Stones and my usage:

Full disclosure: I know taste is subjective. So your vape may vary.:

So I have been getting a lot of questions lately about my percentages in mixes. I tell everyone that I do not mix in an orthodox manner. This is true. I do believe though that not one vendor has the perfect flavor for a one shot mix. This is why I use “Stones”. Stones to me are invaluable. This makes for tried and true recipes and knowing what I like out of a flavor. I know my flavor profile and like things a certain way for certain mixes. So my introduction to stones came truly out of the love of Strawberry. I used strawberry in a lot of mixes. Let’s dive down into my madness in the search for my strawberry:

One I needed a base so I went with TFA Strawberry. It was good, but needed a kick. Add TFA Ripe Strawberry. Too much will kill the Strawberry essence. So went semi light on it at first. Got a richer flavor out of it. So I saw people mention INW Shisha Strawberry. It was good, but not by itself. Added that to the stone. Then I heard about RF (SC) that was also good, but not by itself. Added that to the stone. Then tried FW Strawberry, same feeling needed something extra. Added that to the stone. So out of the love of strawberry I added the following to a stone:
4 oz TFA Strawberry
2 oz TFA Ripe Strawberry
1 oz INW Shisha Strawberry
1 oz FW Strawberry
1oz RF (SC) Strawberry
This is my strawberry base for all strawberry mixes. Now I tailor this to my mixes as well. If I want a real strawberry add .5% cactus and a few drops of MF Strawberry to my custards and baked goods. If I want a candy base FW Hard Candy and RF (SC) Pink Candy are added for that candy taste.

So I just mentioned Custards here is my stone for that:
4 oz. CAP Vanilla Custard V1
1 oz HS Italian Cream
1 oz TFA Vanilla Swirl
1 oz FW VBIC (to me no pepper taste, adds a layer of cream)
1 oz FW Whipped Cream
1 oz FW Bavarian Cream (Adds just another layer of cream)
This gives me a rich full creamy custard that can be added to many things. Example: FW Butterscotch Ripple and 5 drops of MF Butterscoth just adds that old time Butterscotch taste that I love. Add the above mentioned strawberry stone with a couple of drops of MF Stawberry and you have a pretty good mix.

4 oz TFA Watermelon
4 oz FW Watermelon
To me this is a great base. Add MF Watermelon, 5 drops, for that juicy watermelon taste.

4 oz FW Banana
2 oz TFA Banana
1 oz INW Banana Ripe
1 oz INW Golden Banana
This is a pure banana to me. Definitely not a Runts banana.

2 oz TFA Mango
2 oz TFA Phillippine Mango
2 oz RF (SC) Mango (OMG, really good!)
2 oz INW Shisha Mango
2 oz NR Golden eye
One of the best Mangos to date in my opinion. Add .5% Cactus for that juicy drip down your chin mango.

Hopefully this helps people understand that combining companies flavors together can bring out the best in Fruits, Custards, or any type of mix. To me there is no one type of great flavor by itself. Successfully combined gives you a great mix to work with.


I do this as well , I’ve built quite a collection of stones from booze to cheesecake


They are kind of one shots, but designed for a particular flavor in mind.


I have phillipine mango TFA and sweet mango CAP. Still not what I’m looking for so I’ll add you’re recommendation to my list.


Ok, I haven’t figured it out yet. What is stones?


The stones, is to mix various flavors to use it as a flavor. For example:
Ripe Strawberry TPA 50%
Strawberry TPA 30%
Sweet Strawberry CAP 20%
Once mixed, it is a strawberry stone, use in recipes as a flavor (my strawberry) at 4-5%. It is not a real stone, I have made it up for explanation. When you know a flavor combination that works for you, you can create your stones, to use as your own flavors. I hope I have explained …


Thanks. I originally thought it had something to do with weight ,but figured out it couldn’t be that. So I had to ask.


Bookmarking this right now. This post has helped me alot even 9 months later…