Hardware Sneak Peeks


Thought I would make a new topic for prerelease pics of new hardware set to hit the market.

I have two here
The first most of you will have heard about is the new dna250c drone which is just starting to appear on presale

The second is a bit more mysterious It appears Vaperzcloud are going to put out a 6 battery para series mod early next year.

I got this one sent to me with the tag “something is coming”

Looks like it will be a fairly hefty bit of kit particularly if they make it for 21700.

Anyhow feel free to post up pics of any new mods you have heard may be coming out soon. Did anyone get an image of the dovpo topside dual battery?
@Steampugs has Beryl played show and tell yet?


Not this time, I haven’t asked him about it but ive seen a picture of its form, its as you would expect if the picture is legit, I think last time he let slip to the wrong person and another company did something similar so he’s keeping his cards close to his chest this time, he also got a lot of shit from other reviewers because of the late review sample role-out so I don’t know how this one will pan out at all, I don’t even know if I’m getting one, kinda left him to it lol.


Here’s my contribution: http://imgur.com/a/oyvasSf


Hope you don’t mind the edit.

The new smoant battlestar squonk - do you have one there?


It’s all good.

Yes, I have one. Similar chipset to OG Battlestar with lower voltage cutoff. Dual 18650, regulated with a pump-action squonk button and 7mL capacity bottle.


Good googly moogly that drone is sexy, hopefully it’s not a limited release like the last drone, hey lost vape if you make enough supply for the demand you actually make more money!!


Are they the same people who made the Hammer?


Yes mate same company


I was really tempted to pre-order the Battlestar Squonk and see what the free gifts were about. Whenever I try to go back to a conventional squonk bottle, it just irritates me after using the Topside. @Madecat_Vapes Is there anything new or different about the filling system on the new Battlestar?


Not particularly innovative. But it is easy to fill. You slide the bottle out and there is a rubber plug on the bottom of the bottle, very similar to many pods, just a wider hole compared to pods. Definitely not difficult to fill. But probably less easy than the topside.


Just seen this advertised in my local vape shop, wismec tinker, 300w 3x18650 mod, not much of a looker to me
And at £90 for the kit it isn’t cheap either


:rofl: understatement of the year - it is damn ugly.


Was trying to be amicable :joy::rofl:, OK they are damn ugly to me, however I like the colours on the white one, has a touch of Nintendo to it, but yeah ugly


And knowing Wismec, likely has the technology currency to match.


Looks like the Topside Dual is scheduled to be released on January 15th.


Oh that is a good thing to see!!


A bit pricey. I wonder how much will it be on Ave40. Regular topside is already $50-ish there



Very cool. It can take a 30mm RDA and the new firmware can be used on the original Topside. Not sure if I want to pay extra for a Yihi chip on the premium version though.


I have been using my Topside nearly every day since I got it but the Duel…Meh, looks like an awkward single with the same styling which was a con for me. I will just stick with my Rage for builds that need more power and the Drone, will for sure get the DNA250C version of the Drone once available.

That Yihi version does get my interest if they update the styling to something badass. Willing to pay a premium for a Yihi chip but not if it’s fugly…sexy sells :sunglasses: