Help with this mix

Bavarian Cream (crema bavarese) Flavour Art - 1%
Caramel- Flavorah - 0.5% -1% (depending if you want it to show)
Crispy Wafer (SC) Wonder Flavours - 1.5% -2%
Peanut Butter DX - TPA - 2% - 2.5%
Peanut Butter- Flavorah - 0.8% - 1%

I would use the DX Peanut Butter- TPA if you have it over the OG . I find it is a little stronger and a nicer offering than the og if you only have the og then you may want to boost it a touch. I do tend to mix fairly low and vape fairly high so you would probably have to boost them all by about 1/4


I wish I could help, but unfortunately my notes are on my laptop which I don’t have access to at the moment (and my memory isn’t any help ATM).

I do remember that I ended up thinking that my leanings were more towards a combo of TFA (non-DX) and Cap combo when it came to peanut butter though. However, DX was on my ‘no fly’ list at the time (I know there are a couple of exceptions to the rule now, so I would try Simon’s suggestion)

Haven’t messed with the FLV caramel yet. Been too set in the ways with my preference for Cap caramel after the massive caramel shootout a couple years ago (pre FLV caramel addition).


I pretty much defer to @woftam for everything including medical advice :ok_hand:

Not too familiar with all the other flavors even though I have them. Being a big fan of WF Crispy Wafer I have found it needs to be pushed at times, have had more success in the 3% range, if not it can get lost a bit.

That does look tasty, let us all know how it turns out, might give it a shot myself.


The flavors I have, I would have put at the same numbers @woftam did. So, like @Mjag, I defer to his calculations. And, also like @Mjag, I will PM him later for advice on an odd groin pain I’m having lately…


The man does know a lot about groins :+1:


I think it was the youtube Developed crew that used Crispy Wafer in a cookie recipe at 3% and it really took the cookie to another level. Pretty sure they were using WF Cookie Butter as well. It really helps if you are AP sensitive like I am, gives that AP boost without the Frito’s. I really like Crispy Wafer but have yet to get a good wafer recipe using it, cookies and wafers are my stumbling blocks, I am probably not being realistic on what can be acheived.


Nice, gonna give it a mix today :+1:


I was almost going to add touch of Saline until I smelled the FLV Peanut Butter and my blood pressure shot up, enough salt for the PB in there :grin:


Off the homogenizer it smells really good, in the ULS right now getting rid of the bubbles :grin:

I did use the TPA PB DX at 2.5% and FLV PB at .5% as I am not the biggest PB fan. Used FLV Caramel at .5% at first but it lacked a little sweetness so added more to your original 1% and much better.

Really looking forward to vaping this one, thanks for the recipe my friend :+1:


No help from me on PB, I have no PB flavors and never vaped PB. BUT , coincidentally I have been seeing a lot of PB mixes lately and contemplating ordering some PB flavors. Sooo, I am taking notes👌


You guys crack me up lmao


2.5 to 3
3 to 4
Havent used FLV…i havebit but havent used it

I would consider adding FLV sweet coconut low


I’m with you on that one too, brother. :anguished:


I haven’t got into peanut butter before but need a few more flavours for free postage. So chucked them in for good measure, then I can play alongside.


@Rocky02852, TPA’s DX PB is more nuts, and drier, FLV’s is nuts, but not quite as dry, and CAP’s is more of a sweeter, creamier, Jif style PB.


Thanks for bumping this thread SD. A lot of great info and community input here and I re-read the entire thread. I just put in a couple of orders, one from River and one from BCF, sadly I did not pick up any PB’s …yet.
Curious how @anon96069639 made out with this recipe and what the/his final results were.


FLV Peanut butter…

My starting point with it was .06% or just one drop in 10ml.

My highest tops out at .6% where it can be a more hard nut, and not at all like a real peanut butter type taste, specially when over using it.

If you want to try:

.2%/.4% peanut butter
1% cream

You will get a more creamy peanut butter.

If you add .12% kinako soy to that mix, it’s like vaping the powdered peanut butter sold in health food stores.

If you add in .4%-.6% popcorn it will give a more buttery peanut butter.

If you add .2% coconut, it will smooth things out.

Atm I switched from my strawberry cake with lemon frosting to my pb chocolate chip cookie dough… and I really am enjoying mine. Recipe can be found somewhere on line. :slight_smile:

Hope this might help out those with issues on the flv peanut butter. :slight_smile:


That wasn’t funny…why is that clown laughing at a helpful on-topic post? @Pennywise? You ok, bro?

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@SmokyBlue that’sa lotta powerful PB tips in one post.

Now you may have lost me on the kinako soy, hehe, but I find the coconut and popcorn tips unexpected, but interesting…


Info on the KS

From The Spruce:

it’s more of a roasted soybean but it can translate into a powdered [grainy] taste of roasted peanut butter. (Milk and honey too will come in handy, but is not a must for powdered PB)

The powder PB I am talking on, looks like this from the store::

by adding the kinako soy to the peanut butter with milk, it will pick up the grainy aspect of the KS and turn it into a powdered version. At least my tongue translates it to that. :slight_smile:
Pretty good reading, and some fun to tinker with, if you have the flavors. :smiley: