Good Vape Deals & Discount Codes 2018


$9.99 for the Vaptio Captain with $35 purchase. Use code “CAPTAIN”. I just looked at one in the store. I didn’t expect them to be so small and light after using the hefty N1PRO.



Chefs discount code,
Bank holiday discount BH25 for 25% off Min Spend £10, Ends Midnight Monday


25% off for 24 hours at



Medicine Flower… Free Shipping this weekend.

Free Shipping* promotion! Now until Tuesday September 4th!
Use code “LaborFree”
*Domestic Priority Mail only


HealthCabin has the Mid-Autumn Festival Sale.
ALL Products 15% OFF
Coupon code: MidAutumn
Date: 20th Spet - 25th Spet, 2018

  • There’s a clearance sale, up to 90% off.


I feel like there are tons of coupons out there I could be use to save money but every time I find one online it turns out to be bogus. Maybe the whole online coupons thing is a scam, but it really seems I am overpaying. Anyone have a RELIABLE coupon for


I only report the coupons and deals I get from known reputable sources, so if you see me post something, it’s legit.


It is on some sites (usually the “mass coupon code” sites, where that’s all they deal with) IME.

But in regards to vape deals, most are very time sensitive (due to either ‘insane’ deals, that get spread like wildfire across private channels like this) or have very limited inventory to start with (due to it frequently being an end of life clearance item).

There are some sites (usually larger/popular vendors) however that have semi-permanent discount codes for certain communities. They usually are small “courtesy codes” in the order of 5-10 percent. (eg: Reddit10, etc).

Have you checked the VC resources page?

I can’t recall seeing one for the particular vendor you listed, but then again, I’m not in the UK, so I wouldn’t be as familiar with, nor as likely to remember it had I seen it.

Sorry this isn’t much help. But don’t give up hope. All I’m trying to say is, they are out there, and online coupons are legit. You usually just have to be in the right place at the right time, and use the right resources! :wink:

Good luck in your hunt, and hopefully one of our UK/EU friends will be able to help you with more information/suggestions soon!


We have some of our own codes here:

Never even heard of that company your after though


Eightvape Box Mod Sale – Extra 35% Off!

Use Coupon Code: CHAINSAW

This sale is for all mods including kits, some crazy good deals

UPDATE: the new deal is 28% off all mods with coupon code "SPOOKYSKULL"


Holy shit fuck batman!!! Just snagged an SL class for $90.00! Thank you Mjag!!!

Poppa’s got a brand new mod!!!
Come here sister
Papa’s in the swing
He ain’t too hip now
But I can dig the new breed thing;
He ain’t no drag
He’s got a brand new mod! YAAAAAAA!


Better be quick. I had a Lost Vape mirage in my cart and they sold out while I was shopping. Thanks Mjag. Found other stuff.


Haha, glad I could help :grin: Picked up a SL myself, too good to pass up.

Yeah @mrpipes, had 3 things in my cart that sold out too but luckily still got the SL and the PSO Orion and a couple of other things.


I got the left handed model this time!


Spookyskull. Looks like someone at 8 Vape has been watching Vaping Wally reviews.:grinning:


Element Vape Halloween codes:

  • Happy Halloween! No TRICKS! ALL TREATS
  • $15 Off $100 - Use Code: SPOOKY15
  • $40 Off $200 - Use Code: SPOOKY40
  • Each coupon code can only be used once per customer account.
  • All coupon codes can only be used separately. Cannot combine with other offers or previous orders.
  • Expire Date: 10/31/18 11:59PM PST


Sorry, short notice.

15% at today only, code Spooky18


If anyone has a business number this is a ripper deal. Not so easy for the USA as you need a DUNS# but outside Nth America a business id number is all you need (copy of business registration certificate)

Scroll down on the front page


Holy FUCK I would LOVE to be able to do this!