How to change flavors in your sub-ohm tank the new way

In the title it says “the new way”. It says that because I used to do it a different way and I also made a video of it.

I stumbled upon this “new” way LOL and it works beautifully.


Nice Dan, I must be doing it the Old Way. Rinse under hot water, soak in Vodka overnight, rinse and put away to dry. I probably have some coils that are well over a year old and cleaned multiple times.
Disclaimer; My wife is half Russian / half Polish soooo, I always have plenty of Stoli on hand :sunglasses:


:laughing: The old way is a different video I did on how to lower the temp and vape on it and lower the temp and do it again until there is no more flavor.

I have tried the way yo do it but I never got the results you are getting. Care to share? Unless you already did and that’s all there is to it. I never got it to work as well as you though. Nicely done good sir.


Sure @Dan_the_Man, I just wash them in the sink under hot water as I stated, soak in vodka, rinse and dry.

To dry I wrap coils in paper towels:

Stick them wrapped up in paper towel in the back of my coil draw:

Then maybe a week or two, I transfer them to my cleaned coil boxes which are just old battery boxes:

Clean as a whistle:

And a couple more boxes of cleaned coils:


Fuck, now I gotta buy some Vodka now !!!


Tequila will work too, but I tend to save that for myself :wink:
FYI, I also tried cleaning some SnowWolf coils and they came out all tarnished (real bad) after one cleaning, so there is a sub par quality issue with some manufacturers IMO, the Feemax coils always come out looking spanking new, as well as the Smok coils which I don’t use much anymore :ok_hand:


I use devil springs which if y’all don’t known is some seriously strong grain all. It strips the gu k out much faster. I used to soak them in vodka for a few days, rinse and it would still be a touch yellow. The devil springs overnight and they get bright white.


Welcome to VC @Darkstar7734 and thanks for the heads up on the Devil Springs, looks like some potent stuff :+1:


I have my own way. I open the tank and pour the new flavor in. After that I close the tank back up and vape :hugs:

I have found some really cool flavor combos this way btw.


Wait a minute @Rocky02852, is that for DRINKIN’ or CLEANIN’ ??


Yeah I do that too, you’d be surprised at some of the new flavor combo’s I come up with using that method :yum:

Waste not, want not. Cleaning first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Recipe Please-That looks amazing! is that using FLV or VSO stuff?


Nah, SC and OOO , drip from the the coffee to the onion :ok_hand:


I decrease, He increases. Like the heart of the onion, I am hidden in Christ.

Amen, brother!


I have used a vinegar soak as well to completely pull flavor out. Like you, I have some coils that are probably a year old. I used to be very picky and want a new coil every 3 or 4 days. I guy at local vape shop used to buy my used ones, barely used, for like a dollar. I asked him what he did with them. He cleaned them then resold them to friends. His friends thought he was actually rebuilding them. Lol


I’m glad I don’t have any friends like that.

Vinagar…? Hmm, so how do you get the vinegar out?


Dry it out as much a possible. I used my husband air compressor on a low pressure. He does air brushing and his system filters the air. I used a hose that slid over the coil perfectly. I then plugged off the opposite side with my finger. I then wetted with water, sometimes alcohol, and rinsed again. I couldn’t find the coils I needed locally and had to ship from fasttech. I now use rebuildables, but it worked well and 2 of the coils still get used occasionally when I don’t want to build


I use a similar version to @Rocky02852 for cleaning, but after a day soaking in Grain Alcohol I arrange the 15-20 coils(top side down) in a small sauce pan and boil for 5min. You can see the remaining debris being bubbled out. I then line them up on a paper towel under a heating duct for a day. :+1:


Welcome to VC @JessQuits!