Here's to you! Cheers!


Cheers all, have a great night :smile:



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Have a great and safe weekend all :smile:


Cheers Grubby and VC, Enjoy the weekend!


Cheers Grub!!! Happy weekend!


Had one of these forever, it finally just died, it was my mom’s after she was killed in a car crash,(on Mothers Day no less) my wife got it for some reason. Things are a beast, @Bob_Bitchen we had a bunch of different attachments for ours too. I do remember you could get a paint sprayer attachment for some of the Kirby machines.


Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Cheers!!


I shouldn’t but cheers!! love you guys :wink:


Cider, passion fruit and lime👌. I think that would make a delicious vape also.


Hell yeah, that could be a real winner!! :yum:


Passion Fruit (Dominant)
Lime and cider kick :+1:


I was hoping passion was the main squeeze in it. I don’t have any passion fruit or cider.


Passion fruit is a must, lime, secondary, some other sour fruit would suffice for the cider I reckon.

Edit: A tasty green apple, maybe Fuji… idk…


I’ll be adding them to the list👍 I have cold pressed lime fa… Can’t live without that stuff.


Beautiful morning!! Happy Friday folks. Hope everyone has a great weekend. My oldest daughter turned 18 today😥.
Can someone please slow time down. They grow up way too fast… Also it’s my wife’s birthday tomorrow… Going to be a busy weekend. Cheers


Cheers Eddie! Happy Birthday Eddie’s offspring and Happy Birthday to Mrs Eddie for tomorrow :birthday:


Cheers Eddie and family…and everyone else here. Have a great weekend.


Cheers @mrpipes How you doing ?


Doing fine Grubby. Busy doing outdoor stuff…got my garden tilled and planted, fences fixed etc. Enjoying the nice weather and have a shit ton of stuff to do. Hope things are good for you too.