How can I get started with mixing my own e-liquid

would somebody be willing to point a guy to a good place to get started on this stuff


Could you give us a bit more info on what you’re wanting to know?

Vaping style (MTL or DL)
Are you still smoking/chewing/dipping/etc
Are you already mixing?
Are you looking for where to buy supplies?
(where are you geographically?)


no tobacco in 2yrs
not mixing yet
yes i am
charlotte area nc
ive got a kylin dual, peerless rda, drop rda,fireluk freemax, voopoo drag, loch ness/terra combo, smok mag tfv12 kit and a shitty wismec rx2/3 that i hate
im probably forgetting a few things but mostly i just need where find what i need to get started mixing


For flavors:
First suggestion would be BullCityFlavors.
Honorable mentions are NicotineRiver, ecigexpress, GremlinDIY, and DIYVaporSupply (though the last one is overpriced for run of the mill flavors, they have a LOT of otherwise ‘hard to source’ flavor companies. So I consider it a convenience surcharge for having these under one roof.)

take what you think you’ll need, and triple it. Especially if you think you’ll do SFT (single flavor testing).

The reason being: let’s say you find 5 mixes you want to try…
You’ll need 5 bottles of something to vape while the 5 recipes you want to try are steeping. (There’s 10 gone already!)

Then, let’s say you’re not sure how to use 2 flavors. You’ve read recommendations on one that say “I like it at 3%”, and another says 6%. Yet another said 10%… You’re not sure how it’ll perform on your hardware, and with your taste buds. (There’s 3 more bottles gone.)
The other flavor has pretty consistent recommendations for both 4% and 6%. (There went your last 2 bottles…

And what have you got?
5 bottles of “SnV” (shake and vape), that you may or may not like… 5 bottles of recipes you can’t touch for at least a week. And 5 bottles of SFT’s that you’re waiting on to steep.

So you see how quickly they go! :wink:

As for where to buy bottles…
I prefer the 30ml clear glass Boston round bottles that I’ve gotten from NicotineRiver (as they were actually 30ml. The time I got blue (cobalt) they were undersized… And twice I’ve gotten amber from them, one they were proper 30ml, and the other they were undersized. DO NOT buy 15ml bottles there, as ALL of them have been undersized)

I just got some proper 15ml Boston rounds from ECX (ecigexpress), so I’m thrilled about that!

I’m not going into the whole syringe vs scale vs pipette debate… :laughing:

There’s also other bottle places to check like GBO (glass bottle outlet) and Freund… But most tend to get them while ordering flavors (for convenience, as well as trying to hit the free shipping quotas).

Hope this helps!


This deserved it’s own reply

Congrats, and well done!! :tada:


I second sprks, congrats on being off the stinkys for 2years :tada:

I’ll just say this… Scales are much easier to use.


i was thinking the same i figure its easier to go by weight and thanks for the help everyone im digging my teeth in now. i know that most of my vape gear (wire, wick, rda, tanks) all seem to prefer 30/70 e liquid and i know i prefer it as well


I have to add to the supplier list. It seems to be quite under the radar to most folks, but I’ve used them a lot and never had a single issue. Free shipping over $50, good prices, and they run big sales occasionally. Not that the other places aren’t good, just wanted to mention that one too for your radar.

I have learned a lot about mixing from day one to now. While I am by no means an expert, I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons that could have been avoided.

Some of the bigger lessons:

  • Don’t buy a ton of flavors when you start out. This thread by MrPipes is a good one , because less complexity in the beginning is a GOOD thing. I bought way too many flavors when I started out, and it got real frustrating real fast. Which led to waste and bruised dogs.

  • Don’t attempt a ‘complex’ or your own made up recipe until you are used to the whole mixing process and get a few decent simple recipes you are confident with., and understand how things properly work together.

  • Don’t throw out your vendor juices (or at least, be sure to have some vendor juice handy). If you start out slow like you should, you won’t have much variety with your DIY juice so it’s good to have comfortable juice on hand. If all you have to vape are your failures and maybe one good one, it gets irritating quick. Plus there’s also steep time to consider.

  • Don’t buy 100 bottles, gallons of VG and PG, and a barrel of nic. Feeds into that whole ‘start slow’ mantra.

  • As this thread implies, find a few simple recipes that are easily mixable and fit your profile.

  • And above all else, research and ask thoroughly. I did not avail myself to the resources the web had to offer when I started. I just took a few recipes, loaded up a damned shopping cart with tons of flavors and a swimming pool of VG and PG, and went for it like I knew what I was doing. Sadness followed.

I am not in any way the encyclopedia of mixing. Other will surely offer more great suggestions. If you want a split off thread of your own, @Grubby will happily oblige.

Happy mixing!!


I waiting for $482 profit invoice to finalize before i pickup everything thing Im planning on ordering.
(I build custom PC’s)