Good Vape Deals & Discount Codes 2018


4th of July sale through July 8th
Coupon code july4 for 17.76% off

New on the shelves:
Liquid Barn - Entire line of 40 flavors
Stixx Mixx - Entire line of 40 flavors
The Broke Vapor - Rick’s Sugar Daddy sweetener
Wonder Flavors - New Island Mango
FlavourArt - Their 6 new flavors
Real Flavors Blowout - VG and SC 75% off while they last 30mls and 120ml only (and the 120s are getting scarce)

SO MUCH NEW STUFF! - Just look in the NEW catagory to see what we just got in.


USA18 through midnight 7/4. 20% off everything.


@SmilingOgre …not to tempt you but have you seen this deal…


Interesting. That is tempting. Gotta think on that a bit. Thanks for the heads up!!!


This reminded me, forgot to post this deal and it is one hell of a good one:

I have ordered from them a few times, they can be slow to ship but never had any other problems besides that.


Great price!

No disrespect intended, honest. But I am into aesthetics as well as performance, and for ME, this is too plain looking. I do apologize if that sounds wrong, only using it to make an observation on my own roasted personality, and not a reflection on anyone else’s tastes or preferences. But man, good price.


I agree, I am not crazy about the looks either :+1:


chefsfest2018 for 20% off chefs till sunday


Come and celebrate our 5th Birthday with us

From now through to the end of July, get a whopping 20% OFF sitewide using the coupon code: 5YEARS

Website: Vapour Depot


Happy 5th birthday! :birthday:


Just paid almost $60.00 yesterday. $42.46 with code NewMFS15


600ml of good juice for under $17!

Put 2 orders in the cart then use coupon code BOGOF to get (2) 3 packs for $16.79. Came out to $24 for me with shipping and tax but that is $4 a bottle.


In case anyone may be interested…




25% Off at dark star


If it’s any consolation, you are getting a great mod…


Yeah… The longer this burns in… The more likely I’m going to have to rob Peter to pay Paul to get one in black. :sigh:

Besides which, take heart Eddie! Even at $60, it’s performance competitors are typically twice that (for a dual 18650 mod)!!

Oh! And one last thing.
Dirty bastard.

Seriously though, thank you for posting the deal! Now I’ve got to list something (or things) on eBay to figure out how to pay for it…
(I rarely do things backwards like this, but, with free shipping, it’s like getting the mod for $35! So I couldn’t pass it up.)


LMFAO, I’ve been trying to convince my wife that it’s such a good deal I should get another one!! In black this time… It is a hell of a deal.

Today only 30% off code: nicotine30


40% off at dark star for 48 hours @Steampugs @Lolly