Good (weird) eats


Figured I would start a thread about good stuff to eat that is really weird to people from different cultures. I’ll start out with one that is not even from my culture lol but most Americans have never heard of it or don’t like it, and that’s Vegemite. My buddy brought some back from Australia and I’m addicted to this shit, he’s going back in a week and bringing me back a couple more jars lol.

@woftam do all aussies like this stuff? So good lol


Mate everyday that is my breakfast
Good to see you were educated on how to spread it - as in not like jam


Marmite right?


Sometimes I’m feeling froggy and I do spread it thick like jam, and then use the bread to make a scrambled egg sandwich lol I hated it the first time I tried it, but I always try everything twice lol


Try this mate make your vegemite toast and put a little cheese on top and throw it under the grill (variations can include a little crushed garlic like a garlic bread with vegemite and cheese soooo good)


I regularly have chicken gizzards. At Thanksgiving time I get turkey gizzards; only time I can get them. Nothing more than boiled with salt. I know that’s weird but it’s how I was raised.

My buddy at the IIHS has Korean and Asian car reps out there all the time. They always bring him treats and candies, and he sends them to me. Kit Kat bars over there are green and taste like seaweed…


Vegemite was created by an Australian guy that was tired of paying import tax on marmite lol


I love and I mean love, Peanut Butter (crunchy), sliced cheese and tomato sauce sandwiches :yum:


Heck, that’s practically normal, Grubs. Sounds pretty good.


Sounds odd enough I might have to try it lol what kind of cheese and what tomato sauce?


Heinz Tomato Sauce and a nice strong cheddar :yum:


I love gizzards too, but I don’t eat them a lot cause I use them to catch catfish lol and I like eating catfish more. I used to work for a car parts plant and a ton of Burmese people worked there, me and my buddy Matt got invited to some of their events and eat their food, I didn’t know what spicy really was till I ate food from the Chin people lol


I do a similar thing @Grubby but a few different ingredients
Peanut butter crunchy, soy sauce, sweet chilli, tomato sauce with cheese and chicken or ham - is a satay peanut sauce with cheese and chicken


Man I was a delivery driver back in the 80’s for the best Chinese joint ever. They were all direct imports. They did the Americanized menu, but when they closed they made their home stuff. Some of it was incredible! Duck, curry, all sorts of amazing stuff that should have been on the real menu!!


I love PB&J, but peanut butter is one of the better savory ingredients that so many people don’t think to use in more shit. Just too good.


I feel like most Americans have terrible taste in food, especially in the Midwest lol authenticity is a good way for ethnic restaurants to go out of business around here.


Thai places use a lot of peanuts and peanut butter in savory dishes, I love it.


Midwesterner here, and I don’t necessarily agree!! I think I have great tastes, I rarely disappoint myself. I think technically I’m more geographically midwestern that you really. Hey, I loved that authentic Chinese, I dig the Asian goodies, I love creole and cajun, deep south, low country, New England, England England, you name it. Insects are just about the only thing I don’t abide.


I would try them but I can’t see how anyone can eat lots of them with so many other decent food sources around.