Handbuilt, bespoke, hybrid 21700 DNA75C...another journey begins

I will …not…look…must resist! Can’t hold on…much…long…er…OOOOooooOOOOOoo look at the pretty stabwwod! @Mjag is evil!


First glimspes of the raw cast block…still a lot of refining work to do…apparently, the resin colours change with each process…
jake raw form block
jake raw form block1
jake raw form block2
jake raw form block3

The Wisteria wood has come out really well, and you can see the tail-like hairs in pic 1, discreet and subtle, just as I asked.

Loving the Autumnal colours, as requested…just need a suitable, matching atty to go with it, preferably single coil RTA, gold, 24-25mm…

…been looking at the Kaifun Lite, it’s ticking a lot of boxes, struggling to see where the money goes on the Hussar RTA 1.5, nice looking atty though, QP Design don’t seem to offer a gold option, quite like the 26 Reload RTA by Reload Vapor USA, and loving the reviews on the Zeus X, now available in Red Wine, which would complement the amber resin perfectly…

Want something to really enhance the hand built mode, without spending silly money for the sake of it.

Suggestions please ?


Are you looking for an MTL tank or DTL?


MTL…and in a colour to complement the mod, hence the interest in the Red Wine Zeus X, but not keen on a cheaper atty on a hand made mod.

Kaifun Lite is leading the way at the mo…


MTL is not my thing but all these have gold versions

Vapefly Brunhilde MTL RTA
Fatality M25 RTA QP Design (not strictly mtl but can be made to be quite restricted with the 2 afr)
Isolation Tank RTA Deathwish Modz (again not strictly mtl but can be made to be quite restricted)



I’ve got an SS Brunhilde, looks and feels indestuctable, but is too tall and ungainly.

Want something a little more discreet, and upmarket. :wink:

I’ll check the other two out…

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Good shout on the Fatality, didn’t realise that it was available in both gunmetal and gold. Only seen black and SS, and I’ll need an 810 / 510 adaptor, same goes for the Isolation, suitabably named, but not really rocking it for me.
Fatality is still a bit ‘stock’ looking, Kayfun is oozing class, imo…
Fatality M25 RTA

Would really like some feedback on this one…

Reload 26 RTA…?

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You’ve helped me answer my own question @woftam.

Thank you, from ‘THE’ man down under, :australia:

Not only is the Kayfun the sexiest looking beast from the options shortlisted, but it’s also built in Germany. Not designed in Germany, and made in China, but built in Germany.

I’m on an anti-China crusade. Have been, since pre covid-19.

We should never give our adverseries bullets to fire back at us.

UK government will, finally, see sense and kick Huawei into touch regarding UK 5G network, pressure from the US government to thank for that.
Too many state secrets at stake. But it will have an adverse effect on Chinese funding for UK infrastructure, particularly nuclear power stations.

That’s for the government to decide. China are trying to dominate the world via every nation’s backdoor, basically infrastructure and finance. And they are playing a very clever long game. Their stagegy covers decades, whereas Western governments barely stay in power for 4-5 years.

The US are the only one’s powerful enough to stand up to them.

But that will only last with Trump, and Biden’s looking likely to win the next US election.

Love him, or hate him, Trump had the balls to challenge China.

Some powerful fecker needs to…otherwise we’re all fecked, just look at what’s going on in Hong Kong…

Shame on the UK, the US, and the rest of the world, for letting it happen.

Covid-19…an accident, or part of a much larger master plan for world domination ???

I’m safe in the knowledge that my hand built mod, and high end atty, will benefit the UK and German economies, and not China.

If we all stop buying cheap Chinese shit, in the long run, we all benefit.


The reload is good but not super restricted
As a side note the QP is made in Canada and the isolation is usa designed (and used to be made in the us but now not so sure).
The QP is a bit stock looking until you see the deck.

I did buy a kayfun way back when my main issue with it (aside from mtl) is the deck size makes it quite hard to build on unless you have awesome eyesite but the build quality is outstanding.

One other you should maybe look at is some of the dotmod stuff like dotmtl


Thank you @woftam, you have been more than helpful. :+1:t2:

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I’m one of those odd individuals that likes a loose MTL, an oxymoron.

One of my favourite draws is a 2.0 Ω coil on a sub-ohm tank, go figure…???


Apologies for the delay, but here is the latest incarnation of my mod, still a few details to confirm.
Faceplate will have some scroll work, not sure how much yet, and final mod won’t have 2 fire buttons !
Very happy so far…


That is looking slick! Can’t wait to see the finished article with tank of choice :+1:


A wee bit further on…

Exposed battery casing and front panel buttons will be a similar magenta colour to the resin in the last 2 pics.

I’ve decided on an appropriate atty after way too much googling.

Reload… :x:…made in :cn:

Dotmod… :x:…screw in drip tips

QP Design… :x:…no single post RTAs in appropriate colour

Hastur… :x:…too much :moneybag: :pound: :euro: :dollar: :money_with_wings:

Van & Del… :thinking:…made in :it::+1:t3:

Moddog… :x:…Nibiru only available is 22mm SS

Holy Atty… :thinking:…made in :kr: though…

Please correct me if I’m wrong about any of the above.

Not really much left to choose from…and kinda made my mind up a while back when I fell in love with the aesthetics. Now with a Special Edition available in 24mm Gold, and a host of accessories available, really was a no brainer…

Not purchased yet, so any other suggestions would be welcomed.



Well, ladies and gents, cue drum roll…it’s finished ! :smile:

Angled fire button…

Light scroll work on the faceplate…

Jake’s encapsulated hair…

Very appropriate Vapesmarter logo…

…and encapsulated Wisteria…

Handmade leather case…

…hand stitched, and a perfect fit.

And finally, a bespoke oak and leather build board.

Well worth the wait, I’m over the moon.

Full story here…https://www.planetofthevapes.co.uk/forums/vendors/vendor-forums/vapesmarter/threads/showcasing-jake-a-top-fire-dna75c-21700-stabwood-hybrid-regulated-mod.198161/


That is just outstanding, congrats :clap:

Now I gotta go wipe off the drool on my phone :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


Ooh that’s nice!! :heart_eyes: if you dont like it I’ll have it!! Hahahha


@Captain_Grey, just saw this, and WOW. Somehow, “A work of art” doesn’t seem enough…


Very nice.


Agreed! Beautiful work.

@Captain_Grey - I would love to grab one. But not to waste Stu’s time… what is an approximate cost for a mod/vape board?