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My apologies if this is the wrong spot to post this, please feel free to move or delete if necessary.

I have been mixing for almost 18 months and have never really tried to design my own recipes, I have been happy to mix up what others created. I want to start making my own stuff, both for personal achievement and to hopefully give back to a community that has given me so much.

I have two small kids, very limited time and a finite budget and flavour stash… so on the one side I do not have the time to mix up hundreds of little experiments, nor the cash to buy up every possible flavour. As an inexperienced “mixer”, I was wondering if it would be possible to implement some/any of the following as part of the knowledge base within the community.

  1. Most popular pairings - so a list of the flavors that play well with which ever flavour you are viewing (and perhaps even a % guide).
  2. A sub chart - I have often seen recipes that I have almost all the flavours for, but then have the wrong brand of the last one or two. How about a chart/list that shows which alternatives would be appropriate subs for any given flavour? Maybe colour code it, something like green for an awesome sub, orange for something that will kind of work (but not give the exact profile) and red for those that won’t work at all?
  3. Lastly (and this is for shamelessly mixing the recipes of others), one feature of ATF I really liked was the “wat can I mix” option, any chance of something similar popping up here?

The above would really be an awesome addition for newer mixers, if anyone has some other ideas (or alternative solutions to my suggestions), please feel free to use this topic for that. I am a firm believer in bouncing ideas off each other.


There is a bit to unpack there

  1. it think popular pairing will be covered when stones are fully operational in the calculator (a stone is basically a mixers favourite parings mixed together as a oneshot or newly created flavour)

  2. Very very difficult to do. The best and quickest way to do this would be to ask the community for input there are many talented mixers here who are happy to help. Doing it in code would simply not be a feasible way to do it.

  3. Yes this is currently being worked one and there is a version up and functioning on the development site (sorry not accessible to users) but as it stands it is quite slow and will need some improvement before being made available to all.


Thank you for the quick reply, appreciate it.
The stones feature sounds interesting, will it be something like best bases for a certain flavour (like the Trinity Vanilla, or best mango base etc), or am I missing the plot completely?


That is exactly what it is if you search ‘stone’ on the recipe side you will find a few. We do have plans for them to be able to be saved as flavours so you would be able to use them in a recipe and all could find the stone recipe


@Skullblade789 posted a bunch of stones (they are not in the calculator but once stones are full operational then I expect there will be a lot to choose from


I think that is impossible to do. A lot of flavours don’t have any adequate subs.
They might be called the same, but are always different.
Not that I don’t use any subs.
I might adjust the % if I sub with a weaker, or stronger flavour, but you will get a different recipe.

The good thing about it is that you don’t know what the original tastes like, so you might still really enjoy your own concoction. :grin:


Also, tasting palates are different. Take Bourbon for example. Larceny is from the same makers of Old Fitzgerald and are of the same type of mashbill, just different wheats. I like the Old Fitzgerald, but not the Larceny. I have had friends that like Larceny and not the Old Fitzgerald. What we need to realize that when talking about flavors palates take a huge consideration and not everyone has the same palate.


That makes total sense, I guess it could be fun making surprise variants of existing recipes rather than trying to get as close as possible to the original using substitutes.

Thanks for everyone’s input!