Hardware Sneak Peeks


The dual is the only reason I haven’t gotten a Topside yet, to each his own, right? :sunglasses:

I need two cells for battery life, that’s a long-standing rule for me with 18650 mods, anyway. Never had another type of cell.


Jan 15. You can preorder it. I did :slight_smile:


You guys will probably laugh but my favorite dual battery squonker is the GBOX (and i tried a bunch of others)


I hear ya, if I didn’t already have dual battery squonks that I really enjoy then the Topside Dual would be on my list.

@adary I had really considered that but preorders always mess with me, still waiting for mine to ship when everyplace else has them in stock :crazy_face: I will just wait until someplace I trust has them as my preorder luck sucks :laughing:


Nope, no laughing. I liked it a lot until I didn’t… Hardware and firmware issues shelved it for me. Remember, I went as far as painting it, like you did, as well as the silicone conversion. I was smitten.


Yup I remember that. Mine keeps chugging clouds trough varoius builds on various RDA’s. Even the TC is not bad on it :slight_smile:


I had issues with (impatience and pain in the ass issues) with squonking, and I think this top fill squonker will be awesome. I can’t wait to get one honestly.


I also didn’t get the single because I want the dual. And I think i have enough single battery squonkers (4)


I said that too, and still believe it. Even though I got laughed at by the hard-cores because it wasn’t YiHi or DNA. It works fine, even if it isn’t advanced.


I have four Yihi mods, and two DNA. Gbox is definitely not as good as they are in TC, but it is my best TC squonker :slight_smile:

That is when i’m not rocking a crazy russian RDA on it, with 0.09 ni80 coils and pretend it’s a mech :stuck_out_tongue:


Vaperz cloud announce their new mod “Stormbreaker” NOT a triple para series but is a triple 21700 so still pretty big.


I need this. Just because.


I am really impressed with the original Fatality. I am not sure I want a smaller version with the reduced air flow. But dammit, they make some nice stuff!


No comment (but this was a comment, so…)