Handbuilt, bespoke, hybrid 21700 DNA75C...another journey begins

So, lockdown and a PPI payout are not a good combo.

I’ve gone a bit ballistic on vape purchases recently, many of which are still to arrive, but this is the big one, the ‘once in a lifetime’ moment…

Had several conversations with vapesmarter.com on POTV over the last week, finalised the spec, and paid my deposit.

Work begins on the block in the coming days, and I’ll post updates as and when they happen. A progression thread, if you like.

Don’t want to give too much away at this stage, but I will say that the stabwood, currently being treated, is Wisteria, and I’m extremely giggety, giggety. :grin: :upside_down_face: :grin:

Watch this space… :wink:


I don’t even know what it is gonna look like and I am already salivating :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

Gonna watch this with eager anticipation :+1:


So, to whet your appetites, here are a few ‘extras’, and items included as standard on all bespoke orders.

First up, included as standard…

Battery door key…

…leather charging cable…

…and matching resin drip tips, your choice of width…

…and a matching battery door cover…

And the extras…leather mod pouch, wide choice…

…but chose this one…

And I just could not resist a matching oak and leather build board, seeing as my RTA journey is in it’s infancy…

Mod will include all brass fittings, including the faceplate…

…but with some engraving, and a wee bit of scroll work in the four corners…

And to finish off tonight’s update…

Block should be finished in a few days, more to follow…

Did I mention that it will contain hairs from my late great best pal, Jake, in amber resin Jurassic Park styley, and with real flakes of 22ct gold leaf in the darker coloured resins ?

FYI, all of this, including the ‘extras’, is £230, $290, AUS$415 cheaper than the equivalent Vicious Ant mod I’ve been considering… :shushing_face:

Giggety, giggety… :grin:


That, is a BADASSed idea!!
(and gorgeous too)


Thank you, my feelings entirerly.

I’m not a saleman, receive ZERO for recommendations, but this guy, Stu, is a true artist, really knows his stuff.

He’s an experienced vaper, and is now doing this as his main source of in income. He is seriously underselling himself.

His personalised mods are worth a great deal more than VA equivalents, not even equivalents really, yet 30-50% cheaper.


It looks like it!

He shouldn’t be hurting for work from the looks of what we’ve seen so far!


Wow, that is fantastic and love the idea of your pal Jakes hairs incased in amber, what a tribute.

The price is excellent for everything included too. Is there another way to contact him? The link in your OP goes to godaddy. I might look into ordering a bespoke mod from him as well.


Stu does amazing work, he trades as Vapesmarter


I’m not a product pusher, nor a, well…I’m just an average Joe vaper.

I always do shit loads of research before departing with my hard earned cash…

…yes, I know, PPI payout is different, but it’s still my money, until I spend it.

People need to know about Stu, and vapesmarter.com, there are bespoke options out there cheaper than, and more personal, than Vicious Ant and their contempories.

Wait 'til the mod is finished, I’ll message you with all final details. Prices are individual to each build, and not publically advertised.

Other mod builders have expressed an interest in purchasing his components, hybrid blocks, engraved faceplates, leather cary cases, but he has decined…


Knowing you, you probably have 5 of them ordered already lol. :crazy_face:


How does that saying goes…he who has not enabled throw the first mod? Wanna do a group order?..lol


If you ask nicely, I’m sure that https://www.vapesmarter.org/ could include the VC logo as a badge or engraving…

Best examples of his work here…https://www.instagram.com/vapesmarter00/?hl=en


OMG, dual 21700 DNA250C that holds a 40mm!!!

Brilliant work he does, I want this patina faceplate

…oh @Jim22…look over here :wave::wave::wave:


He will build whatever you want, and walk you through the whole process, “Yes, we can do that, but will involve an additional cost, sending it to my reliable CNC engravers, or me hand engraving…”

That faceplate is lovely, probably the most important part of the mod, as you look at it the most.

I really liked this one…

But it took him 2 days to rock it out, all free hand, and added a big chunck to the bill, rightly so, imo.


that is a killer faceplate, love Damascus steal :+1:

Sigh, gonna have to sell a kidney or something…ahhh, who am I kidding, no one will pay for my internal organs. Did get a quote on a dual 21700 DNA250C but with postage and exchange rate I am looking at $500 +. Still need to get bent over by taxes in a few days, after I crawl out of the fetal position I will start looking for money lol


@Mjag, get on POTV, message him, best point of contact, and go from there…

Pretty sure that you won’t find a better, cheaper, bespoke mod anywhere else.

I spent weeks researching, and hope that my hard work helps you come to a decision…


Oh trust me, I do want one. Tax time just always punches me in the gut, makes me not want to spend money lol


I want to help as much as possible, both for you and Vapesmarter.org

However, feel that it’s really important to post this…

Have bought loads of shite from outside the UK, Sourcemore specifically, and never had this bollocks. $100 worth of juice from Black Note, sailed through UK customs, no extra charges, all with Fed Ex.

Really think that the issue is with Royal Mail…thoughts, ladies and gentlemen ?


It will all depend on what hs code they used when they sent it - some things are exempt others not so much


Not sure if I have ever bought from evcigarretes although have visited the site many times. I just recently had the same experience with Everzon, they asked me about duties and what not via DHL, first time ever asked that and have received probable close to 100 DHL packages from China over the years, I hope it is not a sign of things to come.