Importing your ELR Recipes

You can now import all your recipes from ELR here is a quick how to

  • Go to your ELR page
    :: Login e-Liquid Calculator

  • Click on the Export button you will see 3 choices

  • RIGHT click on export as XML and select Save Link As

  • Browse to a location on you computer to save the file and click save (file name by default will be xml.xml you can change this to whatever you want I use recipes.xml

  • Go to Vaping Community e-liquid Calculator - Import Recipes

  • Select the browse button and browse to the save location of your xml file

  • Click upload you will be presented with a list of imported recipes

  • Go to Vaping Community e-liquid Calculator - ELR Imports here are all your recipes

  • You can go through the list and click on the move button on any recipe and move it into you VC recipe list

  • Once you have moved it check that all the flavours have been correctly recognised - edit if required

Please if you find any bugs or unexpected behaviour let us know


Thanks @woftam, I was screwing up and NOT right clicking.


ELR to VCC Recipe Export/Import UPDATED 9-28-20 !!!

@muth, and everyone else, I have updated the screenshots, as @Grubby has updated a LOT since the last tutorial.

1. EXPORT your ELR Recipe. Go to “Your Page” and click the “Export” Drop down menu, and RIGHT CLICK the LAST option “Export as XML”. Then choose “Save Link As”. This will prompt you to provide a name for the XML file, and then Save It.

Now that we have your Recipe Export file saved,

IF YOU LEFT CLICK and see something like this, you will need to start over…

2. Import your ELR Recipes INTO VCC. Log into the VCC, and navigate to User >> Import ELR/ATF. PLEASE NOTE that directly below that “ELR Imports” is where they will end up.

In the ELR Import area, Browse for and select your Recipe XML file previously saved.

Then Upload…

3. Verify your XML file was verified, and uploaded. You will see a success message, and all of your imports will be listed.

4. Move your ELR Imports into Your Recipes. In the VCC navigate to User >> Your ELR Imports.

Now you will have two choices. You can MOVE individual recipes, OR, you can Move All.

5. Your DONE !!! You may have to fix some flavors (as I did), but you’ve GOT them in the VCC, and you can see them, use them, mix them.

Hope this helps.


There is a little bug at the moment with Mom & Pop flavour concentrates making the import puke (the & stuffs things up) You can edit your xml using a txt editor and change the M&P to Mom and Pop if you really need to get it in the database now.

Or run it thru a validator first (it will give you the line number of the error)


Thank you @woftam. I was shocked I passed…


if there is a little error it wouldnt have imported at all - grubby has done a great job with the import but the export from ELR does have a bug where it is not strictly well formatted xml the & should be changed to & or a cddata tag


You can not get tired of escaping speical characters !!!

Kidding, … you can. Copy that @woftam.


All imported recipes are private by default


I’m a bit of a dunce when it comes to computers…if we import recipes over here this way will it add the flavors in the recipes into our flavor list? Or do I still have to do that manually? Either way this is exciting!!


not quite but when you move it off your elr list into you vc list there is a button to add these flavours to stash so as long as they are recognised it could save you some time. But the stash add is super easy compared to ELR


That’s good, my biggest difficulty is being on mobile most of the time lol well that and being a computer dunce when I do have a chance to use my computer.


Yes it IS @woftam !!


Thanks @woftam, :tada: I finally figured it out only 78 pages, wonder how many I see as shit house now. :rofl:


Hopefully they’ll be a better / easier way to add / delete the imports at some stage, got a lot going on in my head though :crazy_face:


@Rocky02852, @woftam found THIS ^^^^^ problem with your recipe Export…


Thx @woftam this is what I was looking for.


Thx :muscle:t2:
Works like a charm and i now has a new home :tada::yum:


Is it a broken link? 404…

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Yep that was an OLD link, I’ve updated it, thanks for the report


Thank you! For the hard work you put into this @Grubby!
Next it’ll be the stash… :love_you_gesture: