Here's to you! Cheers!


Cheers everyone! Happy weekend! :tada:


happy weekend dear :grin: :ok_hand:


I happened to notice elsewhere while lurking that @Sprkslfly has reached the 2 year smoke free milestone. So congratulations and here’s to you. beers::beers::beers:


Cheers all! Coffee. Ya, I know… Boooooriiinnngggg…


Nothin wrong with coffee! Cheers! :coffee:


Goes good with dinner. Delivery tonight. Kirby salesman.


I so remember the Kirby man. Mom and the woman next door had dualing machines with the
"keeping up with the joneses"
in full force. Every new attachment could find a home either here or next door.
Hell I think we have the paint sprayer attachment for painting your house and car with.


Ya, two college aged “kids” with college aged butts came while I was at work. I’m just thankful she didn’t buy a half dozen of the damn things. I use a crane to lift it up the the second story when I need to vacuum upstairs.


Wow. That took a very unexpected twist! LMAO
I fully expected a story about wrecked plumbing to follow that intro…


Cheers All, Have a great weekend and stay safe :smile:


Got a new bourbon to try, @Skullblade789!

And the husband says cheers to you all too!


Cheers Mr & Mrs Mama! :smile:


Cheers all, have a great weekend and stay safe :smile:


May the opening on your beer can be smaller than your vape mod. :wink:


Cheers! Mr. Vapey & I needed a night out. :wink:


Cheers all have a great night, :smile:


Have a fantastic weekend and stay safe everyone, cheers!

Raises a glass for absent friends


Oi, have a great weekend all :smile:



…Sipping on some of my brother’s homemade smoked blueberry brandy (sipping) and vaping some masala ice cream!!


Cheers peoples! :shamrock: