Good (weird) eats


I said most for a reason lol, there are some people out there who will try good food, but a lot of people around me think pizza is close enough to trying different cultures foods and anything else is too weird




I ate night crawlers once just to freak some girls out lol


Deep fried grasshopper with chilli is actually pretty good but dont make the rookie mistake of not pulling the legs off first.


I ate one of these when I was kid to freak everyone out…



Na the soup looks under seasoned lol


I know y’all live in the freakin’ barren outback and shit, but still, stop eating bugs, dude.


@woftam after a couple 6-packs.


Fuck every last little bit of that lol, that thing looks like it would eat you back


Crunchy legs, then a crisp pop of the abdomen to release that creamy goodness within. Let it run down your chin, or put it on a burger for that fried egg soft yolk effect!


I’m just about to have sausage sandwiches… Don’t think I’ll bother now… :laughing:


Lmao I had them in Bangkok.


I’m more worried about poisonous fangs lol spiders are the only thing that freaks me out in nature really, I would much rather get attacked by a bear lol they are easier to shoot


Next time my mother in law makes Tchulnt (traditional jewish weekend food) I will take some photos and post here. It doesn’t look much but it’s tasty af


What’s it made of?


It’s a mix of a lot of stuff. Meat (beef and chicken), Kishke (poor man’s sausage), beans, barley, potatoes …

All stuffed in a huge pot and cooked overnight


Guys, what are you doing to me? That stomach bug I had came back with a vengeance. I haven’t been able to eat anything but weak tea and biscuits for about two weeks.
Today is the first day I feel half way human again and I thought I might be able to get some solid food in.
I can forget it now, that spider fucked it up :nauseated_face:


Oh @Jose sorry for the heave fest - hope tomorrow will see you better.


Beetroot Kubbeh with Kouskous.

Taste of heaven