenging times, especially just lately! :roll_eyes: I’ll come to that.

And continued …

Now…changes, Yes…unfortunately, due to recent events we have had to implement an admin approval system to new recipes that members would like to make public, we didn’t want to, in fact…it’s the last thing we wanted to do

With clarification …

The reason is really quite simple, VC has always been a more relaxed forum, but the calculator and recipe side is used by some on a more professional, and even commercial level, so we agreed that we needed that side of things to be a little more polished, and a bit more serious, which…if any of you have known us from the start…or even before…is quite a departure from our ‘Degenerate’ beginnings… believe me, we don’t like rules either, and we are certainly no fans of censorship.

Safety check …

but…we want to assure you, that your recipes are, and will always be…completely safe, We know how important that is, we are after all mixers ourselves

And in conclusion …

The Vaping Community forum was built as a fun project, as somewhere for a small group of people to come together and be themselves without upsetting others, that’s essentially it, we didn’t go out with the intention of being better than anyone else, or bigger than anyone else, but as more and more people joined us, adaption was inevitable, we had to make (grimace) rules…and guidelines on how and what our vision was for the place, we never charged anything for any part of it, it was a free service, that we built, and let others use if they wanted to, if our rules don’t sit well with you…absolutely fine, there are plenty of other places for you to visit, but we believe we have been as flexible as we can without the need to impose heavy moderation and a totalitarian attitude…with an aim to avoid a chaotic and inhospitable place for people to be …but no one is infallible.

@Steampugs, @Grubby, @woftam

I and some others have been here since the beginning.

Snap 2020-12-23 at 18.19.03

I can probably (not definitely) speak for many of us early adopters (and probably quite a few others) …

WE got your backs.



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