Furry Family


A couple of critters invaded my mixing room
These are 2 different Huntsman spiders on the same chair


I can send you the instructions for my special spider flamethrower, so you can send those little Satan spawns back to hell where they belong lol


And this officially ended Phil’s plans to go visit @woftam someday.


Now you know why I live in New Zealand and not Australia :joy:


Here is Ted, he was a rescue dog and what a dog we got,

somEhow he had been returned to the rescue centre 4 times before we got him, I still shake my head in disbelief that that could happen, well he’s got an amazing life now, walks the Yorkshire moors Almost every day, every Saturday night he gets a special meal like us, and every sunday he gets an omelette made


Meant to mention this before.



Crazy assed animals.
No the horse isn’t eating pussy he is grooming him so he looks purdy


I went to the animal shelter to pick up a horse that we are fostering (he has a bit of a grass belly atm)

I came back with Barney as well. Bitza this and bitza that - Great Dane/Wolf Hound/Bull Arab.

This is I guess why the Mrs usually goes to the shelter and not me LMAO


My girl is getting big.

This is her then

This is her now