Flavorah must-haves

BCF is having a 20% off Flavorah sale this weekend

Thought it would be good to start a thread on what flavors from Flavorah are must-haves from them.

I am still a newbie to Flavorah but from what I have tried so far Milk & Honey, Sweet Coconut, Nectarine and Rich Cinnamon are ones I love. Vanilla Pudding and Vanilla Custard both seem to have a lot of potential but I have not gotten into using them much yet. Popcorn is one of the better popcorn flavors I have tried. I am about to give up on Marshmallow Treat and Toffee, the toffee has little to no resemblence to toffee for me and Marshmallow Treat just tastes like marshmallow on steroids but might find a use for it in the future.

I know @Sprkslfly has mentioned Pound Cake as a must have, going on my list. I wanted to try out there new Marshallow Vanillla but it is already sold out and besides, it was just under $10 so wasn’t gonna buy it anyway.

Here is my potential shopping list in the cart at BCF, any I should add or dump from the list?

Pound Cake-FLV



Peanut Butter-FLV

Whipped Cream-FLV


Cinnamon Crunch- FLV

Peach Gummy -FLV

Tropical Punch-FLV


Cupcake Batter-FLV

Wild Melon-FLV


I have heard a lot of good things about Frosting, might have to make that a bigger 30ml bottle instead of the 10ml testers I am buying.

Think I will drop peanut butter, doesn’t sound like something I will use often. Can you recommend a good peanut butter?

Whipped cream is gonna get dropped too, thanks for pointing out how much marshmallow it resembles.

Apple filling is going into the cart, that sounds good.

Thanks for the info my friend :+1:


While it doesn’t suck… Just bear in mind that it’s not a pure butterscotch. It’s got fringe aspects to it that divert the main profile in a more than noticeable manner.

IF you like such things, I enjoy the following:
Apple filling (excellent)
Creme de Menthe (very good)
Milk chocolate (good for Hershey syrup type)
Pralines (very good)

Cocoa (Jungle Flavors) is very close to the FLV MC though, so if you already have it, you can skip the FLV. But, if for some reason it was close to what you want from a MC, but not quite there… Then I’d say it’s still worth giving FLV a shot.

The other three stand alone against anything comparable, and rise above other contenders IMO.


Solid info as always :+1:

Gonna skip the Butterscotch then, already have one I enjoy. I got JF Cocoa, good stuff and crazy potent but great info nonetheless.

I still have a stash of INW original Milk Chocolate so good there but will keep the FLV version in mind once I run out.

@anon96069639 I read the DX Peanut butter does not contain BA, read it from ID10T on reddit, here is what he had to say:

TFA DX Peanut Butter is my favorite of all the peanut butters I’ve tried. Even after someone I trusted told me it was good, I checked the components list on TFA’s website before buying it. Sure enough, no butyric puke flavor in that one. It’s awesome of them to provide that components list, most transparency of any flavor company.

Your comment made me remember that so I searched it on reddit.




All of the ones I listed are…
Most are between 0.25ml and 0.5ml per 30ml in my experience. YMMV.

When I pushed MC to 0.66ml (in an all FLV mix) it was dominant. But, that’s a very limited and anecdotal observation. Still feeling my way around with it in mixing.


Not yet. Been happy enough with Ina Shisha and FA.

The stranger thing is I haven’t seen anyone say anything about what makes it “something special” to warrant the extra outlay.


I hear it is more of a wild strawberry flavor so instant pass for me. I have tried some of there higher priced flavors like Coconut but Sweet Coconut which is in there normal price range is superior to my tastes.


Just tried FLV Macaroon in a mix at only 0.50% and getting a cinnamon banknote. Familiar with all the other flavors I used so it is definitely the Macroon that is adding that note. If the Macaroon settles down with a steep it might be a good mix but as of now it is masking all the other flavors.


The Wild Melon I can personally vouch for, one of the very few fruits that I can bear.
My nephew’s favourite juice is with Creme the Menthe but I’m not a mint person so I have to take his word for it.
I thought their Mocha was pretty good too and I ordered some more Milk and Honey a while back.
Alisa has a simple recipe of Milk and Honey and Mocha, very tasty combo. 3% Milk and Honey and 1.5% Mocha :+1:
I can of course go on a rant about the excellent tobacco flavours they produce but I don’t think many people care :open_mouth: :zipper_mouth_face: :sweat_smile:


I don’t vape tobacco vapes often but do from time to time in a tobacco custard or RY4. Which FLV tobacco is the must-have?


IMO, I will leave out the H because I’m not, it is definitely the Red Burley.
It’s the best Burley you can buy, it’s a nice, dark pipe tobacco :ok_hand:


For me it’s the lime and rich cinnamon

Got a bunch more but these two are a must


I have been adding a lot of Flavorah to my stash, just got an order in yesterday with Alpine Strawberry and Smooth Vanilla that @woftam recommended.

Just based on smell of the flavors I got yesterday Biscotti and Creme de Menthe smell like yum in a bottle.

Chefs has a bunch of Flavorah in there sale section so ordered a bunch more to add to my stash.

Gonna be set with most of the Flavorah line except the odd ones like Lovage Root.

So far I can say I really like the Flavorah line but must have are still just Milk & Honey, Sweet Coconut for me. I do love there Cream but not a must have. The Biscotti and Creme de Menthe might turn out to be must haves if they vape like they smell.

Edit: Alpine Strawberry is crazy potent, put 1 drop into a 15ml bottle of 95% VG and pretty tasty. That drop came out of the Chefs 10ml bottle, they have that super thin tip so the drop came put to 0.01 grams instead of the normal 0.02 grams with most bottles. I like it but am having a hard time describing the strawberry, more natural than candy like. Chefs had a 25% off sale when I ordered it, came out to about $7.50 after the exchange rate for a 10ml bottle, well worth it so far.


To avoid a tire fire go very light with them particularly biscotti


Yeah, been going light with good success. Made a recipe all Flavorah with 4 or 5 flavors that came out under 3% flavoring and wow was it rich, these weren’t the super potent ones either.

I have tried a few of the recipes from the Flavorah recipe book, haven’t found one I like so far. Had better success on my own for my palette.


I have to agree, I have not been enamored with the FLV recipes either.


Now that I am more familiar with a decent amount of FLV flavors it is getting easier, sure is a learning curve. Smoky has it right, start low. Haven’t had much success with her recipes either though but she does give good notes.


Yes, I have found the same thing, however as we all know we have to mix to our own palette.


Alpine Strawberry is more of a Wild Strawberry type. A tart and complex flavor, with reminding with some pineapplenote in the taste.